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May 5, 2015 1:26 PM ET

LIFT PRO – Quite possibly, the best electric desk

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

LIFT PRO – Quite possibly, the best electric desk.

We redesigned the sit-to-stand desk to outperform all competitors in its class. Preorder, save $600.


Powerful Legs

The beautiful design is not only aesthetic driven but it is also reliable, efficient, and practical. Its been tested over 10,000 times, supports up-to 355 pounds, and most importantly – the base is 100% maintenance free.

Memory Presets

Engineered with 4-easy to use preset keys, simply find your sitting and standing height. Then, click M (memorize) and a Preset Key (1, 2, 3, 4). In-less than one minute, your desk is ergonomically sized and ready to go.



Install a super thick and heavy-duty mousepad that sits flush against the surface.

Display Docks

This smart feature displays your phone and tablet for clear viewing. Plus, charge your devices without any visible cables.

Drink Holder

Protect your laptop and other devices from surface spills with a recessed drink holder. 

Storage Trays

Use this area to neatly store your keys, pens, coins and other items.

Cable Management

Keep your cables hidden and organized beneath your desk.

Premium Material

Built from pure, premium bamboo because of its strength, beauty, and durability. Plus, it’s an earth friendly, renewable resource.

Health Benefits

Like most the world, we spend the majority of our days sitting. From work, to lunch, to our daily commute – we are constantly sitting. By the time we arrive home from work, we’re mentally and physically drained, our head aches, our back is killing us, and we are in no mood to visit the gym.

All this sitting in our lives made us think. We started wondering if the claims were true…? How does sitting all day affect our health? Well, we did some research and what we discovered was quite shocking.

We were immediately frightened. More so, we were ready to put a stop to our bad back, head stress, and just – being tired all the time. In response, we spent the next several months creating, what we believe – is the best and most affordable product on the market to cure sitting disease. We happily introduce the LIFT Pro and hope it will improve your posture, mind, productivity, and health as it has for the team members at iSkelter.

Our Guarantee
Between IndieGogo and Kickstarter, iSkelter has successfully funded 12 products totaling $435,019 and 4,644 backers. Most importantly, we hold a 92% on-time fulfillment grade and continue to keep a 5-star post project rating on Amazon.

Why We Need Your Help 

It’s time to make LIFT PRO a retail product for everyone to enjoy. With your help, we will be able to purchase the materials and implement a streamlined production method. The entire production process will be completed in the USA at the iSkelter factory in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shipping and Delivery Time: Your LIFT PRO will be shipped for Free within the Domestic USA and World-Wide for an additional fee depending on your location. 

To ensure correct delivery times – once our goal has been met, we will begin ordering material and start the initial production run. iSkelter’s fulfillment center guarantee’s 3 to 5 day shipping for both domestic and international shipments. For any immediate questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Contact Information:

Nathan Mummert
David Stuebe

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