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May 1, 2015 10:20 AM ET

Archived: Our Little Way

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2015

Food is good if you share it to the hungry and the poor. food does not need to be “frozen meals for the needy. they too deserve freshly made by a trained chef. god inspires us to do this that is why we need your money to stop hunger in america. once we get the funds to create the food truck business then we intend to sell our food to the haves so we can feed the have nots.

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There are 6 billion people in the world not all are connected to social media but if we all just count people in the US whose population number is 300,000+ household.  If a household gives at least $2 then we can achieve our goal and then some!

GOD + FOOD = GOOD (Raise money to start a food truck business to feed the homeless and hungry residents of Jefferson City and nearby towns and cities)

We notice in Jefferson city that poor are really treated as second grade citizen and this is probably common in most cities in the US. But really if we give them just a little respect and treat them better than the kind frozen food this truly uplifts their spirits and they feel they are cared for. Our food truck is self generating enterprise by day we sell our unique Filipino, Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian cuisine to the working population in Jefferson City, MO initially and on the weekend we go out to where the poor and hungry congregate in our city and serve them a freshly made meal made from fresh ingredients from our organic garden, meat from organic meat feed only with natural feed. Fish locally caught, fresh fruits that are organic. We are supported or supplied by our local farmers market and our brothers in the Amish community that bring much good practice and stewardship to their agricultural practices. Even the poor need to be treated with a decent meal. We will also go and do special delivery to our senior members of our community. Once you tasted the flavors of a fussion of methods, ingredients and eatimg ritual food becomes more of a covenant between you and the people in your table. but most of all that you know that whatever you order your hungry neighbors in the community will have the opportunity to eat, then your food becomes GOOD! Our non-profit is a faith base organization with a 5013C tax determination, so always take the opportunity to thank God for giving us all the necessary ingredients for us to have food….that is why GOD + FOOD = GOOD!


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