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May 1, 2015 10:11 AM ET

Archived: CredHive – The Résumé Reimagined

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2015


The Résumé Reimagined



Meet CredHive: the new career management platform that’s on a mission to change the way job seekers and job providers think about the most basic unit of the job search process: the résumé. 

There’s no way around it: the traditional résumé is dead. Employers aren’t reading them, so here’s the question: why are job seekers still writing them? 

At CredHive, we think it’s high time to reimagine the résumé in a way that makes sense for the 21st-century job market and the job seekers who are looking to build their careers. And with CredHive, that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do. 

At CredHive, we’ve reimagined the résumé in a way that’s perfect for the 21st century and the digital job market: visual, interactive and anonymous. CredHive résumés put the focus back where it belongs: on you, your accomplishments and what makes you a great hire. 


It’s the 21st century, and the job market has changed. Newspaper help wanted ads have been replaced by online job boards like Indeed; address books have been replaced by LinkedIn accounts. The job market has gone digital, but for some reason, we’re still designing our résumés for the pre-digital world, like it’s 1995 and we’re going to print them off, stuff them in envelopes and send them out into the world via good old-fashioned snail mail. 

The average résumé gets a whopping 6 seconds of attention from hiring managers before they move on to the next one. How much of the information in your résumé do you think they have a chance to absorb in that time? Maybe your name, maybe the start and end dates of your last position — in other words: none of the accomplishments and credentials that make you a great hire.  

At CredHive, we think so, and we’re setting out to get the job done. By the time CredHive is done, your outdated old-school résumé (that you truly hate updating) will be destined for one place and one place only: the garbage can. Instead, you’ll be actively managing your work experience in the cloud with CredHive in real-time instead of managing your résumé when your mad at your boss.


CredHive is a totally new approach to connecting job seekers with the employers that are looking to hire them. 

It’s like Dropbox and Pinterest got together and made a work baby. CredHive gives you all the convenience of cloud storage, letting you upload documents—the record of your work performance, which we call “creds”—with a few clicks of a button. Then, CredHive takes those creds and displays them in a highly appealing visual format that makes it easy for employers to see exactly what you bring to the table. 

By making résumés 1. visual and 2. anonymous, CredHive takes the focus off the things that don’t matter—your name, your age, the timeline of your employment history—and refocuses it on the things that actually count when it comes to being a successful employee: what you can do and what you can produce. 

The result: a disruptive take on the career development model—for job seekers and talent seekers alike:

For recruiting companies, CredHive means an end to the hassle and expense of posting jobs with no guarantee that those postings will be seen by the right candidates; plus the end of cruising through LinkedIn profiles with no way of knowing whether the person is actually in the market for a new job at all. With CredHive, recruiters simply look through the visual clouds of job seekers with the exact qualities you are looking for in a position.

For job seekers, CredHive does more than simplify the job search process: it puts an end to it altogether, because on CredHive, you don’t have to search for the jobs — the jobs find you!


So, you’ve thrown that paper résumé where it belongs — in the trash. What’s next? Here’s a quick overview of how CredHive works: 

Make your free account. 

Create your Creds.‘Creds’ are works that give visual evidence of your professional achievements. Creds can range from a screenshot of a magazine you designed, a quote vouching for your skill from a reference, or even a floating number of how many sales you did in one year.

Visual Résumé Cloud Complete. Your creds will make up your visual cloud, which is the equivalent of a résumé, but so much more.

“Raise your antenna.” Once your antenna is raised, your visual cloud will be anonymously broadcasted to recruiters who subscribe to CredHive.

Keep on adding Creds! Even if you aren’t searching for a job, adding creds of works you are proud of in real-time will make your profile complete for when you are on the hunt for a new job.


CredHive just launched in January 2014, but a little over a year later we’re already building up some incredible momentum: 

Although we have not sold access to the Hive yet, as we are still in our testing phase, we have a cost per acquisition of just $2.16 for talent.

At CredHive, we have achieved an acquisition rate of 16% of people who visit our site join. That’s roughly five times the average acquisition rate.

But employers and prospective employees aren’t the only ones to have noticed CredHive’s amazing accomplishments. We have been covered in 13 publications including CareerealismTechColumbus.org and TheMetropreneur.com.

We would be nothing without recruiters. So, Comcast and Adobe have signed up to test with us for recruitment. 

At CredHive, we are making a difference. That is why we are working to connect veterans to jobs that they deserve to have. Hire a Hero, the premier employment resource that connects veterans and spouses to employers, is in the process of adding a CredHive component to their platforms. Hire a Hero alone will bring up to 500,000 servicemen and women into our creative career haven.

At CredHive, we think you should get praise for your achievements. So, we have an established partnership with Coggno, an online learning provider. Coggno invites people who get new certifications to place those certifications into their CredHive visual cloud.

Finally, we are working with The Good Jobs, a site that showcases companies’ unique culture, to introduce their solutions to our clients in the form of Employer Creds. In return, The Good Jobs will introduce our solution to their candidate base and we will include the job seeker’s ideal culture fit into their CredHive cloud.


Tracey has developed digital solutions since 1995 and in 1997 she become hooked on talent acquisition when she joined TMP Worldwide/Monster.com. She’s always felt there was a better way to connect talent and companies and technology has finally caught up. She’s proud to have developed global talent acquisition strategies for companies like Nike, Intel, Microsoft, Boeing, T-Mobile, and DaVita.

Steve is in charge of development of the backend of the platform and brainstorms solutions for user feedback and support. Building his career with Dakine and Microsoft, Steve has developed the skills and acumen to solve complex problems with simple technical solutions. With more than 16 years of technical experience under his belt, CredHive’s site couldn’t be in better hands.

Amy brainstorms, designs and develops solutions to improve the overall user experience so that CredHive is extremely simple and enjoyable to use. And if you’ve ever used the Sherwin Williams Color Snap App, you can thank Amy for the amazing experience.


Contact Information:

Tracey Parsons
Steve Parsons
Amy Morrison

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