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May 9, 2015 1:31 PM ET

Archived: Fund and expand Terrabucha’s product line: we want to expand our product line to cold brewed coffee concentrate and eventually tea kombucha with fresh pressed fruit juice

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2015

Fund and expand Terrabucha’s product line


Hello!  Lori and Dave here from Terrabucha.  We brew kombucha and currently have a delicious coffee kombucha out in the market, but we want to expand our product line to cold brewed coffee concentrate and eventually tea kombucha with fresh pressed fruit juice.

Lori started drinking kombucha several years ago as part of an effort to make more health conscience decisions.  She’s pretty much a do-it-yourselfer and independent thinker and said, ‘Hey, I can make this at home!’  She tried to get Dave to drink kombucha too.  He digs coffee much more than tea and asked, ‘Can you brew kombucha with coffee?’  The answer wasYES!  It was delicious and effervescent with a slight coffee note and a carmel finish.  Incredibly tasty.  
We’ve been in the market since August of 2014 and have self funded every bit of the start up from licensing to graphic design to all of the tangible items needed to brew, bottle and label.  We know the next product to be funded is cold brewed coffee concentrate.  As the video says, it is smooth and delicious with none of the acids or oils you get from hot brewed coffee.  Every day we look for convenience items in the marketplace and the cold brewed coffee concentrate fits well with our fast paced lives.  The concentrate can be reconstituted with water and ice or hot water.  I prefer this brew over regular coffee.  The market is new and fresh for kombucha with a 20-30% annual growth factor and we believe the market is also emerging for the coffee concentrate product.  There are very, very few coffee concentrates on the shelves currently and the product is so convenient for consumers.  No waiting for the brew to brew.

So we really need your help to launch the concentrate.  We need to engage our graphic designer for a new label.  There are set up and printing costs associated with this.  A lab test is needed for the nutritional analysis that will go on the label, and for the hard inventory we will need to purchase coffee, bottles, caps, and an additional cold brew filter system.  We will continue to brew our coffee kombucha and expand our market.  We also have monthly kitchen and warehouse rental expenses as well as insurance.  It really adds up, doesn’t it?  

This proves that it takes a great deal of energy and courage to open a new business, let alone launch a new product.  Dave and Lori knew nothing about the beverage industry, but look where we are?  It is so cool and amazing — we’ve accomplished so much in less than a year.

Lori is particularly suited to challenges, hurdles, and is quite tenacious (learning so much of this from her momma who was widowed with 3 kids in her early 40s).  And Lori is independent, but not independently wealthy.  Dave brings a huge amount of reliability and ingenuity to the team and serves as VP and warehouse manager.  

But it comes back to you — the consumer and the funding ‘investor’.  It also brings us back to RocketHub and how all this works.  
You like us, you like our attitudes, our entrepreneurship, our moxie.  
So turn that like into a donation.  Your contribution is not an investment in our company (maybe an investment emotionally?), and it is not a charitable contribution.  It is an exchange….of funds from supporters…for items listed…from our company, Evelise.  Also, Evelise gets to keep what we’ve raised on RocketHub.  As I mentioned in the video, we get to continue to grow our business based on the level of funding we receive.  If we don’t reach our financial goal, we get to keep the dough (and thank you very much for every single penny).  

Well, that’s our story. We hope you like it.  Scratch that.  We hope you LoVE it!

Remember, we ask you to:
1)  Donate $$$$
2)  Spread the word.  The multiplier effect on this type of fundraising is amazing and very important.  This needs to go viral!
3)  Think positively for our campaign.  We’re not joking about this.  You are what you think, and if you think positively, it comes back.  

Thank you in advance.  Now press one of those fund me buttons and let’s go!  🙂  Cheers!

Project Leaders

  • Lori Evans

    Lori Evans

    Olympia, WA

    Member since: March 18, 2015


    Lori is thoughtful, detail oriented, strong and independent.  She’s self taught in medical terminology, transcription, billing and assisting, as well as accounting, office management, and government affairs lobbying.  She’s been self employed since 2001 and has always wanted to be an entrepreneur.  She doesn’t think this will be the only product she gets to market.  It is Lori’s dream to visit South Africa one day and go on an extended safari.  She has always been an animal lover/saver and volunteered at a nearby wildlife rescue facility.

    Dave is also self taught and works in the automated systems industry.  Lori calls him MacGyver as he can fix or improve any item.  He loves scuba diving and anything involved with the ocean, in particular protecting manta rays.

    They have two labrador retrievers they adore, one yellow and one chocolate.  They travel in their RV when there is spare time (ha!) and both enjoy worldwide travel and learning from new sights and cultures.

  • David Gamble

    David Gamble

    Member since: March 20, 2015

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