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May 6, 2015 2:20 PM ET

Archived: Twisted feature film

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2015

Twisted feature film

By Leanne Campbell and Naomi Lisner



The story of the project

Hello and welcome along on the journey to create Twisted with us.
Everything you do is very much appreciated!

To participate with us, please donate, share the campaign to everyone you are connected with or email us and let us know if you have some other way you can help us that we haven’t thought of. 🙂 passionmediaproductions@gmail.com

Target 1 = $20,000 – We need this target to make sure we have enough access to equipment to be able to film and pay for the SPX makeup required in some of the scenes and location costs. Reaching this target gives us the go ahead to start filming and continue to raise money for post production and publicity

Target 2 = $40,000 – Reaching target two means we won’t have to spend as long in post production as we will have the funds to complete the project. Awesomeness!

Target 3 + $60,000 – Reaching this target would be amazing as it would allow us to have a marketing campaign, make sure we have  classification in Australia and New Zealand and also for DVD sales. This would be a dream come true for everyone working on the project!

The project is currently being developed very slowly because we are making sure we are ready to film, have the best cast and crew for the story and can keep our production values high!

Twisted is the next installment from Passion Media Productions.

Leanne Campbell the Writer/Director/Producer previously wrote, directed and produced the short film Love in Motion which is about to start the festival circuit. Twisted is a dark piece which is in stark contrast from Love in Motion. Twisted came about after Leanne wrote a piece for a female character and several friends commented ‘Great another film where women and children are being abused!’ based on this feedback she realised that the film would have just been another boring film that followed mainstream films. In light of that she spent many months rethinking the concept and looking for a different story where women and children were not being abused and from this Twisted was written.

Naomi Lisner an experienced actor who has appeared in numerous films, tv shows and commercials is a part of the team on this project. Her skills in learning and teaching accents is a very valuable asset for this project to make sure all the cast have authentic accents at all times. Her eye for talent will be greatly relied on as we begin casting the film. Some of the roles will need actors with highly crafted skills.

Prolific Melbourne Actor Albert Goikhman starring as Adrian in this feature film will be digging deep to bring his role to life.
This role will be stretching him to the limits and possibly further in his acting career than he has previously done before. He has begun extensive work on developing his character and his depictions of several tough scenes. Everyone who knows Albert personally will be blown away  because it will be the first time performing without his native Russian accent.


Writer/Director/Producer Leanne Campbell has worked extensively in the last 6 years as a cast member and as a crew member on feature films, short films, TV shows including Wentworth and commercials. Her passion for creating stories that are different to the mainstream is evident in all the scripts she is writing. A prolific writer she has 4 feature film scripts at various stages of completion and all of them will leave the audience with an impression that they never thought the film would go that way. Twisted is the first of the scripts that have been honed and finished read to go into pre production. Following Twisted (psycological) she has The Doll maker(Thriller), Booty Boys (comedy) and Broken Sunshine (drama) to create. Leanne developed her skills on set and is now supplementing her learning studying a Bachelor of Film at SAE.

How the funds will be used

Being a feature film it takes a lot longer to film than a short film and we have some very intense scenes. Due to that fact we need to make sure we can cater to the cast and crew some sustenance so they keep working we have started this campaign but we also need to make sure we can cover some other areas.

Were using the money to1. Feed the cast and crew. ( yep that’s their wages till film is completed 🙂  )
2. Hire equipment (only what is necessary)
3. Pay location fees (sadly because we need some specific locational set ups were looking at having to pay for them or make sets to replicated them)
4. SFX makeup (We need a lot of blood!)
5. Post Sound (Sound has to be awesome)
6. Advertising materials for the film (Otherwise no one will come and see it and what’s the point of that??)
7. Film classification in Australia (We already know we are looking at $2,500 as a minimum to get film classification in Australia so it can be screened in cinema’s)

8. DCP production. (As yet were not sure how much exactly it is going to cost but I know it is expensive

Miscellaneous items we haven’t accounted for.

Some of my other work

I am listed on IMDB and you can check out what I have done before on there.
I’ve done more work than what is listed but student films don’t often make it to IMDB.

Albert’s listing on IMDB https://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm3776270/
Naomi’s listing on IMDB http://www.imdb.me/naomilisner


The biggest challenge to filming this is to make sure we have the funding to reach completion. Which is why as the script is going through it’s final checks and reviews I am beginning to raise the funds needed while Albert works on his American accent.

The second is that I no longer live in Melbourne so it will be expensive for me when it comes time to film if I shoot it in Melbourne. Luckily I have several friends in Melbourne that would put me up so it’s not too bad. I’m passionate about this film which is why it will be completed to the best of my ability on way or another.

The other biggest challenge for us is funding. Yes, everyone is trying to get funding to get their project funded and this is just another obstacle that we have to overcome to make our film. I am aware that a lot of projects never get completed and I want to reassure you that this film will be completed to the best of our abilities and we won’t start shooting until pre production is completely done and we have the funding to go into production.

Project Team

Leanne Campbell Ambassador

Nyah West, Victoria Message Supported 2 Projects Facebook linked as Leanne Campbell with 1022 friends.

Up until 2009 Leanne had never considered films as a career option but all that changed in 2009 when she was on set for ‘Knowing’ a feature film staring Nicolas Cage. In 2010 she once again delved into the film area on the program ‘Wifred’ These two experiences sparked the journey she is now on.

She joined ‘Metro’ TV a member group of Channel 31 and began learning all the aspects of film and TV production on the job. During this time she began developing ideas of what she wanted to produce in film and TV and from this the program ‘TRW’ was formed. Leanne has been working on this project for several years, perfecting her techniques so that the program is ‘commercial TV quality.’ Her earlier attempts while the content was good lacked some of the technical experience needed in sound and lighting. To this end she has been working at learning and upgrading her skills and equipment to rectify these problems.

Dissatisfied with just waiting for her agent to ring with opportunities, she began actively searching for opportunities to learn and be involved in other people’s projects. During her times on set for other people she has learned her way around sets and has gained valuable knowledge of how the actors and crews interact with each other and learned valuable skills for both crew and on screen work.

In 2012 Leanne traveled to Los Angeles to attend the ‘Taxi’ music conference and met Lani Ford a singer/songwriter from New York and the music video ‘Lies I want to hear’ became a reality. Leanne began her own production company Passion Media Productions because she found most projects required women who were young or slim and she wanted to create some memorable and life changing films where normal is actually represented in the films.

In 2013 Leanne began thinking about script writing and has written two short film scripts and is planning on filming them later in the year.

Contact Information:

Naomi Lisner
Leanne Campbell

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