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May 1, 2015 7:58 AM ET

RankAbove: State-of-the-Art SEO Software Solutions for Enterprise Organizations

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2015




State-of-the-Art SEO Software Solutions for Enterprise Organizations


Named Israel’s hottest tech company by Wired, RankAbove is a business software solutions company dedicated to delivering powerful SEO insights that empower enterprise-level companies to revolutionize their online search engine optimization performance.

More than just a passive dashboard, our easy-to-master platform gives digital marketers an unparalleled, end-to-end toolkit that enables them to amplify their website’s search engine results – both immediately and over time.

The result: real, meaningful SEO enhancement our clients can take all the way to the bank.

But don’t just take it from us.  

Our current customer base consists of leading brands and publishers in e-commerce, entertainment and numerous other verticals across more than 25 markets, and includes names like:

We’ve also formed successful partnerships with some of the largest agencies and technology companies in the world, including Rakuten Marketing, GroupM, IBM and many others.


As companies’ digital presence becomes more and more central to their success, and the cost of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising continues to rise, the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—making sure those clicks are meaningful—has never been more crucial.

On a small scale, businesses can largely handle their SEO needs on their own. But as the scale of a company’s SEO needs increases, SEO management quickly becomes a nightmare. For enterprise-level businesses, which often have thousands, if not millions, of pages to manage, it can be virtually impossible to manage site-wide optimization efficiently, effectively and affordably.

Until RankAbove.

RankAbove’s unparalleled SEO toolkit uses proprietary technology to both identify companies’ SEO issues and provide the tactical steps needed to resolve them.

With state-of-the-art automation capabilities, multilingual functionality, task prioritization and bulk optimization templates—among dozens of other features—RankAbove is the stand-alone go-to resource for companies seeking a truly scalable, truly impactful SEO solution.


RankAbove is the ultimate end-to-end SEO platform.

We’ve changed the face of enterprise-level online marketing once and for all by empowering organizations with the powerful analytical insights that come from taking a ‘big data’ approach.

Our platform can accomplish in a matter of hours what it takes other solutions—SEO agencies and other technology platforms alike—months to crack:

On-Page Optimization
Understand itemized on-site issues, and gain strategic insights on your website’s structure.

RankAbove pinpoints global and site structure issues that impact all of your site optimization efforts. Our SEO platform also identifies all elemental issues, from a page with no social buttons to incorrect schema implementation. Choose whether to work with an intuitive interface with visuals of each page and its respective issues, or a more granular grid view. Optimization is fully manageable with automatic template classification and prioritized tasks

Keyword Management
Discover, test and track keywords in a matter of minutes.

Sharpen your keyword and content strategies by seeing the full progression of each keyword on your website: from your rank and ranking difficulty to the traffic and conversion rates brought about by searches for that very keyword. Dive deeper and assess each keyword’s potential against the top competing websites currently ranking for that keyword or keyword group. Choose from several filters and analyze the results of different search engines alongside one another. RankAbove’s top-ranked SEO technology has the capacity to track millions of keywords in any language and geographical market.

Backlink Analysis
Prioritize, optimize and track backlinks, and discover ideal locations for new links.

RankAbove’s backlink analysis capabilities allow you to track link building activities, build better links, and identify harmful links that may impact rankings. With our intuitive link campaign tool you can build, reclaim and take down links methodically. A backlink suggestion tool tells you relevant websites for link placement, sorted by priority.

RankAbove’s results speak for themselves: On average, our clients see year-on-year increases of:


RankAbove is already handling the SEO optimization needs of some of the leading brands in the world, names like eBay, Intuit and Viacom.

Here are just a few key reasons why some of the biggest brands in the world continue to choose RankAbove:

Prioritized Tasks
RankAbove identifies every issue and opportunity with your website’s on-page mark-up and off-page metrics. RankAbove’s algorithm then prioritizes these actionable tasks based on the weight of the issue, number of pages it affects, and how important those pages are. As for the first factor, our engine constantly updates the weights of SEO issues based on changes it sees in Google’s algorithm. Tasks range from suggested keywords or a keyword missing in a header, to an unfriendly URL or linking opportunity based on a crawl of your competitors’ sites.

Real-Time Tracking
The search landscape is probably the most dynamic series of data in online marketing, so when it comes to effective site optimization, it’s critical that your SEO software be as up-to-the-minute as possible. That includes on-page mark-up, backlinks, keyword usage, keyword rankings, overall traffic and conversions. At RankAbove, we understand what even one day’s worth of a lousy ranking or server error can do to your revenues. RankAbove lets you re-crawl your website for updated data as often as you’d like.

Multilingual SEO
RankAbove can track results in any language, including those with non-alphanumeric characters. Establishing yourself as a player in a new market is straightforward when your site is optimized and customized to that language, location, and the relevant search engine(s). Within the first crawl you’ll be able to understand your competitors’ online strategies, linking opportunities, keyword landscape, and more.

