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May 8, 2015 6:36 AM ET

Archived: mous magazine issue #1 – mous magazine is an independent Australian design and culture magazine based in Brisbane

iCrowdNewswire - May 8, 2015

mous magazine issue #1

By Bonnie Stevens and Allie Speers

The story of the project

mous. (maʊs// mau-ss)

mous magazine is an independent Australian design and culture magazine based in Brisbane. We write the kind of articles and stories that we ourselves love to read – funny, original, honest, bold, unpretentious and relatable. We take a Scandinavian elegance and combine it with that Australian humour you just can’t breed out.

We have been running as an online publication since 2014, and with your help and support, we are excited to announce we will be creating our inaugural print edition in July 2015!

What is mous?

mous magazine is refined but restless. It aims to challenge the predictability of mainstream media by encouraging its readers to think, question and delve deeper.

Our magazine centres around five categories: live, inform, design, create and fornicate. Within these themes you will find a creative and intellectual exploration into art, design, society and sex. We aim to engage intelligence without repressing creativity.

In the first issue of mous you can expect to find interviews with Hiatus Kaiyote and Finnish Prison Director Sinikka Saarela, alongside articles about spaghetti westerns and masturbation panic.

Who is mous?

mous magazine is a collaboration of over 25 emerging and established writers, photographers, artists and graphic designers based between Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

We also have a small editorial team consisting of co-founders Allie Speers and Bonnie Stevens, Sub-Editor Hannah Collins and Editorial Assistant Imogen Baker.

You can meet more of our team HERE.

Making mous?

How the funds will be used

The entirety of our target funds will go towards creating a physical, 120 page (and growing) magazine. A tangible mous printed onto beautiful 7.5X10 eco-friendly paper that you can touch, smell and love forever and ever.

This means: eco-friendly paper, printing, binding, distribution and postage costs.


mous magazine has been created, developed, written, photographed, loved and supported by a team of completely unpaid writers and creatives. For the past year, our writers, photographers, editors and directors have spent endless hours producing high quality pieces of journalism and creative work all while either studying, working full time, or a combination of both. mous magazine is truly a labour of love, so please, help us pay our contributors!

Every cent above our target will go directly towards the people that helped bring the printed mous magazine together. As writers ourselves we understand how uncommon it is that you’re paid for the work you put in, so please give generously, so that we can give in return.

A Massive Thanks!

Getting this far has taken a lot of help from some very talented and dedicated people. A special thanks goes out to; 

Ryan Waters// meet mous video 
Wax Chameleon// meet mous music (Viscous Daydream)
Taylor Giese// Tech support 
Imogen Baker// Editorial Assistant
Hannah Collins// Sub Editor 

And of course all of our print and online contributors who make mous possible!

Project Team

Bonnie Stevens

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Founder and Creative Director at mous magazine.

Allie Speers

Brisbane, AU

Contact Information:

Bonnie Stevens
Allie Speers

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