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May 1, 2015 2:53 PM ET

Archived: Build. – The Quickest and Easiest Platform to Build Your Own Website

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2015


The Quickest and Easiest Platform to Build Your Own Website


We are Build, a SaaS website builder that is giving you the quickest and simplest way ever to create your own website.

Whether you’re a professional who wants to showcase your work, or a hobbyist with a side project you want others to see, our range of more than 100 beautiful templates will suit your needs. Even better, Build is designed to make creating your own website extremely fast. By leveraging Word-style editing and simple content insertion, your site will be up and running in record time.

In a world where having a website is essential, Build allows you to breeze though this logistical must-have and get back to the important stuff – connecting your products with your audience.


Whether you’re selling a product or you need a space in which to feature your work, websites are the perfect solution. Plain and simple, if you want your business taken seriously, it is vital that you have a website.

Build is a new website building software that gives you the fastest and easiest way to make a gorgeous, quality website that will match the passion you have behind your brand.

Getting started is easy. You simply:

Choose your template

Load your content and

Launch your site live to the world. Here are the highlights:

Choose from more than 100 beautifully designed templates, one of the largest selections of any other provider. Our templates are diverse in themes but alike in quality. No matter what your website content includes, our wide range of designs will allow you to express yourself and present a polished and professional image online.

Additionally, our device responsiveness feature makes sure that this polished look is consistent across all devices. From smartphones to smart TVs, your website layout will adjust itself so that it looks just as good as it does on your PC or mac as it does on any other screen size.

Our intuitive approach to content uploading allows you to complete your website incredibly quickly – in less than 20 minutes, in most cases. Editing is super simple, too. Our “what you see is what you get” method makes it easy to see any changes you make. You don’t have to worry about any back-end coding. We use a Word-style approach to text editing so that anyone can understand and easily make changes to copy.

We see ourselves as a service company, and supporting your online success 24/7/365 is our top priority. That’s why, when choosing a support platform, we chose the best we could find. By building Build in the Microsoft Cloud, we’re offering you the massively scalable and amazingly reachable resources that come with it.

Build is free for all users for a 14 day trial period. After that, it is $20 per month or $150 per year ($12.50 per month). For this small monthly fee, you are getting the absolute best, quickest and easiest do-it-yourself website you can. This is an ideal deal for small to medium business and enterprises looking to expand their enterprise.


There are plenty of options today for building your own website. Squarespace, Wix, Shopify and others have dominated the market in recent years. But when compared to Build, they each fall short in a variety of categories.

Build has an impressive array of capabilities that rival any other modern website builder of today. But no one else has the quality, convenience and features that we do for the same low price. Allow us to explain the 17 reasons Build should be your number one choice:


Even though we are a relatively young company, we have made some great headway in the tech and online marketing world.

We launched beta early this year and, as of January 28, have had 11,000 people sign up to build their own sites. We also have a growing affiliate sales network, through which users can make money referring others to join Build.

Perhaps most propulsive for our company has been the many strategic partnerships we’ve established:

Our Microsoft partnership has been instrumental in our company’s growth. Microsoft has placed us page one of their SME solutions platform called Biz4Afrika, and have accepted us into their Tech Accelerator. In addition, they have agreed to sponsor our hosting costs for 3 years. All this support and interest from Microsoft has and will continue to buttress our next steps with confidence and excitement.

We have partnered with Facebook to offer our users with education materials, webinars and powerful social media marketing tools. This partnership is one that both we and our customers can benefit greatly from as we grow.

Our partnership with Google also gives Build users access advertising vouchers to enable them to kickstart their online presence. Because of this partnership, users can also integrate a multitude of Google services like Goggle Analytics to keep track of their visitors and Google Adsense to place revenue generating adverts on their sites.

2Chechout has partnered with us to enable ecommerce capabilities through Build websites. Because of this, all ecommerce-enabled Build sites will benefit from a seamless integration process that removes all otherwise complex setup. Also, users will benefit from a waived setup fee and access to support for more languages, currencies and territories.

Graphicmail’s partnership with Build allows our users to make use of a tightly integrated email and sms marketing solution. With support in 24 countries around the world, it enables almost any site owner to broadcast their message simply and quickly via these mediums. Also offered are great educational resources as well as free credit vouchers.

In addition to these tech giant partnerships, we have been made the default offering used by a number of local incubators and hubs.

Currently, we are in various stages of bundling our product into various markets with order sizes varying from 10K to 2 million units. Next steps include increasing our marketing so that we can have maximum impact on the American market. To learn more about our future plans and business model, please request access to the Business Plan side of this profile.


Craig is a startups guru. In the past, he has worked for several notable successes including Thawte, which sold for $580 million, and others that all ended in profitable exits. Craig also sits on the emeritus boards of a number of startups, VC funds and incubators. When not working, he can be found speaking about startups, Agile, UX design, InfoSec and others at events sponsored by the likes for Microsoft, Pearson, Amex, Adobe and others. 

Nicolaos is a trained economist from the University of London. After receiving a degree in economics and finance, he went on to establish one of the largest businesses of its kind in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As CFO of Build, Nicolaos handles all financial and corporate structure.

Guy is an entrepreneurship and education activist. With experience at Deloitte and an impressive resume of entrepreneurial building, Guy is the perfect mentor and supporter to have on our team.

Contact Information:

Craig McLeod
Nicolaos Papageorgiou

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