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May 7, 2015 3:43 PM ET

Archived: Patti House expansion: Ilkeston and the surrounding area is ready for a Patti house resturaunt, a place where quality food and service is a given in a fun and music filled environment

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2015

Patti House expansion

Patti House expansion

Patti house, more than just a place to eat! 

Proud to be serving quality food to the people of Ilkeston, Our menu is a new take on a favourite classics; ideal for food lovers who want something other than the mass produced alternative! 

All our patti’s, Sides, Soups, Salads and relishes are made on site so we know exactly what goes into every meal we make. Because of this we are confident in supplying those who may suffer from food allergies and intollerances. 

We are passionate about

Value: We don’t believe you should be charged a premium price for good food, we want to offer top quality meals at prices everyone can afford.

Shopping local: As far as possible we source all of our ingredients, packaging and services from locally based suppliers, this means that spending your money at Patti house actually helps support several other local business’s 

Great food: Great tasting food is one of our top priorities, we know that you all love a fabulous tasting meal that leaves you feeling satisfied and coming back for more! 

We are proud to be one of the area’s only eateries where those with Gluten intollerances can eat 90% of our menu with complete confidence, we are also well schooled in other dietry needs and are learning from our customers everyday! Vegetarians have a wide variety of menu items to choose from and we are looking to extend our range for vegans. 

 our environment: Patti house is a relaxed and friendly place where you are encouraged to chat, relax and have a good time. Visitors to our current site will know that we love music and it is a big part of our Patti house eating experience! Dance while you wait, bop along or if you feel like it give us a song! 

The environment: We do everything we can to make Patti house as ecologically friendly as possible, using bio degradable or recyclable packaging, reduced water usage and keeping food miles low, we want to play a part in being a responsible business.

 and especially you, our customers! : We are proud to offer fantastic customer service at Patti house and we want to make sure your experience is top notch, if we can go that extra mile we will! 


Derbyshire Beef Patti with Blue cheese


About the project

Patti house has outgrown its current setting!

The aim was always to move to larger premises but we had a three year plan in mind, the response to Patti house products has been amazing and has accelerated these plans to just 12 months! 

The feedback we are getting is people love our food, our ethos and the atmosphere but want more access to it! with only ten seats in its current location we are super limited to how many people we can serve at one time.

We believe that Ilkeston and the surrounding area is ready for a Patti house resturaunt, a place where quality food and service is a given in a fun and music filled environment.

Your money would help us to:

*Move into larger premises

*Offer seating for 50+ customers

*Expand our current menu and offer plated sit down service

*Expand our opening hours to included evenings, late opening and weekends.

*Run events such as live music evenings, supper clubs, charity nights and seasonal gatherings

*Obtain a license to sell locally brewed and sourced alchohol 

*Employ members of staff from the local area, offer training and programs to improve their skills base and future oppertunities.

To grow Patti house from one individuals dream to a substantial contributer in the local economy and helping to continue improving Ilkeston and creating the destination town I have every confidence we can be!! 

We could reach our goal and be open for september 2015 if….

1000 people were to pledge £10 

500 people were to pledge £20

400 people pledge £50

100 people pledge £100 

As it says in the side column we are not asking for you to give the money to Patti house but to pre pay for services in advance. You would recieve vouchers to redeem at the new Patti HQ*, when you pledge we will also include a mention on our website to all our supporters and you would recieve our undying gratitude and extra adoration every time you visit!

*Prior notice muct be provided if you plan to use more than £25 worth of vouchers at one visit. Vouchers can only be redeemed against food items.

Vouchers must be used within 12 months of the date shown. Vouchers do not have a cash value and can not be exchanged for cash. 

If you are not in a position to pledge, we understand! but you could still help us! Please share and share and share our proposal so we can reach as many potential pledgers as possible, Thank you. 

A final note….

As you know Patti house likes to do things differently from the norm, crowd funding for business is a relatively new concept in England and I think for small businesses it can offer fantastic oppertunities to raise finance without a hefty loan repayment plan. I used my own savings opening Patti HQ Bath street and with a 3 year plan the idea was to fund expansion through profits, the speed of growth has meant that I have had to explore other methods. I am looking to raise 50% of the funds that I need to expand Patti house and take it to the next level. The remaining 50% will be raised through traditional means ie bank loan. 

Crowd funding works a little like dragons den, if we can not raise the amount we set out to achieve then we get nothing, we can however exceed the amount initially set, just raising 50% would ensure the imediate future for Patti House, raising any more would allow us to accelerate our plans and dream much bigger! 

Also in addition, if succesful, we pledge to support other local small business to make crowd funding applications with funding and practical support in the future when we are ourselves in a position to do so. 

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