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May 8, 2015 7:17 AM ET

Archived: Viva la Vita – iOS app for discovering fitness classes & activities, bookable with two taps

iCrowdNewswire - May 8, 2015

iOS app for discovering fitness classes & activities, bookable with two taps


Location Barnet, United Kingdom
Investment  sought: £30,016

Product(s) and/or service(s)

Viva la Vita is an iOS application that curates London’s most exciting alternative fitness classes and activities and lists them in a user-friendly app where you can pay in two taps, easily and quickly.

VLV currently lists classes in a handpicked shortlist happening today, tomorrow and the rest of the week in London. Sessions range from Chessboxing and Ravercising to Aerial Yoga and Parkour. Sessions that we feel the end-user would love to try, if they knew they existed and could book them easily.

Once booked, the ticket is stored within the application and used for reference and admittance into the session – no phone calls or printing needed!

VLV’s next phase of product development will be to increase its stock of classes. VLV will offer a location-based search function in the app for user convenience alongside the already existing shortlist.


Intended impact

VLV matches those wanting to get fit and try something new with otherwise unoccupied spots in gyms and studios. VLV aims to change the way people book and engage in fitness.


At the moment there are two major deterrents to engaging in fitness. Lengthy, and/or expensive gym memberships and the fact that consumers become disinterested and bored of the same old classes.

VLV deals with this by:

-Allowing the consumer to spend as much or as little as they want whilst also benefiting from the discounts we negotiate with fitness providers
-Continuously adding a variety of unique classes and activities for the consumer to choose from
-Providing the consumer with the flexibility to exercise when and where they want

Fitness Provider:

At the moment fitness providers do not run all of their sessions at full capacity and so a high proportion of them turn to discount sites such as Groupon/Living Social to sell their spaces at highly discounted prices. The result:

-A sudden influx of people who have underpaid for classes
-Existing clients become frustrated because sessions are crammed and disorganised
-New clients acquire a negative opinion of the venue since sessions are chaotic

VLV deals with this by:

-Helping fitness providers fill up spaces in their classes
-Ensuring discounts are optional
-Allowing the fitness provider to decide how many spots to list on the app
-Retaining a small commission from each booking that is made

Substantial accomplishments to date

Below is a visual Timeline of our achievements thus far:


Aside from the kudos Viva la Vita has received from the startup community, we have also validated our idea. The intention of the launch of the Live Beta of VLV on the AppStore was to test the market in order to ascertain whether Londoners wanted to book fitness classes from their smartphone from a handpicked shortlist. Below is a snapshot of the traction we have achieved:


We have also gained some great press coverage since launching (links available upon request). The greatest achievement was being covered by one of the biggest online tech magazines, The Next Web: http://tnw.to/r3M4x

Monetisation strategy

1. Commission from pay as you go classes

We will also be introducing some new revenue streams:

2. Commission from package deals

3. We will be exploring a VLV Membership model which would allow the consumer to pay a monthly membership fee to VLV and gain access to unlimited classes that we offer on the app

4. VLV organised fitness events

5. VLV Merchandise

6. Selling Metadata


Use of proceeds

Having launched our MVP we have gathered feedback from VLV’s early adopters. Money raised through Seedrs will be used to grow our tech and business development team to:

-Pivot to a location based app and significantly increase our stock of classes (that users would like convenience of time and location when looking to attend a fitness class has been a lesson learned from the launch of our MVP)
-Expand from London to UK wide
-Introduce package deals
-Penetrate the Corporate market
-Test membership model
-Develop the Android version of the app


Target market

1. People in London who attend or would like to attend some form of fitness class or activity in a way that is simple and easy to browse and book.

2. Fitness providers in London who are not running their sessions at full capacity.

Characteristics of target market

-The average cost of a gym membership is £40 per month, which is expensive if not used often.

-A high proportion of Londoners cease using a health or fitness club because they don’t go as often as they had hoped, implying that it is quite difficult to maintain a regular fitness routine.

-We have found that approximately a quarter of people choose some form of fitness class over the use of a health and fitness club as well as just over half simply cannot afford a lengthy gym membership.

-“Increased flexibility” is key to encouraging potential fitness class attendees and/or gym goers, with the majority favouring a pay-as-you-go option.


Marketing strategy

-We plan on instructing PR specialists in order to gain exposure in the biggest newspapers and magazines in London. PR specialists will also be used to organise a Fitness Bloggers outreach programme

-Newsletters & Push Notifications on a weekly basis to remind people of existing and new classes

-Presence at Fitness & Tech Conventions


-Social Media: Paid campaigns, sponsored posts & tweets by influencers

-Competitions & Events

-Approach private members clubs, women’s clubs and associations & hotels

-Penetrate into companies intranets and to be included in their benefits

-Mobile Advertising: CPI & CPC

-Organise VLV Fitness Events

-Affiliate Marketing

-Grassroots Marketing


Competition strategy

VLV aims to succeed against competitors by:

-Sourcing and listing the best classes on the app at the best prices and times

-Offering the end user flexibility. They will be able either purchase pay as you go classes, packages or become VLV members

-Integrating with the main player in fitness booking systems

-Exceptional personalised customer service (24 hour phone or online)

-Growth through corporate partnerships

-Affiliate programmes with relevant tech and offline companies

-Keeping the process of booking a fitness class quick and simple with no barriers to paying and booking

-Every listing will be shown in the best light by presenting rich content for each class (videos, pictures etc.)



Contact Information:

Styliana Vasili
Konstantinos Aristotelous

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