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May 5, 2015 6:08 PM ET

Kiss My Bath Essentials: Infusing Nature to Nurture the Mind, Body & Skin

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

Kiss My Bath Essentials

by Gina Scorza

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Infusing Nature to Nurture the Mind, Body & Skin. We use all organic herbs to make all of our products. Magnesium Infused Body Cream

Gina Scorza

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About this project

We are raising funds to help get our business to the next level.  We have had such a overwhelming response to our herbal infusion products, that we feel more people need to know about the amazing benefits from using our products.  Our number 1 seller is our magnesium infused body cream.  Our owner has restless leg syndrome, and nothing would work for her at night to get her legs to stop aching.  She did some research and found out about the huge benefits of magnesium oil.  Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and it helps calm the nervous system.  In this research she found out how beneficial magnesium is for our over all well being and most of the population is lacking in there magnesium consumption.  The best way to get magnesium is topically as it goes directly to the source of discomfort.  The down fall with using straight magnesium oil is that it stings and leaves a white, undesirable film on your body.  We at Kiss My Bath Essentials have infused it into a skin softening body cream that you can rub anywhere you have muscle pain.  Our other products include a magnesium infused migraine relief salve, a eczema relief salve, lip healing lip balms, non toxic bug repellant balm, magnesium infused face scrub, acne fighting body scrub, cayenne pepper infused pain relief salve and with more new products to come!! We feel strongly about what we put on our bodies, and knowing that our products are made from organic herbs, oils and butters with no preservatives, chemicals or toxins is a really good feeling.  You absorb %70 of what you rub on your skin into your blood stream, Do you know whats in your products? Thank you for your support! We hope everyone one day knows about Kiss My Bath Essentials and the amazing relief and benefits our products can be!!

Risks and challenges

We currently do not have any other projects we are working on, this is our baby, and we are concentrating on getting the right equipment and materials to be able to make more products in a faster turn around time. After we are funded and more issues tend to rise, we will tackle them head on. Our biggest goal now is getting into a commissary kitchen to be able to make more product at a time to have a smaller turn around and more inventory.

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