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May 1, 2015 9:57 AM ET

Archived: Broken Frontier: The boldest comics anthology in the galaxy – A creator-owned anthology about breaking boundaries and exploring the great unknown by the most inventive talents in comics

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2015

Broken Frontier: The boldest comics anthology in the galaxy

by Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner

A creator-owned anthology about breaking boundaries and exploring the great unknown by the most inventive talents in comics.

Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner

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About this project

UPDATE: All Digital Rewards will be distributed by ComiXology in addition to the delivery of the PDF files. More Information here.

Over 250 full color pages. More than 40 incredibly talented creators, 27 amazing stories, 1 beautifully designed over-sized hardcover. But above all: a comic book experience you won’t find anywhere else!

All wrapped in a stunning cover by Spider-Gwen’s Robbi Rodriguez, the Broken Frontier Anthology is beautifully designed and assembled with the highest production value. Larger than a standard graphic novel, the book’s 11.2”x7.6” format allows the amazing artwork and stories to leap off the page.

The Creators

Our band of incredibly talented men and women has worked on everything from mainstream superheroes to some of the most off-beat independent titles. From multiple award-winners to the brightest up-and-coming voices, our creators hail from across the globe (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Argentina, Hungary and Russia). Here they are:

A. David Lewis – The Lone & Level Sands, Some New Kind Of Slaughter

Adam Egypt Mortimer – Ballistic

Alison Sampson – Genesis, Outlaw Territory, Mad Max: Fury Road

Ayşegül Sınav – Legendary Comics Featured Artist

Box Brown – Andre The Giant, Everything Dies

Carla Berrocal – Vertigo CMYK, El Brujo

Cullen Bunn – The Sixth Gun, Magneto, Harrow County

Daniel Warren Johnson – Ghost Fleet, Space Mullet

David Hine – Storm Dogs, Strange Embrace, Spawn

EdieOP – Maleficium, Dangerfun

Facundo Percio – Caliban, Anna Mercury

Fred Van Lente – Resurrectionists, Ivar: Timewalker, Marvel Zombies

Frederik Hautain – Broken Frontier Anthology

Greg Pak – Action Comics, Incredible Hulk, Princess Who Saved Herself

INJ Culbard – Celeste, Brass Sun, The New Deadwardians

Jamie Coe – Art Schooled, Nobrow Magazine

Jason Wordie – Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Prophet

Jeff McComsey – FUBAR, Flutter

Joshua Hale Fialkov – The Bunker, The Life After, I Vampire

Justin Zimmerman – Safe, The Killing Jar, Other Worlds Anthology

Karrie Fransman – The House That Groaned, Death Of The Artist

Kurt Belcher – Winter War, Risers

Marguerite Bennett – Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, Sleepy Hollow, A-Force

Mark Stafford – The Man Who Laughs, Cherubs!

Mike Lawrence – Muddy Max, Star Scouts

Nathan Fox – Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers, Dogs Of War, Haunt

Noah Van Sciver – Saint Cole, Blammo, The Lizard Laughed

Noel Tuazon – Elk’s Run, Family Ties

Phil Hester – The Coffin, Green Arrow, The Darkness

PJ Holden – Numbercruncher, 2000 AD, Dept of Monsterology

Rob Croonenborghs – Scum of the Earth, Jesus Hates Zombies

Robert Sammelin – Cimarronin, Zero

Ryan Kelly – Saucer Country, Local, Three

Salgood Sam – Sea Of Red, Revolver, Therefore Repent

Sean Wang – Runners, The Tick

Steve Bryant – Athena Voltaire

Steve Orlando – Undertow, Midnighter

Thomas Mauer – Copperhead, Umbral

Toby Cypress – The White Suits, Rodd Racer

Tom Raney – Outsiders, Stormwatch, Avengers Academy

Tyler Chin-Tanner – American Terrorist, Adrenaline

Varga Tamás – Zoë, Furion

Yaroslav Astapeev – Undertow

About the amazing stories inside

The book has everything: The last man in the galaxy? Check! An immortal on the edges of the universe? You bet! Cosmic horror on previously unimagined scale? Of course! The list goes on: Time travel, dystopian deserts, bewildered Vikings stumbling upon the supernatural. Yes, Vikings, because why the hell not?!

You’ll also see some dimension hopping, an existential murder mystery, a man digging to the center of the Earth… and much more!


Aside from the anthology itself, we have created several great rewards, all exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign, featuring all-new artwork based on the stories inside the book:

These include:

Four high quality 8.5’’x11’’ Prints by Robbi Rodriguez, Toby Cypress, PJ Holden and Robert Sammelin (shown below in that order).

A Bookplate by Farel Dalrymple, hand-numbered and limited to only 200 copies.

A 64-page Sketchbook featuring behind-the-scenes process art from the stories in the anthology.

Check the rewards section for the limited creator rewards we have available. We also have a number of stretch goals planned; we’ll unveil them as they become unlocked.

Main reward tiers:

Why we’re making this anthology

For us, nothing beats creator-owned comics. This is where real comic book magic happens.

Experience has shown that some of the best stories out there originated from creator-owned efforts. Without a few talented and brave individuals to take the necessary risks there would be no Hellboy. No Saga. Nothing like The Walking Dead. Here is your opportunity to help add to this list of exciting titles.

The Broken Frontier anthology firmly puts comic creators in the driver’s seat and allows them to go to exciting, uncharted territory. As such, this book is a celebration of the endless storytelling possibilities only found in comics.

How will the money be spent?

The biggest chunk of the money we’re raising goes to our creators: about 60% of your pledge goes directly to the writers, artists, colorists and letterers aboard.

Of the remaining 40%, a large chunk will go toward the print run of 1500 copies of the book, the other physical rewards, and the shipping costs and supplies needed to carefully ship everything to you, our awesome backers!

The remainder is used to cover the Amazon/Kickstarter fees of this campaign.

Why should I pledge?

In this anthology, our creators are given an opportunity rarely found in the comics industry: a chance to explore new, creator-owned stories and to get paid upfront for their efforts.

Your pledge is a direct expression of your belief in the power of creator-owned comics.

What is more, for every $10,000 raised above our goal, each and every creator gets a 10% increase on their page rate. So, the more successful this Kickstarter becomes, the more they get!

A huge thank you from all of us for your support!

With your help, this project will be a success. Please join the Broken Frontier campaign and share it with your friends, wherever in the galaxy they may be. Thanks so much from all of us for your time, your generosity and your support. We can’t wait for you to get the book in your hands!

This project is put together by the mighty team of frontiersmen and women at Broken Frontier, the comics and graphic novel news site that’s been proudly championing independent and creator-owned stories since 2002. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

A Wave Blue World has been publishing independent comics and graphic novels since 2005. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Risks and challenges

One of the biggest challenges with a project of this magnitude is to make sure all of the stories are turned in and that we get the book out on time. We can assure you that every single one of our creators is incredibly excited to be part of this unique adventure and can’t wait to get started. They’ve already formed their creative teams and have planned out their stories. Many have already gotten to work on the finished pages, and a few are already done.

We’ve carefully gone over all of the costs and have relied on the invaluable experience from the many creators aboard who’ve run successful Kickstarter campaigns themselves. On top of that, A Wave Blue World has had a decade of experience managing creative teams and dealing with the ins and outs of production, printing, and distribution.

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