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May 9, 2015 12:22 PM ET

Archived: Help us get a new delivery truck

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2015

Help us get a new delivery truck


Taking Stock Produce was created in 2013 with a goal to connect our local farmers with the area’s bests chefs in order to help build a strong and sustainable local food system. Since then, we have built up a network of 31 local farms that we help support by selling their produce.  While we are still the small guy, our future is bright.

We had a big setback late last year. We got into an accident with our one produce truck making it inoperable.  While we were able to donate it to a non-profit organization, we have been limited to using smaller vehicles since then and at a higher cost of operation than our old truck.

Since the passing of the new year, we have been trying to raise the funds to lease a brand new refrigerated produce truck but have been unable to make that happen.  We are asking for help from you to help raise the $5,000 necessary to help make that happen.  

If you are a lover of San Francisco Bay Area restaurants, or an advocate for local, organic, and sustainable food, please help in any amount possible.  Your donation will help us get the bigger produce specific truck that will allow us to buy even more from our local family farmers.  
We are very grateful for any help you can give.  

Contact Information:

Tim Brice

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