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May 6, 2015 7:46 AM ET

Archived: Pulse Play: the perfect wearable for racket sports

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2015

Pulse Play: the perfect wearable for racket sports

The first complete social scorekeeping and ranking system for tennis, badminton, and ping pong.
Pulse Play

Pulse Play is a wearable device connected to an app designed to improve the playing experience of all racket sport players. With a click of a button, Pulse Play becomes your live scorekeeper and announcer, records your match history, and assigns you a ranking based on your match performance. Finally, you can easily connect with new opponents who play at your level, both locally and around the world.

Pulse play takes care of everything your match needs, so you can focus on the game!

Drawing inspiration from the professional sports world, Pulse Play takes the best of what the pros enjoy and serves it up to amateur players in a sleek, easy-to-use wearable. The benefits start on court, where you can effortlessly keep track of your match with real-time scorekeeping and announcements. Off the court, you can review your match history to see how you improve over time, check out your official ranking, and connect with new players as equally passionate about the game as you are.

Best of all, Pulse Play is designed to work seamlessly with all racket sports, so whether you’re a regular tennis player, an office ping pong champ, or just enjoy badminton on the weekends, Pulse Play will help you focus on the game and improve your playing experience.

Our design team was challenged to create a wristband that would be slim, lightweight, comfortable, and have a basic scorekeeping functionality that could be activated with just one button. The first prototype was composed of two parts, a silicon wristband and a “brain”, the computing unit that along with a Bluetooth transmitter would register points to our software.

It took hard work and some long nights but, after two months, we were ready to take the design to the next level.

The goal of the second phase of the wristband design was to evolve the prototype into a sleeker, more user-friendly model. We identified exactly where Pulse Play could be improved:

  • Adding a LED screen, so players can see their match score while they play
  • Extending battery life, so players can play for 15 hours before recharging
  • Adding range to the Bluetooth transmitter
  • Finding materials that are both light and strong, so the wristband will feel comfortable while enduring an intensely physical game
  • Improving the look and feel of Pulse Play so that it will be elegant enough to be worn both on and off the court


The Pulse Play app will be the global hub for amateur racket sports. While designing and developing it, we aimed to create an app that would be simple and user-friendly while giving players relevant data about their game, opponents, and ranking. We took inspiration from other sports applications and social networks in order to create the first fully-integrated social network for racket players. 


After creating a profile and recording a game, players can begin enjoying their game statistics, including time spent on court, match history, head-to-head comparisons to other players, and overall ranking. The more games a player records with different opponents, the more accurate his or her ranking will be. 


The app lets players share their passion for the game with a larger community. Sharing achievements across your social networks, competing with friends and following their games, and establishing a social circle of players will be just a few of the exciting features offered by the Pulse Play app and community.

Most importantly, players will be able to easily meet new opponents all over the world and enjoy a fairly matched game.

The magic starts with a simple click on the button, which sends the point to the app and the Pulse Play cloud. After registering the point, our cloud relays the point to your opponent’s app and wristband. At the end of the match, the app sends our cloud the final score, which is aggregated into the players match history, and calculated into each player’s ranking. Simple.          


The Pulse Play prototype is nearing its final stages and all materials and components are currently being finalized. The software is also close to being completed, with the app in the final stage of development. As soon as we have the first batch samples on hand, we will start rigorously testing for integration, optimization, and certification so that we can move forward to mass production.

We have been working hard developing Pulse Play over the past nine months and we have come a long way, but now we’ve reached a critical point where we need your help. Your contribution will allow us to accelerate the process, finalize the first sample batch, and begin our testing, so we can begin mass production and get Pulse Play on the courts.  

Why should you support us?

  • Be the first to get a Pulse Play
  • Be a pioneer in a new and evolving community dedicated to your favorite racket sport
  • Deepen your passion by reviewing your stats, seeing your rank, and connecting to new players

Our team members are all special agents. We have developers, designers, marketers, hardware specialists, entrepreneurs, managers, and tennis champions. We’ve all been focusing on how to create a professional playing experience for amateur racket players around the world through the best ever racket sport wearable. 


Can I pay with credit card?

Yes you can! After choosing your perk, click on the PayPal button, and in the new screen choose the second option, and fill out the form for regular credit card payment without a PayPal account.

Who can play with Pulse play?

Pulse Play is for all amateur racket sport players. Tennis, ping pong, badminton, squash, racquetball, and paddleball players will enjoy an enhanced playing experience using Pulse Play. If you play with a racket, Pulse Play is for you.

What are the costs of being a member of the Pulse Play community?

You pay only for the wristband. The app and social network are free of charge.

Can I use the app without a wristband?

You can download it and view its content, but you won’t be able to enjoy our scorekeeping, ranking system, and other features.

Do I need an internet connection while I play?

Yes you do. The wristband sends the point to your mobile app and to our cloud, so an internet connection is important.

What information will Pulse Play have in my match history?

You will have information about past matches, an overall summary of time played, your win-loss ratio, a list of your opponents, your ranking, your achievements, head-to-head comparisons, and much more.

Can I create a personal group ranking for my friends?

Sure! Our system will rank players among their social connections, their country, and the world. If you wish, you will be able to open a ranking group just for you and  your favorite opponents.

I work in the racket sport industry, how can I benefit out of Pulse Play?

We are working on special features for coaches and club managers. Please contact us at joinus@pulse-play.com for more info.  

If you are a distributor, please contact us at joinus@pulse-play.com.

Does the Pulse Play offer any fitness information or statistics about my technique?

We’re focusing now on creating a community and ranking system of amateur players. In the future, we plan to add sensors for technique and fitness.

Can I connect my ATP or NTRP ranking to your system?

Not at the moment, but we our open to suggestions. If we see that many members of the Pulse Play community would like to connect their existing ranking, we will consider adding this feature in the future.

Will You ship internationally?


What are your shipment fees? 

When you choose a contribution, you will be prompted to select a shipping fee. Select the one that’s right for your destination.
U.S. & Israel Delivery – free shipment
International Delivery – $25

After the project is funded and we are ready to ship, our team will contact each contributor to confirm shipping details. If you did not add the shipping cost during your contribution, you can add it then.

Do you have customer and technical service?

We sure do! You can contact us through email, phone, or stop by our offices. We are here to answer all your questions and needs. For info about how to contact us, please visit our website.

Does Pulse Play come with a warranty?

Yes! It comes with a one-year warranty for replacement.

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