Smart Web-Indexing
RankAbove is the only SEO platform with a smart method of indexing that guarantees accurate and relevant data. Some platforms simply pull the first few hundred pages crawled, which then serve as the sample data off of which recommendations are based. But there are slim chances that such a sample accurately represents a website containing thousands to millions of pages. Our proprietary algorithm takes into account a website’s top traffic-generating pages, and its backlink, internal linking and keyword landscapes, when building this sample.

Search-To-Conversion Insights
Our integrations with Google Analytics, Omniture, and other leading web analytics providers facilitate some of our platform’s most powerful features. We don’t simply offer your analytics data on a shared dashboard. By accessing your website’s rankings, traffic, and conversion rates (among several other useful data like ranking difficulty), you can finally see and capitalize on the specific relationships between your search performance and conversion rates – per keyword and page.

Dedicated Expert Support
Our small, dedicated team of analysts comprises some of the most esteemed experts and visionaries in the search and online marketing industries. It is they who continue to innovate RankAbove’s SEO technology, who provide training on it, who handle support inquiries, and who deliver unparalleled SEO services. From a site re-launch which required mapping and redirecting six million URLs in four days, to severe penalty removals, to literally quadrupling the organic traffic for some of our customers (all by means of SEO best practices, of course), they have done it all.


RankAbove has already seen some incredible success on our mission to help enterprise-level businesses take control of their SEO destinies, and we have no plans to slow down any time soon.

We have a full general release already on the market and in use by dozens of companies on a monthly basis. Our product development and engineering teams are hard at work on a release of a brand new version of the platform. We expect version 1 of this new iteration to be ready for launch in Q1 of 2015.

RankAbove has complete 11 provisional patent applications to date, and will be moving forward with final filing soon.

As we mentioned earlier, leading organizations are already trusting RankAbove with their SEO optimization needs. Our current customer base consists of leading brands and publishers in e-commerce,entertainment and numerous other verticals across more than 25 markets, and includes names like:

Successful partnerships with some of the largest agencies and technology companies in the world, including Rakuten Marketing, GroupM, IBM and many others.

As a final feather in our cap, RankAbove was named Israel’s hottest technology company by Wired Magazine in 2012.


Mayer Reich, CEO & Founder
Prior to co-founding RankAbove in 2007, Mayer was Founder and CEO of ITS, a search marketing firm, where he noticed a common need among their customers: they struggled to manage the colossal task of optimizing their websites, often comprised of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pages. He eventually sold ITS to fill the gap in the market and work toward developing a sophisticated SEO technology that could handle optimization at scale.Over the past few years he has served as an ambassador to the Israeli digital media sector in several delegations aiming to expand the Israeli tech footprint overseas. Additionally, he sits on several non-profit advisory boards including Young Entrepreneurs Israel and regularly guest speaks at universities and tech conferences around the world.

Eli Feldblum, CTO & Founder
Eli holds a visionary role in the SEO market and contributes regularly to the internet marketing field in SEO-related articles and presentations at search and marketing related events. Before founding RankAbove with Mayer, he was Director of Marketing for Didit.com, where he lead their and others’ search marketing campaigns. Immediately before founding RankAbove, he was VP of Marketing at Sunny Group, responsible for North American online and offline marketing efforts. Over the course of his career, he has helped several A-list companies with their search marketing, including Match.com, Style.com, Concierge.com, NewYorker.com, American Express, AT&T Mobile, Cingular, John Kerry for President 2004, Glamour.com, and AD.com, among others.

David Corre, CFO
Prior to joining RankAbove, David managed the financial activities of companies including Animation Lab and Vringo, Inc. (NYSE:VRNG), for which he secured financing rounds from angel and institutional investors, and led an IPO on the AMEX exchange of the New York Stock Exchange in June, 2010. He was also the Controller for Siemens Computer Aided Diagnosis, a Jerusalem-based medical devices subsidiary of Siemens AG (NYSE:SI). In 2004, David became a Certified Public Accountant in Israel during his five years of service at KPMG (Jerusalem office).

Michael Barnett, VP of Customer Success
Before joining RankAbove back in 2007, Michael held marketing and business development positions in a number of divisions at IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), where he forged partnerships with Fortune 100 companies. At IDT Capital, he consulted for a variety of start-up companies that required marketing strategy and early implementation of GTM principles, in industries ranging from hi-tech to retail outlet stores. At IDT Energy,Michael led the marketing effort to increase meters (which converted to sales) by over 200%. Prior to working for IDT, he was Director of Marketing at Ericom Software, Ltd (TASE:ERCM), a leader in Terminal Emulation applications.

Shlomi Gabbay, VP of Development
Shlomi has a strong background in search engine technologies. In his previous position as Software Team Leader at Pipl Search, he managed the Search Engine and Data Extraction teams. Prior to Pipl, Shlomi was a Software Engineer at IBM research labs in the Social Networks group and worked on projects that involved social networks, search technologies and social search. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), where he graduated Cum Laude.

Contact Information:

Mayer Reich
Eli Feldblum
David Corre
Michael Barnett
Shlomi Gabbay

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