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May 4, 2015 9:03 AM ET

Archived: BRICWAVE™ Xpress: “THE FIRST EXPRESS CHARGING INTEGRATED FLASH MEMORY” Ultra-portable Express Charging and Data Back-up Solution for Mobile Devices

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015



“THE FIRST EXPRESS CHARGING INTEGRATED FLASH MEMORY” Ultra-portable Express Charging and Data Back-up Solution for Mobile Devices.

About this project

BRICWAVE™ Xpress integrates its “USB flash drive” and  “High-speed charging cable” features in one compact format!

Product Highlight

  • Sync & Charging (perform data sync and charging as an ordinary charging cable.) 
  • Data Backup & Managing (data backup to the flash drive for presentations, heavy campus assignments, and extra music, audio, video files) 
  • Express Charging (perform high-speed charging with reduced time by half) 
  • Compact Size (1.2″ X 3″ X 0.5″ form-factor promote ultimate mobility) 
  • Collapsible Flex Cable (6″ for full span from tip to tip for ultimate flexibility)
  • MFi Certified Components

BRICWAVE™Xpress users can efficiently recharge mobile devices in just a fraction of the time it takes other charging cables to perform the very same task. Try this integrated flash drive and see how you can instantly manage and back up data on your iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android devices, and MAC/PC computers.

The device has a 3-way switch to control functions between normal “Sync and Charging”, “Data Backup and Managing”, and “Express (high-speed) Charging”. The device works exceptionally smoothly; it can be used like a normal charging cable by setting its function to “Sync and Charging” mode. When in “Express Charging” mode the main function of the device is to charge, and the sync/data option is disabled.

When the BRICWAVE™Xpress is in “Express Charging” mode, all the power of the device is placed solely on charging (the Sync/Data mode is not available when the device is in express charging mode). The main advantage of the “Express Charging” option is that it allows the user to charge tablets and smartphones in nearly half the time that it would take a normal USB charging cable to charge same devices.

Charging Speed Test: iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Charging from Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Lenovo Notebooks through BRICWAVE™ Xpress (1.0 A Push Successful for Charging Speed Improvement )
Charging Speed Test: iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Charging from Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Lenovo Notebooks through BRICWAVE™ Xpress (1.0 A Push Successful for Charging Speed Improvement )

Because data consumption is at an all-time high, digital devices require more space. The BRICWAVE™Xpress device offers an incredibly safe and efficient data backup and management solution. It integrates the flash memory from 8G to 64G, which compensates for the increase in data usage at work or on campus. BRICWAVE™Xpress provides the extra data storage which is vital in today’s high tech world, where almost everyone uses a digital device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Data protection, management, and backup.
  • Creates necessary space for big media files, and the collection of music, videos, pictures etc.

The BRICWAVE™Xpress is compact and, therefore, exceptionally easy to carry. It can easily fit inside of a trouser pocket, a purse, or may be hooked onto a key-chain. The overall size of the device is a compact 1.2″ x 3” x 0.5”; providing convenience on the go.

One of the biggest advantages of the collapsible flex cable is that the user avoids having to deal with tangles and knots. Its flexibility and longer length offer greater convenience. The device cable is a full 6 inches from the connector tip to tip. This helps users with busy lifestyles perform the tasks they need safely and efficiently.

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The traditional length of a cable is 3 feet 5 inches (3’5″), which can cause problems because a cable of this length tangles easily. Our device cable eliminates the concern that it will tangle as well as saves frustration and inconvenience that occurs from untangling knotted cables.

Another great benefit the device has to offer is the greater maneuverability that the collapsible cable provides because it connects easily with all types of devices. Most short length charging connectors are limited and require extra effort to get an equal port level and facing angle.

See for yourself how the BRICWAVE™Xpress is a better option than traditional charging cables or “stick type” non-flexible short length charging cables. You will find that it is much easier to use and offers the advantages of more maneuverability and less tangling.

The three-way switch conveniently and quickly switches between modes. Simply switch from “Sync & Charging” mode to “Data Backup” or “Express Charging” mode by sliding the switch towards the side.

When connected to the mode of choice, the preferred mode is simply viewed with the illumination of LED lights – even in dim lighting.

