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May 10, 2015 2:27 PM ET

Archived: The Secrets of the Moon Singer

iCrowdNewswire - May 10, 2015

The Secrets of the Moon Singer

A sacred crystal conjures a mystical ship, a girl’s angelic song, and the mother he thought was lost. He is just a boy who cannot hear, but his music creates miracles for everyone he loves.

Adventure, Childrens, Fantasy, Fiction, Music, Paranormal, Spirituality, Teen, Young Adult
Page Length:
100 – 250 Pages
Book Status:
Completed Manuscript

The Secrets of the Moon Singer” trilogy has been a labor of love and dedication.  Years in the making, an eternity for a writer.  The hero of my stories is a young deaf boy – David Nickerson – who develops extraordinary powers of “hearing” through his affinity for crystal power and music, and a yearning to resolve his anguish over the death of his mother. A novice at spiritual quests, he inadvertently conjures the mystical clipper ship Moon Singer that transcends this world and transports him to other dimensions of time and space.  There, he encounters people whose lives intertwine with his through many lifetimes – including a young Princess imprisoned in a Palace Tower, whose song has the power of healing, and was the first sound David heard after years of living in a silent world. 

   In these other worlds David finds he can hear clearly, while at home he is just as deaf as before. What he hears compels David to leave home three times on an urgent quest to save a life that means more to him than his own: first to rescue his sister who has mysteriously disappeared; then to make contact with his mother and learn why she had to die; and then to thwart a malevolent Millennium plot that could destroy the entire world because of a madman’s destructive musical compositions.

   But David is a reluctant hero who feels he accidentally creates miracles without knowing how or why. With the help of the young girl who has the power of immortality in her song, and the musical synergy of three sacred artifacts, David learns how to use his natural silence to complete his missions.  Thus, his disability becomes his greatest gift.

   But was he chosen – or did he choose – this life-altering role as Captain of the Moon Singer? The answer lies in the great ship’s mysterious power to guide him on Karmic journeys through a personal and spiritual evolution to his ultimate and unexpected fate.

   From the outset, I knew there had to be three books, three adventures.  For this campaign, I’ll begin with Adventure  One, “The Crystal Clipper,” the fairy tale, for that is how we all begin to process and resolve our life’s problems.  We invent fanciful situations, envision our problems and enemies as “monsters,” and see ourselves as heroes who save the day and those we love.  If I am successful, I will then be able to illustrate the other two stories (“The War Chamber” and “The Wind Rose.)”

I’ve always felt these stories were meant for film, they are so visual in concept.  But having the stories illustrated in book form would also bring their meaning to life, and allow readers to add their own imaginative interpretations.  I hope you will watch the simple slideshow video I made and will feel the emotion through the words, pictures and original song – so much so, that you would feel inspired to support me in bringing my stories to the children of the world. 

I invite talented artists to offer their ideas for illustrations in keeping with the mystical theme.  If chosen, the art would be included in my books and artists given full credit as illustrators.  I am especially interested in reaching out to children of the deaf community to participate, to enjoy, and to feel empowered by David Nickerson’s heroic adventures.

Interview with B Roman

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

To bring “The Crystal Clipper” to life, I need illustrations by talented artists; and a publishing and distribution house that shares my vision. I welcome anyone from the PUBSLUSH community – especially from the deaf community – to participate by submitting illustrations in keeping with the mystical theme of the book. Some of the funds would be used to pay fees or stipends to the illustrators, and for publishing costs. Also, I fully support the PUBSLUSH literacy mission and will donate whatever portion of the proceeds is deemed appropriate and would be helpful to the cause.

What was your inspiration for the book?

I own a Singer crystal, shaped like a small sailboat, that inspired the Moon Singer trilogy’s first adventure, “The Crystal Clipper.” I found this unique crystal at a workshop (actually, it found me – which is what crystals are programmed to do). In pondering its energy, a story began to take shape and guided me through writing all of the adventures. Young David Nickerson came by his own Singer because it was meant for him; he is the one true owner of the Singer crystal which manifests into the Moon Singer ship which takes David on all of his adventures. Because the sacred gem holds all of the secrets and knowledge of the universe, it is David’s vehicle to learn about life, courage, selflessness and unconditional love.

Why did you make David’s character deaf?

David becomes an “action hero” with extraordinary powers in worlds he never knew existed, because of his deafness: this is an important aspect of young David’s character which allows me to demonstrate how he can hear the internal cravings of his soul, understand the hearts and minds of others, and find his own individual power and strength. Hearing people who meditate are always instructed to do so in a quiet, silent environment – “Be still, and know…” David just has to learn how to use his natural silence for his own growth and knowledge, and so his “disability” becomes his greatest gift. But he doesn’t come by this knowledge easily or quickly. It takes the three books to solidify.

Why should consumers read the books?

While my stories have no trendy vampire sex or teen gladiators, they are not without drama, conflict, or passion. The Secrets of the Moon Singer takes the reader on a continuing journey through the lives of several key characters that young readers can relate to and attach themselves to emotionally. Their travails, challenges, joys, and moments of insightful discovery are those that most people have encountered in their own lives, even though the actual events in the books are unique.

As the adventures follow David Nickerson’s “coming of age” transformation from a naïve and conflicted boy to a determined and purposeful young man, readers may find themselves able to examine their own lives and work through any obstacles that have been holding them back from realizing their true mission on earth.

What can young readers gain from the books?

For young people reading the books, who may be just starting to delve into metaphysical matters, the principles are set forth in a manner that is easy to understand, using vehicles that appeal to them:

o Contemporary settings and language
o Everyday problems of life and strained family relationships
o A hero of their own age group on an impossible quest
o The possibility of romance and adventure
o Mystery and magic and monsters
o The suspense and excitement of the chase
o The thrill and satisfaction of good triumphing over evil
o The promise of love and acceptance for who they are.

What is unique about your stories?

A hearing impaired young man becomes an action hero with extraordinary powers in a world he never knew existed, because of his deafness. Also, I don’t believe there has ever been a story about a supernaturally powered clipper ship made of crystal and gold that not only sails the open sea but transcends the earth to soar through the cosmos and the ether to past and future lifetimes.

How do your stories differ from others in the marketplace?

Many books with mystical themes contain strange terms and coded language; they delve into the dark side of the mind and are set in dark and foreboding environments, often with violent consequences. The Secrets of the Moon Singer is told in contemporary and lyrical prose, pursues the light of the spirit, even in the darkest hours of the characters’ lives, and good always prevails against evil – but only with heroic effort.

Carlsbad, CA

Member Since Jun 2014

Since childhood, I’ve been torn between two worlds: writing and singing. It’s difficult to “serve two masters,” but I was compelled to do so. When I was not singing, I was writing; when I was not writing, I was singing. I’ve learned, for me, that one creative expression nurtures the other. Much of my writing has a musical theme somewhere in the plot and its impact provides enlightenment and self-empowerment. Contact me at Moonsinger2013@yahoo.com to submit your art (See Rewards).


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B Roman

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