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May 11, 2015 3:00 PM ET

GEOcommand, Inc: suite of technologies addresses the managing and sharing of information between facilities and first responders by providing an innovative turnkey solution

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2015

GEOcommand, Inc

Boca Raton, FL 33431, US
Information Technology Services

The GEOcommand suite of technologies addresses the managing and sharing of information between facilities and first responders by providing an innovative turnkey solution. Building personnel and first responders must work together to solve emergencies, but how can they be sure everyone has the information they need? GEOcommand provides the answer. Our valuable set of tools is designed for everyday use: scaling seamlessly from ordinary incidents to multi-agency mass response. Our software ensures that response teams, be they firemen and police or employees, can provide emergency services efficiently, safely, and effectively—whether it’s a local or mutual aid response. But GEOcommand software isn’t just for everyday operations. First responders and facilities personnel can work together using our products during large-scale responses as well. We are dedicated to offering a scalable, cost-effective interoperability solution, providing emergency personnel vital information when they need it most.

Products / Services

GEOcommand Complete

Have one common operating picture before, during, and after an incident. GEOcommand Complete can serve as the common situational awareness tool for all community services, including fire, police, public works, local utility companies, community planners, and tax assessors. Control and share your critical information securely.

GEOcommand Complete is a graphical situational awareness interface for viewing critical assets and infrastructure. Through the use of a variety of GIS layers, first responders can have addresses, structures, water supplies, utilities, and special populations mapped with all data available for easy reference. Everything needed to create, edit, organize, maintain, and share situational awareness data.

Designed for desktop and mobile use, Complete is a multi-community solution for information sharing among emergency responders. It allows first responders immediate access to addresses, structural information, water supplies, utilities, and special populations.

IERP (Interactive Emergency Response Plan)

GEOcommand’s IERP addresses the need for accurate emergency response plans. Utilizing the program’s graphical interface and imbedded protocols and procedures, an incident commander and emergency team can react quickly to any situation. First responders will be able to navigate the building effectively, thereby reducing potential physical injuries and fatalities, infrastructure damage, etc.

The core of the IERP is its graphical interface that incorporates policies and procedures into a digital floor plan. This unique feature provides a one-stop, point-and-click solution that addresses the need for span and control of any emergency. This solution can be deployed locally or through the cloud. It can be displayed on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The IERP is service and product rolled into one: a building walkthrough with photographic documentation; creation of Emergency Action Plans, material safety data sheets, and floor plans all pulled together into one dynamic visual display.

GEOcommand V

As opportunities arose and product lines were developed to meet them, it became apparent that many of the efforts to satisfy customer needs had parallel structures. Whether a user is focused on a specific building and critical assets or looking broadly at a whole region of locations, the backbone of each concept is the GIS and data displayed within.

GEOcommand V combines the functionality of Complete, Editor, and IERPs in a modular framework – allowing a customer to use some or all of our product suite in a convenient package. It fully integrates with IERPs for building-level emergency planning and response, allowing the user to view floorplans of a facility with critical assets identified and cataloged.

Live camera feeds can be integrated on a system-by-system basis to allow for a command-and-control view. GIS-based data means that location can be leveraged and spatial awareness is increased, allowing for customized relevant layers.

GEOcommand Editor

GEOcommand Editor is a data collection tool used for creating, gathering, and cataloging information for use in GEOcommand Complete, IERPs, and GEOcommand V. Its intuitive interface and ease of use lead to faster and more efficient data collection, helping to quickly add critical assets for use in response and training.

-User interface allows asset representations to be placed on a building floor plan and critical information to be recorded at those locations.
-Editor resides on a tablet or rugged laptop for field data collection.
-Facilitates creation of data to be used for IERPs or GEOcommand Complete implementations.

GEOcommand Custom Integration Services

GEOcommand employs recognized development techniques and state of the art technology to bring together disparate sources of critical real time information in a secured and collaborative fashion.

By utilizing GEOcommand Custom Integration Services, specific customer scenarios can be accommodated, including:

-Computer Aided Dispatch system integration
-Third-party preplan/inspection software integration
-Legacy database import

The value proposition is fast becoming clear for the need to have real time information to advance requirements in safety, security and facility management.


Albert Koenigsberg

President, CEO, Chairman of the Board From 1994 until 2004, Mr. Koenigsberg served as founder, president, and principal owner of SMR Advisory Group, LC, a two-way radio communication provider and management company specializing in the 220-222 MHz frequencies. An investor and entrepreneur, Mr. Koenigsberg also founded AKS DAKS Communication LC, an administrative agent for telecommunications companies. Mr. Koenigsberg is a visionary whose original investment into Public Safety software was before the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Having worked with over 30 members of the Port Authority Police who went down during the attack, Mr. Koenigsberg has made this work his life mission. Albert runs the day-to-day operations and was the original inventor of the GEOcommand suite of Information Technologies.

