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May 3, 2015 8:04 AM ET

Archived: “Ride Into The Sunset” – Albums

iCrowdNewswire - May 3, 2015

“Ride Into The Sunset” – Albums

By Michael Carpenter

The story of the project

I’ve been working on several new project of my own material for the last few years, but it’s really hard to afford the time away from my ‘real job’ as a record producer to make my own records. A lot of people assume that it’d be easier because I have my own studio, but in reality, every time I work on my own music/projects, I LOSE money. So it’s been slow work. At the moment I’m about 60% through a new powerpop solo album (several songs are already out there on You Tube/Bandcamp..) and have most of the material written for a new album for The Cuban Heels. It’s all really good stuff, but the fact that it’s taking so long, and is so hard to find time to do it isn’t lost on me.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately – a lot of “looking at the signs” with things, professionally. And though I’ve been largely denying it, there seems a certain inevitability about what I’ve decided. In a nutshell, I’d like to finish these projects, and finish them well, and then consider myself as a solo artist type person, mostly retired.

Why would I even have to retire? Why would I need to be so definite about it?

Well.. for a while there I considered myself a contender. I did lots of travel and lots of work locally and internationally in the early stages of my solo career. I pushed really, really hard to make it all happen. And it was fantastic, though I didn’t exactly become the household name I was hoping for. Lately, although the enjoyment of doing it is absolutely as high as ever, there’s a lack of drive, mainly brought on by a lack of resources – time, money, opportunity – to get it done. And all the while, thankfully, my career as a record producer continues to grow and quietly build, making it doubly hard to devote resources to this part of my creative life. I also don’t really have the drive to push this stuff out there into the world anymore in the single minded way it needs to, and deserves. Life has just rolled on, and I’m totally ok with that. I’ve had a REALLY good run. And it’s not that I’m giving up. I’ve just decided to do a massive last flourish, and then take my final bow..

I’ve decided the best way to make this all happen, for many reasons, is to just do a big DOUBLE ALBUM. One album would be my powerpop record, and the other would be a new album with The Cuban Heels. Then put on some shows to celebrate, maybe do a little tour somewhere, promote the crap out of it, do some special things for the long term fans, and then ride off into the sunset.

And, with the packages i’ve put together, hopefully you guys can have some fun with me, and be part of the whole experience!!

Below are a few tracks off the new power pop album that have been completed. It’ll give you an idea of where it’s heading.. (I’ve Been Loving You, The Only One and Too Late)


How the funds will be used

I’ll be using the funds to complete the recording of the power pop project, to pay for all the Cuban Heels sessions and the bonus disc recording, album artwork, mixing, mastering and CD manufacture. If we raise additional money, i’ll be looking at doing a run of vinyl as well, which, if we get that far, i’ll be offering to subscribers for an additional fee.

Here’s a breakdown of costs. As you’ll see, the $6000 we’d earn would only cover about half the costs of the whole project.

Recording costs for remainder of power pop album and Cuban Heels album = $4000 (based on 6 days at $800 a day)
Mixing costs for both projects = $2500
Mastering = $2000
Artwork = $1500
CD manufacture = $2000

Total = $12,000

All other costs, including the recording, mixing and mastering of the bonus disc, promotion, digital delivery etc will be absorbed by Michael Carpenter.

Vinyl pressing of 100 copies = $3000 (optional)

Some of my other work

I’ve been really lucky in my solo career. I released my first album through the legendary Not Lame Records in 1999. Since then I’ve released 7 albums of original material, and 5 albums of covers under my own name. I’ve also released one album with my side project The Supahip, 2 albums, an EP and a compilation as lead singer with The Finkers, and an album (with bonus disc) and 2 covers albums with my good friends The Cuban Heels. By my loose calculation that’s around 19 albums worth of material that I’ve got out there in the world with me singing over the top of. I’m so proud of this achievement, and grateful to have had the opportunity to put so much of myself out there into the world, that people have enjoyed.


The biggest obstacles for this project is that there are LOTS of people out there crowdfunding lots of things. I need to make sure that the people who do decide to get behind me know that what they’ll get for there support will be as good as i can be. In many ways a culmination of all the things i’ve learned and built up over a long period of time. I’m very optimistic that these records will be the high points of my solo career, so i’m hoping people will have enough faith to get behind what i’m planning to do.

The other obstacle of course is that not enough people will get behind the project, or know about it. So i’ll be working really hard on social media and asking my loyal fans to spread the word, as well as approaching power pop/Americana blogs, radio and journalists to help me make their audience aware.

Contact Information:

Michael Carpenter

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