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May 7, 2015 7:59 AM ET

Archived: RadMit, Inc: chemicals Yel002 and CJ010 were isolated from 16,000 chemicals from a chemical library as treatments against radiation induced genotoxicity and genetic instability

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2015

RadMit, Inc

Encino, CA 91436, US

The chemicals Yel002 and CJ010 were isolated from 16,000 chemicals from a chemical library as treatments against radiation induced genotoxicity and genetic instability. After radiation with a lethal dose that killed 100% of the mice and the first injection of Yel002 24 hours after radiation we could rescue 100%. Yel002 is also active against UV, and toxic chemicals and carcinogens EMS, MMS, nitrogen mustard, radioactive iodine and cigarette smoke extract induced DNA damage. Yel002 and CJ010 reduced radiation induced leukemia from 90% to 40% and the spontaneous frequency from 10% to 0%. Weekly subcutaneous injections of Yel002 also extended the life expectancy of cancer prone Atm deficient mice of which usually 90% die from lymphoma for 16 weeks which is about 12 years of human life expectancy. Yel002 also extended the life span in a senescence assay after radiation 2 fold and spontaneous senescence 15%. The mechanism of action seems to be induction of DNA repair, namely ATM signalling, homologous recombination, and end joining, base excision repair and chromosome segregation functions.

Products / Services

Pharmaceuticals Yel002 and CJ010

We will sell our products Yel002 and CJ010. Right now the company is in its preclinical phase doing additional research and toxicity testing of the compounds. We need investments to complete this phase. Once completed we can start clinical trials. So far the chemicals are completely notoxic at the 4 fold dose and in a two generation birth defect study. We will first apply for FDA approval as treatment of the orphan disease Ataxia Telangiectasia. After that we will apply for multiple other applications. Our chemicals have a huge number of application. As radiation mitigators, against cancer in genetic instability diseases such at AT, as prevention of the increased cancer risk of astronauts, pilots and stewardesses, as antiaging drugs and as cosmetics to slow down skin aging, as biological sunscreens, against chemical warfare, against radon exposure, against cigarette smoke induced cancer, against air pollution induced cancer, such as for policemen and truck drivers etc. etc.


President Advisor
RadMit, Inc.

RadMit, Inc.The scientist behind the discovery of Yel002 and CJ010 has invested most of his money into this invention. He has 35 years of experience. This invention has huge potential in all kinds of applications. Robert H. Schiestl earned his PhD in biology at the University of Vienna in the Department of Cancer Research in 1983. After several postdoctoral appointments from 1991 to 2001, Schiestl was assistant and the associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health and, since 2001, he has been a professor at UCLA. From 2008 to 2011, he was also Brainpower Austria Guest Professor in the Department of Cancer Research at the Medical University of Vienna, where he led a funded research group. He has about 180 publications, five press releases, 10 patents, and four start up companies: RadMit Inc., and Microbio Pharma, Inc. are located in Los Angeles, and RadMit, GmbH and Microbio Pharma GmBH are located in Austria.

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