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May 3, 2015 4:22 EST

Effluent Free Desalination Corporation a/k/a EFD Corp. – EFD Corp. has patented technology which simultaneously solves the water crisis and protects the oceans by producing water and dry salt

iCrowdNewswire - May 3, 2015

Effluent Free Desalination Corporation a/k/a EFD Corp.



Effluent Free Desalination Corporation a/k/a EFD Corp.

EFD Corp. has patented technology which simultaneously solves the water crisis and protects the oceans by producing water and dry salt.

Effluent Free Desalination Corporation a/k/a EFD Corp. is raising $3,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $20,000.


  • EFD’s patented desalination technology avoids environmental damage.
  • The EFD market in California is estimated to be more than $20 Billion
  • Worldwide the market dwarfs the California market.

Elevator Pitch

EFD technology is the only economical, reliable, scalable, and environmentally friendly method for producing drinking water from seawater. It also creates dry salt, another valuable commodity.

Company Overview

Lack of adequate clean water for drinking and agriculture is one of the most important issues facing the world today. It is a growing crisis due to drought, pollution, and population growth. EFD Corporation has the patented solution to the problem.

While there is plenty of water, most of it is unusable salty seawater. Even in inland areas, the water is often unusable due to salt or pollution. The main technology used today for desalination, known as Reverse Osmosis (RO), produces the unfortunate by-product of toxic concentrated brine. In coastal areas, where existing desalination facilities are dumping concentrated brine back in the ocean, there are major public and regulatory objections to the RO technology. In inland areas, there is no environmentally acceptable way to dispose of the toxic brine.

Effluent Free Desalination Corp (EFD) has a unique patented solution which produces NO brine and eliminates major environmental objections. EFD’s technology is the combination of two well-known and well-understood technologies. It produces DISTILLED water and DRY salt. The process is effective for both high volume production of fresh water and for cleaning up of dirty water from agricultural runoff and industrial waste.

It can even clean up the concentrated toxic brine from existing desalination plants. The sale of both the water and the salt makes EFD’s technology much more profitable than other desalination methods.

The combination of the worldwide need for clean water and EFD’s patented technology creates an enormous opportunity to make a difference in the world environmentally and to make a substantial return on investment for investors.

The company has an office and a manufacturing facility near Sacramento, California where it is building a mobile demonstration machine. It plans to complete the machine in late 2015 and hold a major launch event in early 2016. It will manufacture mobile machines with capacities of 30,000 to 300,000 gallons per day and will license its technology to large contractors to build fixed site and utility scale plants around the world.

EFD’s patent was issued in 2013 US 8496787 B2. We have filed an additional worldwide patent in 2014 – PCT International Application No. PCT/US2014/072273; O/R: EFRD-001/00WO 322892-2001

For more information about the technology, please go to www.efdcorp.com.


Stephen Keese

Stephen Keese

Vice President of Government Affairs

CoFounder, Officer, Board Member of several national and international high tech (computer, communications, and healthcare) startup and non-profits. Realtor for high end properties in Silicon Valley. Evangelist with Apple and Adobe. Vasectomy clinic manager. Oil prospector off the Amazon. Farmer. Peace Corps Volunteer.


Mike Lord

Mike Lord

Vice President of Engineering

As EFD’s Vice President of engineering, Mike Lord is responsible for designing and building the first EFD Corp. desalination plant, designing modifications for



Team Member Name

Dr. Krishna Nand

Vice President of Business Development

As EFD Corp.’s Vice President of Business Development, Dr. Krishna Nand is responsible for business development nationally and internationally. In this rol…
Contact Information:

Stephen Keese
Mike Lord

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