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May 11, 2015 8:53 AM ET

Archived: Abstract In Motion Central Oregons 1st Parkour gym: Parkour is a very Abstract type of movement. Help me with teaching safely at Abstract In Motion!

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2015

Abstract In Motion Central Oregons 1st Parkour gym

Parkour is a very Abstract type of movement. Help me with teaching safely at Abstract In Motion!
Eric Corrales

What is Abstract In Motion and who are we?


Abstract In Motion is Central Oregon’s first Parkour gym with the sole purpose on furthering the movement and discipline of Parkour in a safe and indoor environment:

  • Bend, Oregon is a small mountain town with outdoor enthusiasts, daredevils, and a love for fitness. Over the years, I’ve discovered how to take those things and create a facility to teach the basics of Parkour, in a safe and fun environment. We also have intermediate and advanced classes for those with more experience. Any level is welcome. My students will then be prepared to take this activity safely to the great outdoors.
  • Like any new gym owner; there is a budget I must keep. Safety is a huge priority in any kind of gym. Being able to teach flips on mats are far safer than onto harder surfaces. My goal for this campaign is to raise funds to buy a Port-a-pit, crash pads, and some other safety options. 
  • If the funds are raised I will be able to buy the right sized port-a-pit, nice crash pads, and flip aids.

What We Need & What You Get

Port-a-pit, mats, flip aids, and additional lumber that will be needed.

  • Getting a good port-a-pit will be easier for us to teach more complex flips safely as well helping to get over a fear you may have about learning a flip. Crash pads and flip aids will be used to help with getting students acquainted with the idea of control and landing a flip or difficult movement.  *With the new design my lumber cost has went up and will need more funds for that as well.
  • Our perks when donating include- Open gyms, Merchandise, Passes, invites to private events, memberships, and tributes!
  • Even if we don’t reach our goal we will be getting we can for the time being from our current budget.

The Impact

  • Having a new port-a-pit and mats to use for teaching will help students learn harder skills and have the confidence to execute them. Knowing that if they don’t make it that they won’t get too hurt.

Troubles with finding equipment

  • Some may be wondering we I don’t try to get the equipment donated instead of the funds to buy new ones. Simply put I have been trying to locate gyms and schools willing to donate or wholesale used equipment I can use. But I have yet to get in contact with someone willing to do so.
  • This is why I am resorting to buying new equipment and crowdfunding to do so.

Other Ways You Can Help

Just sharing and supporting our gym is a huge help! Maybe you know of a gym or school who are about to get rid of some old pads and mats and you want to point us in the right direction!

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Contact Information:

Eric Corrales

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