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May 4, 2015 1:37 PM ET

Pocket Poppet

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015

Pocket Poppet

By Alexandra and Fedor Shubin

The story of the project

What is Pocket Poppet
Just what is Pocket Poppet? It’s a game, sure, but it’s not just a game! It’s a hands-on, interactive and creative workshop where kids (including grown-up kids) can plunge into the extraordinary world of theater. In it, there are simple tools to use for, and in this imaginative theatre-game, and by using these tools, kids can invent and apply their own themed scenarios all by themselves.
With Pocket Poppet tools they can:
• Create and write their own scenes/storyline by choice of theme.
• Decorate the stage.
• Choose the costumes for their characters
• Record the animated play and show it to their friends and family
And what is more, they can determine who and what their characters are, the scripts, set designs, props, themes (i.e., Christmas, Halloween, summer fun, winter games, Independence Day, etc.), lighting, background music, and costumes; thereby creating their own little masterpieces.
They can choose to be the wardrobe master, the scenarist/writer, director, lead actor, supporting actor, and producer! They might produce a show/scenario with their friends or family—and what could be more fun than co-creating and playing a theatre-game with our kids? What’s even more fun is that with Pocket Poppet there are no winners or losers—just satisfaction and enjoyment through an exciting, creative process of living theatre, whether collaboratively or independently.

How the funds will be used

What We Need & What You GetAnnounced budget will be used for Basic version . It includes:

Features:Game for 2 platforms: iOS and Android
Allocating the items on the stage (background, stage sets, characters)
Creating of skeletal animation
Choosing background music
Playing the created animation (playing mode)
Saving of the animated clip
Theme Store
Internal currency
Economical model. creating
Adding the social features (authentication, sharing, putting likes)
Content:1 Free Theme including 2 characters (boy & girl), 2 backgrounds, 10 decorations
So it will be really fun game for kids. 

Some of my other work

We have implemented more than 20 applications for our Customers (please, visit our web-site: http://www.vedidev.com/?lang=en&action=portfolio).
We have 3 our own games.

**7th Heavens
*** https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/7th-heavens/id610700787?ls=1&mt=8

** Snip-snap
*** https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vedidev.pstickers

** OMeGa: Memo cards
*** https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.smartrus


Promotion. The main our obstacle is promotion.
We know how to deal with game, but don’t have enough experience how and where promote crowdfunding campaign.
Plan like below:
1. Expand information among friends,business partners
2. Share information via web-site.
3. Special blogs and web-sites

So Why Invest?

What’s that special in this concept of ours for yet another game for children?
For starters, the project is unique in its niche. We don’t copy existing games, and why would we? Undoubtedly, it’s a brand new game that’s fresh, interesting, enjoyable, and sure to be a fun and satisfying pastime highly sought after all over the world because it makes a child’s world he or she would like it to be. Kids can then further imagine wonderful new worlds full of adventures and secrets where they can dream and say: We are scenarists. We are producers and directors.
We are actors and set designers.
As confirmed, self-admitted and unrepentant computer geeks and geniuses, we really love to create interactive games, especially for kids, partly because we have never lost the wonder of our own childhoods. We know that children study and learn by playing intellect-broadening games.
They discover our world through using that genuine, untouched mind they started life with. That’s why our goal is to create educational games which promote creativity; by doing so, it breeds inventiveness and even giftedness—games that make them think, dream, create, concoct, and construct something of their own, something that is uniquely theirs and unrepeatable.
We know that the Pocket Poppet game helps kids develop creative potential and awaken their natural aptitude. Just imagine: you will be involved with a project that has the potential of launching the next Shakespeare or Spielberg to the world. To make this happen, we want to be in a stable and durable position to hire the finest designers, IT developers, writers, artists and musicians to ensure the highest-quality and user-friendly product is ready for the novice and sophisticated marketplace of users. In acquiring the best and talented resources for these needs, we can position and then establish Pocket Poppet to enhance and expand our own project initiatives and future productivity.

How we are planning to improve project in future

Stretch goals:Ability to allocate on the stage and to create the animation for several characters.
Customization of the characters.
Supporting various emotions of the characters.
Changing of animation settings (frames number, speed).
Adding own background music.
Recording of the voice and mixing it with video.
Implementation of game economy model (experience, levels, achievements, rewards).
Export the animation into video file
Creating own themes
Improving Store (support loading the list of themes and themes by themselves via network)
Creating the Frame animation
Supporting the particle effects
Supporting 3D objects

Other Ways You Can Help

If you like our idea and want to support us, please, share information about our project in social networks, spread a word about it to your family and friends. Jungle telegraph is still the best way to disseminate information.
Thank you for your support!!!

Project Team


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Fedor Shubin

Ramenskoe, Moskovskaya Oblast’, Russia

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Fedor Shubin

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