Aletruism Brewing: Have a pint, change the world - The creators of the nation's first non-profit brew pub, now take their "philanthropub" to the next level - iCrowdNewswire

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May 8, 2015 10:04 AM ET

Aletruism Brewing: Have a pint, change the world – The creators of the nation’s first non-profit brew pub, now take their “philanthropub” to the next level

iCrowdNewswire - May 8, 2015

Aletruism Brewing: Have a pint, change the world.

by Oregon Public House

The creators of the nation’s first non-profit brew pub, now take their “philanthropub” to the next level. Help us expand our brewery.

Oregon Public House

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About this project

The Short Version

We are here on Kickstarter to ask you to help us expand our already successful, unique form of philanthropy, while also bringing more great beer to the masses. Money from this campaign will go to buying and installing a 20BBL fermentor along with 24 kegs. Read on for more about how we help people change the world, one pint at a time.

Oregon Public House “Manifesto” 

Portland, Oregon is the craft brewing capital of America and supports an extensive, thriving pub culture. Portland also hosts more non-profit organizations per capita than any other city in America. We leveraged these two unique attributes of our city by creating a family-friendly restaurant where neighbors can come build community around good food and craft beer, while supporting great causes. To integrate this vision of a pub with a social backbone, we have established relationships with a number of non-profit organizations to which our pub donates 100% of net profits. Over the 22 months since we opened, we have partnered with more the 50 organizations to promote their amazing work while also putting a little cash in their coffers.


Have we been successful so far with our model?

We are happy & humbled to report that over thousands of burgers, pints and sweet potato tots (yes, you read that right), community is being built and we have been able to give almost $50,000 to locally based charities. This money has meant computers at Rosemary Anderson High School, hundreds of seedlings planted around Portland by Friends of Trees and college scholarships provided by the Black United Fund of Oregon, just to name a few. 

Why are we on Kickstarter?

Our ability to give more to the charities is directly tied to our profit margins. Last spring we partnered with a local brewery to produce our first beer called the “Do-Gooder” IPA. Producing more of our own beer means higher margins and an increased ability to compete in Portland’s “foodie” landscape. Funds from this campaign will allow us to purchase a 20-barrel fermentation tank, thus more than tripleing our brewing capacity. This not only means more beers on our taps in our pub but now we’ll have product for other restaurants in the area that have been requesting to offer our beer. Aletruism Brewing is an extension of the Oregon Public House brand. We hope that through it we will be able to bring our mission of philanthropy to the masses.

The Team

A brewer, economist, graphic designer and professional speaker may be a great way to start a joke but it would also describe members of our team. The brewer has more than 20 years in commercial brewing and is head brewer for a succesful brewery in downtown Portland. The economist has 15 years experience in starting, leading & growing succesful businesses. The speaker’s mastery of prose and lexicon give us the ability to put into words for others a passionate plea for our cause. Our graphic designer brings it all together, giving image and color to what we to do. We have counted on a number of other folks along this journey in building our business. 


Though we know you are willing to give us your hard earned cash to support our mission without anything in return, we thought the rewards would be a way to not only say thank you but also support some other Portland firms doing great stuff. Enjoy, thanks for helping change the world.

Risks and challenges

Though we have been brewing our beer already for the past 10 months, we fully expect to run into delays, issues and obstacles in adding to our capacity and completing the project. Our experienced team at the Oregon Public House & Aletruism Brewing are fully prepared to address these challenges and get more of our beer into pints in the very near future.

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