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May 11, 2015 9:20 AM ET

Archived: Footprint eco junkies magazine Aust – the magazine was created as a platform to link like minded people together

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2015

Footprint eco junkies magazine Aust

By lisa zee


The story of the project

Hello and welcome to the world of Footprint: Eco Junkies Magazine!

Originally titled ‘Junkies’, the magazine was created as a platform to link like minded people together. These people have an environmentally sustainable living ethos, as well as strong creative and design inclinations. It’s for people who are ReThinking our consumer habits and ReDefining what is beautiful!

Today – renamed ‘Footprint Magazine: Eco Junkies’ – the magazine still aims to be a place to share ideas, inspire thinking and creativity in sustainable ways with an emphasis on ReUsing and ReCycling.

Footprint magazine also aims to reignite community spirit and support by bringing people together in tangible ways to share their own “Junkie” habits and ideas. Whether you have a love of vintage, eclectic, delicious thoughtful foodie habits, garage sales, markets, op- shops, freebies, creating homewares, sustainable living or upcycling – we want you to join us and become an “eco junkie”. To share and inspire others to look at “junk” in new ways!

We are looking at the Footprint we leave behind as we walk this earth and want to see a revolution of the thoughtful, inspiring and gorgeously creative. So welcome…and please feel free to join us!

How the funds will be used

Footprint: eco junkies magazine is distributed to 800 newsagencies around Australia.

As our ethos is focused around non-consumerism, we don’t seek advertisement. We felt it was incongruent to produce a magazine about the value of reusing and upcycling, and then sell a new product on the next page.

Footprint: eco junkies will not perpetuate the fast-fashion consumer wheel!

As it takes time to get new projects established, we have had to chip in to printing costs, However this self-funding is running low, and so we’re looking at a pre-sale offer using Pozible to raise the funds for printing.

Each print runs at around $10,000. If YOU can help with a donation to help raise half the amount* (through this Pozible campaign), you’ll receive a copy of the magazine… And the knowledge that you’re helping spread a world-changing eco message!

*This initial campaign hopes to raise $5,000 to print the Winter edition of the magazine. We’ll follow this up with 2 further campaigns to raise an additional $5,000 each for printing the Spring and Summer editions. 

Here are some pages from out last issue:

Some of my other work

Please have a look at our website, still branded as junkies, we have past issues available to see and to purchase.

My name is Lisa Zee, and I’m the director and editor of Footprint: Eco Junkies magazine. I come from a retail background, having sold recycled clothing for the last 20 years.
I also established the first entirely eco fashion boutique in Melbourne, called Eva Green Eco Boutique.

While I’m new to the world of magazines and publishing, I’ve been choosing to live the ethos of this magazine for decades. Like many of our readers, I resist buying ‘new’ – why buy new when so much has already been made? My house is a shrine to vintage goodness!

Of course, I make an exception for some of the fantastic sustainable products around town. After all, it’s all about leaving a light Footprint on our world. Please join me in spreading the word.


We need to spread the word far and wide. Our goal is for magazine sales to first cover print copies, and then start to contribute towards modest wages. (We can’t call in design favours forever!)

Plus, there’s no point in pulling together a beautiful magazine if people don’t know about it. We know increasing circulation takes time, word of mouth and social media…

So we need your help!

Take a risk on us, buy a copy! Give one as a gift to an eco-minded mate! I guarantee you’ll enjoy the magazine (it’s good-looking, hip AND world-changing!). And then, please tell your friends. If 1000 people tell 10 friends, then Footprint would be sustainable.

Project Team

Contact Information:

lisa zee

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