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May 11, 2015 11:11 AM ET

add-e: Simply add electricity to YOUR bicycle

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2015

add-e: Simply add electricity to YOUR bicycle

Don´t buy a new e-bike. Instead, transform your existing bike into a powerful e-bike within seconds
Fabian Gutbrod

You love cycling but because it can be exhausting you are thinking about an e-bike? Even more, you love your own bike and don´t want to change it for a heavy and bulky e-bike? This is a true dilemma and makes add-e the answer. New technology, high quality materials and quality engineering now makes it possible to turn your own bike into an e-bike with style. Mounted within seconds! With add-e you can choose to use your bike as a normal bicycle or as an e-bike. You can have 2 in 1. No additional space needed, eco-friendly and most of all with add-e you save money. Just pimp your own beloved bike and do some easygoing cycling, but in style.

add-e is a true lightweight champion with an outstanding performance. The inconspicuous design and modular set-up allows it not only to be mounted on almost every bike, but can be easily self-mounted without the need for any modifications. Besides its unique design, with add-e it is possible to use your bike as an e-bike as well as a normal bike. You´ll have 2 options in 1. It is up to you to choose when you need the extra power while riding. How does add-e do this? The special mechanism, undocks the drive unit in off-mode (when not pedalling) letting the tyre to run totally friction free.  
Smaller, lighter, faster… add-e

Add-e can be fitted to almost any bicycle without trouble, by using the mounting brackets provided. You can fit the assembly yourself without having to make alterations to the bike. 
Type 1 (Pedal bearing fitting) is the ideal solution for racing bikes, mountain bikes and many types of trekking bikes. The frame around the pedal bearing is standard which simplifies the fitting. In this case the mounting bracket is fitted on top of the pedal bearing and fastened securely.
Type 2 (Kickstand fitting) is the ideal solution for city bikes and older bicycles with a classical kickstand bracket. With this version the mounting bracket is bolted directly onto the kickstand bracket. If however, you are not quite sure which version you need then drop us an Email and we will be pleased to assist you.

Add-e is a friction roller drive meaning that the wheel of the bicycle is directly driven without the need of a gearbox. The most efficient performance is achieved over tyres that have a smooth tread. After the initial fitting, the drive unit can be removed from the bicycle and re-fitted within seconds. video
Additional mounting kits enable the use of add-e on a number of bikes. The drive unit and the battery can be switched easily between two (or more) bikes. Therefore you can upgrade multiple bicycles with little money.

Add-e is built according to the European Pedelec Standards. This means that the motor only drives when pedalling at the same time. Once the pedalling stops, so does the add-e. This simple control system makes additional handlebar components completely unnecessary. The animation shows how it really works.

You like add-e and want to support us? Help us by telling your friends and acquaintances about add-e. Make your friends aware of this champagne and became a fan on facebook. The more people we reach the better. And being quick pays off. “The early bird….” Offers are limited, and only for a short time so don’t wait too long.

After reaching our campaign target, we will do our utmost to get your order out quickly. Please consider that a certain time is necessary for production in series and that orders will be completed chronologically. First come first served.

Add-e is a team of 3 working together on the implementation of add-e since more than two years. Supported by renowned mentors and a broadly diversified network, they are the dynamic spirit behind add-e.

Where to buy add-e?
Please buy one of the perks, listed on the right. Currently we do not offer any alternative way of purchasing. If you do not want to pay by Paypal, please contact our support team at [email protected]

Who do I contact in case of questions regarding the product, my order or payment?
Please contact our support team directly at with any question you may have.

When are the perks expected to be shipped?
We expect to begin shipping in August. The orders will be dispatched in the order of their arrival. Therefore the delivery time may be longer in case of high demand.

Can I use add-e for every bicycle?
Yes, the design generally allows the combination with any bicycle. In those rare cases where the standard mounting plates cannot be used, e.g. with special frame shapes and some full suspension Bikes, we offer individual solutions. Please always refer to our service team first if in doubt.

Can I use the same add-e with two different bicycles?
Yes, thanks to the modular system this is possible without restrictions. The mounting kit can be ordered separately and allows the use of the drive unit with  as many different bicycles as you wish.

Does add-e meet the legal requirements of road traffic regulations?
Yes, add-e was designed following the Pedelec regulation EN 15194. Nevertheless, different regulations are valid in different countries and their respective road traffic regulations. add-e is standard fitted  with a ‘pedal assistant sensor’ and will be adapted to customer requirements in different countries (with consideration to capacity and final speed).

Do I have to bring my bike to a workshop for fitting add-e?
No, add-e is intended as a retrofit kit which can be assembled by the customer. The first assembly requires no special skills, nevertheless one should be able to handle a spanner.  Allow 30 to 60 minutes for the first-time assembly, depending on the bicycle.

How far can I go with add-e?
The actual reach depends on many different factors, particularly the physical contribution of the cyclist. More than 50 km are rarely reached on one battery charge. A high support level in steep terrain will considerably reduce the actual distance. However, full-day tours are possible with only one battery charge, since add-e causes no friction at all when turned off and only has minimal excess weight. For full-day tours add-e should therefore only be used periodically, for example to overcome tiring slopes. Hence, questions of distance  are difficult to answer and specifications cannot be directly compared with the technical information on conventional e-bike motors.

Must I pedal nevertheless?
Yes, add-e is designed as an auxiliary drive according to the valid pedelec regulations. The drive thereby switches itself off automatically as soon as you stop pedalling.  However, because there is no definition as to how strong one should pedal, it is possible to let the drive do the largest part  of work, relax and move the pedals only ostensibly.

Does the friction roller work even if it is wet and rainy?
Yes, the coating of the friction roller has been optimized during many tests for maximum power transfer. add-e get you to your destination quickly even in a downpour and sopping wet streets.

Must I dismantle add-e when I want to ride my bicycle “normally”?
No, add-e has a cleverly devised mechanism, enabling the friction roller to completely disconnect automatically. Therefore the bicycle can be driven like without e-drive in spite of the fully mounted add-e.

Which tyre should I use with add-e?
Due to the design principle of the friction roller ‘smooth treaded’ tyres are best suited.  These slicks have no diagonal grooves, run noiselessly and are ideal for urban areas and easy terrain. For those riding more off-road routes and need a coarser profile, we recommend tyres like ‘Hurricane’ from Schwalbe with a continuous middle profile. In addition, broader tyres provide better suspension comfort and a more efficient power transmission between tyre and friction roller.

How much does a full battery charge cost?
A full charge costs about 3 cents. (The battery in add-e can store about 130 watt-hours of energy. The costs for 1.000 watt-hours amount to approx. 20 cents)

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Fabian Gutbrod
Thomas Pucher
Tihana Pintaric

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