Another feature of the BRICWAVE™Xpress is its ability to allow users to easily move the necessary files back and forth between devices. “Data Backup” mode is ideal for browsing and opening files stored on BRICWAVE™ Xpress. With the aid of the free companion iOS APP, the device takes the mobile experience to the next level for consumers who use iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

The BRICWAVE™Xpress device has a formidable interlocking feature on the cover. The cover is easily attachable or detachable from the body. Additionally, the connector tips – which are easily damaged – are safely housed to ensure supreme performance.

We offer two connector options – the micro USB or the MFi certified Apple 8 pin Lightning version for use with Android or an Apple based smartphones

  • Connector Type: Standard USB with Apple Lightning or Micro USB
  • Dimension: 2” X 3” X 0.5” (30.03mm X 80.81mm X 12.51mm)  
  • Weight: 1oz (27g)  
  • Material: PC/ABS for housing, TPU for the cable compartment  
  • Cable Length: 6″ for full span from connector tip to tip 
  • Flash Memory Capacity: 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G  
  • Process: Injection Molding  
  • Color: White, Black

Our goal is to eliminate the challenges which can occur when transporting portable devices. We also strive for each user to enjoy and experience the ease, convenience, and value offered by the BRICWAVE™ Xpress.

Idea A – The Data Backup and Conventional Charging Solution: This concept is generally useful for people who require data backup and charging at the same time. However, when using a device like this, the user needs to make sure that it is kept safe traveling to school or work. One can be kept in the back pocket of a backpack; while the other can go in jeans or the side pocket of a backpack.

Idea B – Cable Managing and Short Length Charging Stick Concept: The short length charging stick is an extremely unique idea; it captures the imagination in an instant. However, there is an issue with its short length – it doesn’t provide enough flexibility to connect the IO ports. A viable solution is the 5” collapsible cable included with this product.

Idea C – Cable Tie and Flexible Charging Concept: This is one of the best concepts, and is great for flexibility and multipurpose usage. It has a lot of advantages and has a decent length, along with an adjustable cable tie. Nonetheless, the tie and untie option may cause the cable to become damaged easily.

Idea D – Data Backups and Express Charging: It is a great concept and is fast gathering momentum due to its “Data Back-Up” and “Express (High-Speed) Charging” options. It can be used in any situation and provides great flexibility with the collapsible cable, which ensures that there are no challenges when being transported.

Our aim is to ensure that the entire production is finished by the End of June 2015 at the earliest. We want to have all the products in the distribution process by Mid July 2015.

  • Proof of Concept by January 2015.
  • Design & Engineering will complete by February 2015
  • Prototype Building and Testing complete by the End of March 2015 
  • Refinement for Tooling data by Mid May 2015
  • Kickstarter Campaign Mid April
  • Tooling & Production set-up done by Mid June 2015
  • Test Production will be conducted in June 2015
  • Product placed in distribution starts July 2015

Project Team

Striving for excellence is an important part of our developmental process. Our project team has exercised a high-level of professionalism into every product made. We successfully utilize the experience we have gained in a wide variety of products and services. We incorporate our strong work ethic, positivity, and humble confidence as we accept the challenges in the industry.

  • Sudong Cho: Inventor and Project Lead with 17 years of product development experience. 
  • Joey Yu: Development Manager with 15 years of Industry experience leading successful consumer products
  • Malik Imran: Software Engineering with significant experience in high-level iOS Mobile and Android platform programming 
  • Eric Hwang: Tech Visionary with gained experience about wide ranges of hardware and software development 
  • Stephanie Clarke: Content Strategy and Management
  • Stanley Yeung: IP Strategy Development and Innovation Advisor

Risks and challenges

It took months for all of our designers and engineers to collaborate and develop the small form-factor, refinement of the cable, and the internal layout of the BRICWAVE™Xpress. The foldable cable and small form factor was accomplished after much iteration and then a final design was finally accomplished.

The foldable cable needs a complex TPU over-molding process. If the material is not appropriate for its functionality, we will immediately investigate and optimize the process for the best result. Our goal is to eliminate nearly of all the issues before the beginning of production so that we can present you with the ultimate device.

Our team is very capable of managing issues associated with product development and production. However, if challenging circumstances occur that require an immediate reaction to get manufacturing back on track, we will immediately inform our backers what has happened, what should be done,etc. We will still be able to fulfill our commitment and achieve the progress expected. When we encounter quality related issues, we will employ the most efficient solutions to avoid any major impact with regard to delivery of the device.

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