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May 2, 2015 12:03 PM ET

Archived: The X Train: high end passenger rail service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas

iCrowdNewswire - May 2, 2015

The X Train

Las Vegas, NV 89119, US

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. (X Train www.vegasxtrain.com) is in the business of providing a high end passenger rail service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Plans are to have the first run of the X Train on December 31, 2015 with an arrival in Las Vegas New Years Eve.

X Train is a publicly traded company under the OTCQB:XTRN symbol. It is a fully reporting company .

X Train has a superior board of directors from both the rail industry and Wall Street capital markets.

Products / Services

Upscale passenger rail service on specialty rail cars

We currently offer a First Class option to travelers much like the Pullman Car Company did for passenger rail travel in the 1880’s. That concept of offering a first class service option has an application to passenger rail routes across the country.


Chief Executive Officer
Michael A Barron

Michael A BarronMr. Barron was the founder of Citidata, the first electronic provider of computerized real estate multiple listing service (MLS) information in the nation from 1975 to 1979. Citidata became the nation’s largest provider of electronic real estate information and was sold to Moore Industries in 1979. In June 1979, TRW hired Mr. Barron to develop its real estate information services division (TRW/REIS) that acquired 11 companies in the field and eventually became the world’s largest repository of real estate property information – Experian. In November 1988, he founded and served as President, until 1992, of Finet Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ:FNCM), a publicly traded mortgage broker and banking business specializing in e-mortgage financing on site in real estate offices and remote loan origination via the Internet (www.finet.com). He later went on to serve as CEO for Shearson Home Loans and founded Liberty Capital, a $100 million asset management company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chief Financial Officer
Wanda Witoslawski

Prior to joining the Company, Ms. Witoslawski was Controller for Ocean West Enterprises 1999-2005 and managed the mortgage banking function of that California mortgage bank. Her duties included accounting responsibility for over 200 branch offices, management of a $100 million mortgage bank warehouse line, payroll, general ledger and corporate accounting for SEC filings of the publicly traded company. Upon acquisition of Ocean West by Shearson Home Loans in 2005, she became Controller of publicly traded Shearson conducting the accounting operation for a staff of 1,350 employees including payroll, branch accounting and credit line management for over $200 million in warehouse banking credit. She assisted the CEO and President in the acquisition of five mortgage companies and development of a 250 office branch system with funding in excess of $1 billion per year, controlled the expense accounting & managed Shearson’s eighteen consecutive quarters of profitability.

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