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May 6, 2015 4:30 PM ET

Archived: Kapture – Save & Share What You Just Heard

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2015




Save & Share What You Just Heard


Kapture has revolutionized the way we remember and relive important parts of our daily conversations.  The way we currently save information during a meeting or social interactions is old-school and ineffective.  We take incomplete written or typed notes and rely too much on our memory to pull it all together.  Rarely do we anticipate the need for an audio or video recording, and we dread the process of editing or rewatching a long segment.  

Kapture solves these daily issues by providing a platform to save, edit, and share meaningful sound bytes just after you hear them.  We’ve combined the power of wearable technology with a simple app interface to deliver an entirely new consumer benefit space centered around these audio moments.

Kapture has made tremendous progress on all fronts and is now in market. Opportunity exists to be a key partner as we execute our business plan and chase our vision.  Find out more by requesting access to our Business Plan section, and as we like to say…thank you for listening!


It’s an exciting time at Kapture!  In April 2015, we received our first production inventory and began shipping our product to market.  Let’s take a look at the key milestoness that got us here:

Kickstarter Campaign (Proof of Concept):  We rocked a successful Kickstarter that raised over $162,000 from more than 1,200 backers in just 30 days, landing us in the exclusive top 1% of Kickstarter campaigns that crosses the finish line with $100,000+ raised. 

Media outlets from the tech world and beyond are already buzzing about Kapture and our groundbreaking take on audio: we were featured by Mashable, TechCrunch, CNET, and Vogue just to name a few.  The response drove us forward, past the prototype phase, and into a real business model.




Product Develoment & Qualification:  Thanks to the momentum we built from our Kickstarter campaign and over $1,000,000 raised in our Seed round of fundraising, Kapture fully developed and launched production with our partners in China. We’ve filed 6 patents to protect our product/design and have completed our manufacturing qualification and related certifications.  It’s go time!

Market Launch & Innovation:  Kapture is ready for a big market debut.  We are shipping our Kickstarter and Pre-orders volume along with an inventory build for future orders.  

But that’s just the beginning of the Kapture vision: from connecting to your favorite productivity apps, like Evernote, to integrating with the latest and greatest wearable devices, including Apple Watch, we have big plans for the future of Kapture and making it easier and more awesome for people everywhere to Kapture the important moments they just heard.


Kapture comes in two parts:

Togethether, the Kapture wristband and app provide all the tools you need to create and relive truly memorable audio moments:

Kapture uses patent-pending “memory buffer” technology to continuously store the last 60 seconds of audio it “hears.” Once audio hits its 60-second “expiration date,” it’s automatically wiped from Kapture’s memory.

Anytime you hear something you want to save, simply double-tap the wristband to grab that previous 60 seconds of audio and send it to the Kapture app on your smartphone or other mobile device.

Once the audio clip is on the app, you can edit it or enhance it — just like you would a photo or a video — and then share it through your social sites or mark it private for your own archive!


Technology has done some pretty incredible things over the past decade or so, but one of the coolest is how it has opened doors to exciting new ways for us to document and share the moments of our lives.  But audio is a little different.

Think about it: despite audio being all around us you can’t pose for an awesome joke the way you can pose for a selfie, or retake a conversation the way you retake a photo when someone in the shot blinks.

And, let’s be honest, why would you want to? The spontaneity of those moments—the fact that you can’t see them coming—is part of what makes them so amazing in the first place.

Still, we’ve all experienced that tug of regret, of wishing we could travel back in time to capture that moment before it disappears.  Our bombared memory or notes don’t do the event justice.  They’re just gone.

Well, until somebody figures out the whole time travel thing, we’ve come up with Kapture.


The Kapture device was designed from the inside out to give you everything you need to turn a minute into a moment.

60-second audio buffer that’s always ready and waiting for you to tap when awesome happens

Omni-directional mic that picks up sound from all directions — no need to talk directly into it.

Bluetooth connectivity that lets you send your audio klips directly to your phone with the tap of a finger.

All-day battery life that guarantees Kapture’s ready to capture the moment when you are.

Vibration and LED notifications that let you know when Kapture’s on, when an audio klip was saved, and when the battery’s getting low.

iOS and Android-compatible, so you can create and share your unique moments, whatever your OS of choice.


The free Kapture app for iOS and Android is the ultimate hub for editing, saving and sharing your klips, giving you the freedom to do more with what you hear.


Don’t take our word for it: here’s a sample of what a few of our early Kapture users have to say about their Kapture experience:


Mike Sarow – CEO & Co-Founder
A visionary thinker with complex global business experience, Mike spent more than 12 years in Marketing and Engineering at Procter & Gamble, building brands like Tide, Pampers, Crest, and Oral-B.

Matthew Dooley – COO & Co-Founder
With a previous career in Marketing and Strategy at American Modern Insurance Group, Matthew has now founded and owns his own social media company. He is also an adjunct professor of social media for the Xavier University MBA program.

Keith Porter – Technical Operation
Keith joined Kapture as a Venture for America (VFA) fellow from the University of Michigan. His Computer Engineering and Masters of Operations Engineering degrees are a perfect fit to coordinate Kapture’s internal business processes.

Mike Venerable, Board of Directors
Mike is a board member from Cincytech – the lead seed investor in Kapture.

Sonny Jandial, Advisor
Sonny was the Procter & Gamble ambassador to Silicon Valley, where he drove start-up strategy in 50 companies. With 20 years of experience in brand management and new business development, Sonny now provides strategy consulting to Fortune 500 companies like Target.

David Bill, Advisor
David is the founding advisor at Freestyle Capital and has been a technology leader and entrepreneur for more than 20 years, mostly building and scaling innovative online services such as Wanelo, Klout, LiveFyre, CoTweet, and Spinner.

Contact Information:

Mike Sarow
Matthew Dooley
Keith Porter
Mike Venerable
Sonny Jandial
David Bill

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