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May 4, 2015 7:14 AM ET

Archived: Nordicplan: raise the standard of MMORPG gaming by allowing users a greater amount of control over the games that they play and to break the long standing subscription record currently held by “Worlds of Warcraft” which is 16,000,000 subscribed users

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015


Uppsala, NA 75308, SE
Consumer Products

Nordicplan was founded and is operated by a small group of life time gamer’s, professional developers and graphic designers, solution architects and business analysists who believe that the current direction of the MMORPG (Mass Multimedia Online Role Playing Game) genre has lost its way. An example of MMORPG could be World of Warcraft (taking $1.7 billion gross profits per year) or Guild Wars 2 (taking $200m profits per year).

Serious gamers are anxious for quality, meaningful content, a greater amount of control and a more dynamic world. Nordicplan’s developments are created with the gamer in mind. The World Wide Gamer Community will be our board of advisers. Nordicplan has spent 3 years interviewing players and observing player behavior online to align the MMOTRPG framework to the expectations and demand from tomorrow’s players.

The Company has a very aggressive mission: To raise the standard of MMORPG gaming by allowing users a greater amount of control over the games that they play and to break the long standing subscription record currently held by “Worlds of Warcraft” which is 16,000,000 subscribed users.

Nordicplan will accomplish its goals through innovative and intuitive marketing that is designed to create loyalty among its consumer base even before the live launch of the game site(s). The Company has also developed a number of improvements to the current MMORPG game offering. The Company has recruited the most talented professionals in the industry to ensure that the end result is a world class gaming experience.

The Company will utilize every form of Social Media to engage and attract its consumers. With no paid advertising, the company has over 45,000 Facebook friends and 130,000 twitter followers. Nordicplan will capitalize on this market penetration over the next several months by inviting these friends and followers to participate in various game development contests.

Products / Services

Demons at the Horizon

Demons at the Horizon (D.e.a.t.H) is a true online role-playing experience, taking place in a prehistoric world similar to Earth.

You assume the role of a character from one of five factions. You explore, adventure, invent and quest across an unforgiving world, taking part in epic battles, challenging the gods themselves. By raiding far in to enemy factions to capture artifacts, you gain your faction more power. Player generated quests force you into the most challenging battles of all time.
Look in to the world of unlimited quests and the new extreme Hardcore model.

Online Gaming Framework

The MMOTRPG Framework contains of 6 core elements with over 600 changes to the current outdated framework MMORPG.


mmotrpg.com will be the website hosting our new framework (MMOTPRG). The site will contain several functions to attract gamers, established studios, indie studios and freelancers.

Project K.I.S.S

Project K.I.S.S is a combination of several products that we will release. The first release will be a search engine followed by our brand new Operating System. The Operating System release will contain several new eMarketPlaces such as an AppStore, Freelancer function, Crowdfunding function, etc. Project K.I.S.S will deliver a HW platform as well for our OS for people that don’t have an up to date computer. We have an long list of applications to be developed and released further down the line.

Nordicplan NPO

We are starting up a non profit organisation that will take on several non profit projects in areas of critical need. This will become active when our projects starts to generate massive positive revenue. The business case for K.I.S.S that will found the NPO organisation within Nordicplan is so good that we have calculated with 50% of revenue towards the NPO organisation. The 50% towards NPO are already a part of the plan that you are reading here.

We intent to change the world in need as well as revolution the online world.


Managing Director Information Technology
Alex Wheeler

Alex works as a key technical adviser within several fortune 500 companies. He is Nordicplans CTO. Alex has spent his career so far on the pulse of emerging technologies, managing, integrating and developing solutions whilst encapsulating their complexities and delivering understandable solutions. Alex has spent the last 8 years as a contractor, getting the job done. Alex firmly believes in the quote by W Edwards Deming “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”. On the same line, Alex quotes “If you cannot simply and precisely define the building blocks of your solution, your building will crumble.” Alex has an ability to break down highly complex environments to its core building blocks and delve into those down to the lowest details. Alex is creative and a visionary of new technologies to come with a level headed business mind. We see a technology revolution in the next 3 years and now is the time to create and be a leader.

Vice President Business Development
Magnus Backström

Magnus is an experienced manager from leading global and challenging key transformation programs within the fortune 500 enterprises. With over 8 years of experience from the business and another 7 years in University. Magnus started his career as an Engineer quickly working his way up through management ranks due to his reputation to deliver where others have failed. Magnus has a proven record of successfully balancing quality, cost and time in complex international operations and projects. Magnus motivates and drives his peers with confidence based on long experience driving teams through complex global challenges. A born leader with a creative and calm way of looking and solving problems through to the end delivery, Magnus commands respect.


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