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May 9, 2015 2:45 PM ET

Archived: Eco Friendly Hostel Sumba Island

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2015

Eco Friendly Hostel Sumba island

By jatio putradi


The story of the project

Hello my name is Tio, I Am Indonesian and currently reside on the beautiful island of Bali. I have diploma in hospitality, and experienced of many years working in the hotel. My Fiance which is Welsh and living in Britain, she holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development. Given both our experience and knowledge, and having many conversations about the environment and business developments for the future, we aim to create a budget price accomodation for the many backpackers and travellers that come to visit and explore the beautiful islands and cultures of Indonesia. This Hostel we would like to build in Sumba Island Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia, we are targeting in between the West coast of the island to the Southern. My Personal Experience an beliefs that are a clean, simple, well organised, friendly and efficient hostel, with competitive prices would be successful. The environmental aspects would be beneficial to the local community, economy and environment. We would aim to design and use environmentally-Friendly materials and use sustainable power, such as Photo-Voltaic Panels, and wind power. If this kind of hostel is popular and successful we would aim to expand with similar projects in other areas. Therefore sponsorship or support from Eco-Friendly Companies would be welcome and acknowledged.

How the funds will be used

The rest of Total Funds needed would be use for the early months operational and to support other materials needed in the early months after the project launch.

Project Team

jatio putradi

Denpasar, ID

Contact Information:

jatio putradi

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