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May 8, 2015 1:36 PM ET

Archived: KittyKitchen: The Game About Cats

iCrowdNewswire - May 8, 2015

KittyKitchen: The Game About Cats

By Danielle Read


The story of the project

It was a stormy Friday night.  The wind whistled and the pitter patter of rain fell heavily upon my sweet rooftop.  Inside, with tea in hand- I created Kitty Kitchen: The Board Game about All Things Cats!  Filled with a whole lot of kitty fun, Kitty Kitchen is sure to be your newest favourite board game!
Players roll a die to move around the board.  When somebody lands on “Cat Fact” players try to guess the correct answer to a range of facts about cats (interesting, educational and sometimes just plain ol’ whack!)
When somebody lands on a “Kitty Kitchen” square, they pick up a “Kitty Kitchen” card.  The card will either have a delicious kitty meal on it (i.e Bird on Crackers)  for a “Cat Cuddle,” which will impress the dangerous kitty, or a meal that kitty cannot eat or will not like (i.e A Half Eaten Snickers) which will disappoint the kitty and create a “Cat Fight.”  Players who draw a “Cat Fight” card can battle other people via rock/paper/scissors or a roll off to try and win another persons “Cat Cuddle.” 
The aim of the game is to get five cat cuddles and five correct cat facts before racing to the finish line, with all kinds of fun series of events along the way!

How the funds will be used

$14000- Get board game professionally made (Board, cards, special kitty dice, kitties to travel around the board).

$4000- Advertisement and distribution

$2000- The rest of the stuff involved with board game making that I do not know about as I am not a board game maker.

Some of my other work

I have not made board games before.  But I write a blog (pickupthoseposies.wordpress.com) and am a drummer in a band (youtube: Audio Gravestones).  Also, cat enthusiast.


Too many kitties to love and distract.

Project Team

Danielle Read

Miami, Queensland


Contact Information:

Danielle Read

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