Director Sales & Marketing
Paul J. Aiello

Director Paul J. Aiello has over 30 years of telecommunications, security technology and energy related business experience. Based in Houston, Mr. Aiello serves as Global Sales Director for Unify, Inc. (formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications). He has held executive management positions at Infrax Systems, Progress Energy’s telecommunications subsidiary, Progress Telecom, and Williams Energy’s Williams Communications and Wiltel business units, NEC, Intecom, Inc., and the RCA Corporation. He was instrumental in the expansion of Progress Telecom and Wiltel’s fiber optic networks, and successfully led their efforts to broaden their Wholesale, International and Wireless Carrier customer base, prior to both entities being acquired by Level 3 Communications. He is a recognized leader in start-up, merger and turnaround situations. He has been an integral part of multiple mergers & acquisitions, and has led the integration efforts on numerous occasions.

Director Business Development
Eric Evans

Director Eric Evans has served on GEOcommand’s Board of Directors since December 2011. Mr. Evans is the Senior Managing Director and Founding Partner at Evans Hagen & Company (“EH&C”), a boutique investment bank located in Westport, Connecticut. For over 25 years, Mr. Evans has lead EH&C’s Investment Banking and Litigation Support practices, advising senior executives and litigators on all manner of transactions and engagements of the highest strategic import. Mr. Evans is highly skilled strategic advisor, helping clients to gain quick understanding of foreign subject areas and specific situational intricacies, which are paramount in each engagement, and often make the difference toward a successful outcome. In this capacity, Mr. Evans brings a wealth of business and financial acumen to corporate cases and transactions, having previously worked on Wall Street as an investment banker for over 10 years.

Business Development
Glenn Corso

BOD, SME Aviation Glenn Corso received his BSEE from Boston University in 1984. Mr. Corso has been President of Precise Optics, an X-ray diagnostic equipment manufacturer, since 1995; he’s been with the company since 1978. Additionally, Mr. Corso owns and operates Consol Air, Inc., serves on the board and is part owner of Commonwealth Aviation, and is part owner and operator of RJG Group, LLC. Mr. Corso is also a licensed pilot, holding single- and multi-engine, instrument, and commercial ratings.

Business Development
Norman W. Getz

BOD, SME Critical Infrastructures Norman Getz began his career in construction management over 40 years ago. His experience includes managing a variety of construction projects prior to forming N.W. Getz & Associates in 1994. Projects managed include Lucas Oil Can Stadium, Empire City at Yonkers Raceway, Pentagon City and Ritz Carlton Hotels. Norm brings a special subject matter understanding of critical infrastructures to the GEOcommand Board as well as engineering staff.

Consulting Sales
Peter J. Lamb

SME – Fire Service Consultant Peter J. Lamb most recently served as the chief of North Attleboro Fire Department in MA. While serving, Peter also was involved in the pilot testing of GEOcommand for 13 months. He also served in the Massachusetts department of Fire Services. As the recruit training coordinator he oversaw the training of thousands of firefighters. He progressed through the ranks serving as the certification coordinator, director of staff services, program development and then the director of state training for MA. He served as the Chief in the Town of Tiverton RI for 10 years, where he oversaw all functions. The Chief began his career in Coventry RI as a volunteer who became the first paid employee of the district as it grew. Peter served as a firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief before becoming Chief. He continues to train firemen in his off time, has spoken nationally at conferences and has authored articles for trade journals and training manuals.

Consulting Engineering
John Doherty

SME Engineering John Doherty holds a BS in Mathematics from Boston University, and has worked in the software and hardware engineering field for more than 35 years. With a background ranging from major research laboratories to startup companies, Mr. Doherty has extensive experience in Systems Analysis and Reliability. He’s a member of the IEEE Communications Society, Reliability Society, and the Technology Management Council. John was also one of the inventors of the suite of GEOcommand products.

Consulting Business Development
Gray F. Reynolds

Gray F. Reynolds SME Forestry Services Mr. Reynolds has 35 years’ experience with the National Forestry Service, having held a wide variety of leadership and staff positions both in the field and in Washington, D.C., including Deputy Chief, National Forest System, before retiring in 1997. From 1997 to 2002, Mr. Reynolds served as GM of Snow Basin Ski Area, where his responsibilities included the development and implementation of improved security procedures for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in the wake of 9/11.

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