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May 7, 2015 8:53 AM ET

Archived: Igobono.com : Social Marketplace – Buy and sell using a social currency

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2015

Igobono.com / Social Marketplace

Buy and sell using a social currency


Many people lack money to get the things they need. Introducing igobono.com, a social marketplace where members buy, sell and donate goods and services using a social currency, called “bonos” rather than money.

In the real economy, money is scarce.  In igobono, everyone has the opportunity to increase their spending power. 

igobono is a supplemental economy where people can obtain goods and services without spending their hard-earned cash while monetizing their idle assets and skills.


igobono increases spending power by using a social currency called “bonos.” Upon sign-up, members receive bonos just for joining, which they can use to start buying right away. You can earn even more bonos by leveling up and doing various activities on the site, such as posting offers and inviting your friends to join.

Our website never requires an auction or bidding. You simply sell the items you want for the amount of bonos you determine, and purchase the things you need with the bonos in your account.

And, along the way, you may just make a friend or two. Similar to LinkedIn “connections” and Facebook “friends,” igobono gives you an opportunity to connect with other members and to discover what they want to buy or sell with bonos.  In an increasingly social world, people need a social currency – one that speaks to their interests and values.


The rapidly expanding sharing community presents a huge growth opportunity for igobono.com.  There are already 80 million adults in the United States who participate in online sharing services, and we are seeing a quantum shift in the way people think about obtaining goods and services.


Business News Daily names igobono as one of the 10 best startups of 2014.

igobono has rapidly developed a growing community with high levels of engagement:

3,500 products posted

2,000 trades completed

6,500 message board discussions

3,000 “friend” connections made

30,000 product searches

2,800 buyer and seller ratings/comments

Featured world-wide in publications such as TechVibe, Rewrite, Business News Daily, Collaborative Consumption, G/O Digital, Venture Break & more


Mr. Volsky is responsible for marketing, customer acquisition, legal, social media, and fundraising.  A trailblazer in the field of lawsuit financing, he started and successfully grew two businesses focused on investing in personal and commercial lawsuits, achieving a historical 53% return. In this role, his primarily responsibility was customer acquisition and raising funds. As an investment banker, he led and executed on more than $2 billion in M&A transactions in emerging markets.

Mr. Dolan is responsible for website development and technology operations.  He is a seasoned executive in technology, operations and finance with entrepreneurial experience spanning more than 20 years. He brings expertise in website design, business analysis and start-up development. Prior to igobono, he managed the technology operations and budgets for companies such as Dun & Bradstreet and Sony. Mike has spent a majority of the last 12 months in Mexico working side-by-side with our developers to ensure that igobono.com exceeds the expectations of our members.

Mr. Mansoor is a senior business leader with broad experience in general management, finance management, new business development and strategy. As head of strategy and business development for Aeropostale, he led all aspects of the acquisition of a women’s fashion eCommerce business. At D&B, he was the CFO of the $340M Sales and Marketing Solutions division. At David’s Bridal, he managed the IPO and the subsequent sale of the company to May Department Stores.


Contact Information:

Max Volsky
Mike Dolan
Mike Mansoor

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