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May 6, 2015 11:20 AM ET

Archived: Epic Digital – A New Approach to Digital Media

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2015



Epic Digital

A New Approach to Digital Media



Epic Digital is an innovative new media advertising company and animation studio that harnesses the power of animation and digital media to help companies of all shapes and sizes tell their stories and build their brands with one simple philosophy: make it EPIC.


In its first 10 years of operation, Epic Digital has already seen some incredible achievements, and we’re carrying that momentum into our next stage of evolution. Epic Digital’s biggest successes to date include:

Epic Digital has assembled a stellar team of over 45 animation specialists, each with TV, film and publishing credits stretching back 15 years or longer and all with their own unique intellectual properties and industry relationships.

Epic Digital has produced animations for over 300 consulting clients and is enjoying 25% year-on-year growth in our client base

The Epic team has produced animation for major TV/Film and new media projects by clients including NBC/Universal, Disney, McDonalds, Subway, Marvel and more


When it comes to launching a new business, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is advertising. Organically growing a customer base takes months, if not years, and is expensive to sustain, meaning that a business can easily be buried before it gets off the ground.Epic Digital offers our client companies—mostly tech startups and other companies that rely heavily on new media to reach their audience—a combined “grand opening” media package, including animated videos, mobile applications and web design. The materials we produce are designed to enhance our clients’ visibility—increase site traffic, lower bounce rate, retain visitors and optimize search rankings—while at the same time monetizing their mobile and web presence, with the goal of funneling the revenue generated back into the company’s larger advertising efforts.

Entrepreneurs have enough on their minds when they’re launching a new company or a new project. Epic Digital takes the added burden of advertising expenses off their shoulders and, more than that, helps them build the future of their business.


Our digital media packages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what goes on at Epic Digital.

When we’re not helping startups and other small businesses launch their advertising efforts, we’re putting our animation skills and transmedia marketing knowhow at the disposal of companies like NBC/Universal, Disney, McDonald’s, Subway and Apple for TV, film and new media projects that are seen across the globe.

A couple of examples of the projects we’ve worked on:

Helping to create 80% of the animated textbooks for Apple’s iBooks 2 release — projects seen and approved by Steve Jobs himself

Creating the first “augmented reality” experience in the comic world for a series of animated trailers for Marvel Comics



The final piece of the puzzle at Epic Digital is our independent projects, where we take the same transmedia marketing principles we provide to our external clients and apply them to our own unique brand of interactive entertainment media.

The first of these internal projects, a series of interconnected comics, apps and video website, is fully developed and in the prototype phase.

Our first full season of programming, an animated sitcom to be aired on BBC, is set to go into production in 2014.


Eric Peterson, CEO & Creative Director
Eric got offered his first TV producer job before being of legal drinking age. Before creating Epic Digital in 2004, he worked on projects for Dreamworks, NBC/Universal, Fox, and more. By the age of 25, Eric Peterson had produced internationally syndicated programming that had generated $80,000,000 per year. He published his first 400 page book before turning 30, selling over 3,000 copies independently before utilizing new media to start his habit of utilizing media that generates cash flow to advertise, as opposed to spending cash flow.

Nick Konstantino, Project Manager
Nick has successfully overseen dozens of projects, and typically handles 20 projects for clientele at any one time.



Gabriel Bautista, Head Artist
Gabriel Bautista is an Eisner-award winning artist that has completed successful work for DC Comics, Image Comics and more.

Contact Information:

Eric Peterson
Nick Konstantino
Gabriel Bautista

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