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May 4, 2015 3:50 PM ET

Archived: FanClub

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015
Location Leatherhead, United Kingdom
Investment sought: £350,000

Product(s) and/or service(s)

FanClub is effected through a free-to-join APP that integrates with, and pull users from, existing social media platforms.

FanClub will create a central point of presence for: –
(a) high profile Music, Entertainment and Sports “Personalities”.
(b) recognised “Franchise” Entities (e.g. Movies, Sports Clubs or Service Providers).

FanClub will provide the opportunity for Personalities and Franchise entities to unify and thereafter monetise their respective social media presence(s) and followers.

By utilising their existing social media presence, Personalities are able to easily convert their existing and future social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram to their respective FanClub presence – free of charge.

Once on the FanClub platform the Personalities and Franchise entities will be able to offer a wide variety of revenue generating “communications”, merchandising and product placement opportunities directly to their followers and benefit from a share of the revenue generated from the Brand advertising and/or product margins.


Intended impact

FanClub is designed to become one of the leading social media resources.

FanClub aims to become an attractive, informative and feature rich resource that creates a close connection between Personalities / Franchise entities and their fans.

By aggregating a number of Sports, Music and Media Personalities, FanClub aims to create global traction very quickly, achieving critical mass by working with leading Management Companies in a controlled manner.

The FanClub business model is designed to be sustainable through the regular generation of revenues for participating Personalities and Franchise entities – and will be unique within the current social media environment.


Substantial accomplishments to date

FanClub’s management team have finalised the Technical and Operational specifications (including Network architecture and topology) of the FanClub platform and APP design to enable all services and affiliate program partners to integrate directly and seamlessly from launch.

Agreement has been reached with our chosen IT integrator and Cloud hosting partner that will enable both launch rollout and foreseeable growth.

Attracting Personalities and Franchise Entities:

FanClub has been approached by, and has now submitted its Contractual Documentation to, key Management companies representing large numbers of high profile Personalities from the Sports, Entertainment and Music sectors, both in the UK, North America and around the World.

• Creative Artists Agency (CAA) – representing 750+ Personalities across NFL, MLB, NBA, Music, Football, TV, Film and Media – (www.caa.com). .

• Octagon – representing 500+ Personalities across NFL, MLB, NBA, Music, Football, TV, Film and Media – (www.octagon.com). .

• Lucas Film – Lucas film is among the world’s leading entertainment service companies, a pioneer in visual effects and sound across multiple mediums, and is home to the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises – (www.lucasfilm.com).

• Sarasota Tennis Open – FanClub has agreed with the owners of the Open that it will be using the tennis tournament to announce and introduce FanClub to the participating professional tennis stars – along with other invited Personalities from NFL, NBA, MLB and Music – (www.sarasotaopen.org).


Monetisation strategy

FanClub creates a multi-dimensional, revenue centric relationship between the Personalities and their fans:

In-APP Advertising – FanClub has established an account with InMobi to provide in-APP advertising, pre and post roll video ads and APP sponsorship revenues – across the platform and all FanClub accounts.

Paid Communications – The FanClub platform supports the delivery of Brand, Product or Service led paid communications on an individual or campaign basis.

B2B Brand Ambassadorship – The FanClub provides the opportunity for Brand and Personalities to work together to promote and feature their products / services in a highly personalised manner.

Personalised Products and Services – Building on existing merchandising activities of a Personality, FanClub aims to create an expanded mobile storefront to promote, market and sell highly personalised Products and Services to the Personalities’ followers.

Personalised eGoods – The FanClub platform would integrate digital products and services (e.g. Signed Digital Birthday cards etc.) into the Personalities digital storefront.

Personalised IPR Locker – The FanClub platform would provide the Personalities and their Management Agencies with a Secured Storage and Managed Publication facility for “Official” image, video, audio downloads.

Premium Level APP upgrade – The FanClub platform would enable Personalities to offer a Premium Level of Interaction with followers that purchase a Premium Status.


Use of proceeds

FanClub intends to use the investment to complete the following activities:

The Platform – Commit to a supply and services contract with Rackspace to support the global nature of the content delivery.

The APP – Sign contractual commitments to the APP design house for the delivery of the FanClub APP, API’s, Social Media Engines and associated operating software rights.

Protect IPR and Trademarks – Implement IPR Protection across the FanClub URL, APP design and associated Trademarks.

Recruitment and Retention of Staff – Sign employment contracts with desired account management staff in the UK and USA inline the growth of the Personality base.


Target market

FanClub is targeted at two core audiences:

• Personalities and Franchise Entities.
• Social Media Followers of Personalities.


By providing sustainable motivations and revenues for Personalities and Franchise entities, FanClub should be able to grow and reward this population and incentivise the publication of unique content on, where possible, an exclusive basis.

For Social Media Followers, FanClub would provide a single aggregated point of access, via the FanClub APP, to their favourite Personalities together with high value and high utility digital resources (Communications, Video, Image and eCommerce) to sustain their interest.

Characteristics of target market

The social media landscape is dominated by Facebook and Twitter. Each company is a multi-billion dollar global company with many millions of users.

The global megastars who have profiles on these networks drive huge traffic statistics for these networks with very little earnings being derived their activities. Only the top traffic generators on these platforms generate revenues from their social media activities.

FanClub would be a dedicated social media network which offers all participating Personalities and Franchise Entities an equitable revenue share as a reward for them driving traffic and usage.

Marketing strategy

The Company’s ambition is to establish FanClub as the leading “Personality and Franchise” centric social media platform in the world.

The Company’s marketing approach is to focus on providing Personalities and Franchise Entities with clear and manageable opportunities to exploit and drive incremental revenues through participation in the FanClub ecosystem whilst at the same time providing their followers with tangible benefits.

Thus, our marketing strategy is predicated on: –

The Desire on the part of Personalities and Franchise entities (and their respective Management) to make money from their social media activities.

Rapid Acquisition of Followers – by utilising the Personalities and Franchise entities existing communications with their fan-base, FanClub can communicate directly with, and achieve rapid acquisition of, followers to achieve global distribution in a very short time. Worldwide acceptance of social media is favourable so end users don’t hesitate sharing their social media profile(s) – especially the youth market.

Viral effect – alongside FanClub’s direct relationships with Personalities and their industry management, FanClub would hopefully benefit from a viral effect within both the population of “Personalities” and the global social media followings.

Competition strategy

FanClub has been designed to sit alongside (but not replace) existing social media companies but is differentiated by the ability to motivate and incentivise both Personalities and Followers through its added-value functions and facilities.

In this context, the Company’s mission is to: –

Establish a world-class digital resource to manage and monetise Personality’s social media presence without prejudicing any of their existing activities or commercial obligations.

Provide Personalities with multiple and sustainable monetisation opportunities that complement and extend their existing income.
To establishing long-term mutually beneficial agreements with leading Management companies which will provide a sustainable and incentivised population of Personalities.

To meet the needs of the advertising ecosystem and ambitions of Brands to align with Personalities and their digital audiences.

Recent Benchmark:

As social media continues to become one of the most important global communications mediums, companies participating in this sector are attractive acquisition targets, for example the recent acquisition of Vine Inc, a 13-month old start-up specialising in Twitter video content – acquired for a reported $50m.


Contact Information:

Warwick Hill
Richard Newsome
Patric Bauer
Ashley Warden

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