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May 4, 2015 4:44 PM ET

Archived: Help Keep Music &Touring bands, Afloat in SE Texas

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015

Help Keep Music &Touring bands, Afloat in SE Texas

Hosting Touring bands & some epic parties have taken their toll on the riverside dock at Eliot&Chantell’s Private Artist’s Retreat. We are raising $$ to replace it with a huge floating party dock & other repairs.

More Info

Some traveling bands that perform at the LogOn, stay at our river cabin. Friends, visiting and local, have been to the cabin for some epic summer swim events. The riverside dock is suffering the effects of age and over use. It has deteriorated to a point where it is no longer safe. We would like to replace it with a 20’x20′ floating party dock. Crafted with plastic lumber it should provide years of splinter free use. Flotation will be Plastic Drums from the food industry, and the hardware will be harvested from the old dock. so it will be 100% recycled material  and have minimal environmental impact. Left over funds will be used to add a shower, and other improvements, to  the bathroom in the guest rooms. The dock has provided a lot of recreational opportunities for musicians, traveling and local. The new dock will continue to serve in the same fashion.  Your donation will help provide a little R&R for visiting musicians. 


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