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Apr 30, 2015 10:19 AM ET

Archived: Stop The Sale: FREE women and children from a life of forced prostitution

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 30, 2015

Stop The Sale

“STOP THE SALE” Campaign aims to FREE women and children from a life of forced prostitution.

Help us STOP THE SALE of innocents.

Sex trafficking is a crime that strips people of their rights and robs them of their dignity. We must fight this crime together.

Millions of women in India are entrapped and exploited every year in this modern form of slavery.

Having recently spent time in Sonagachi ( the largest red-light district in Kolkata, India), we feel compelled to tell the story of the estimated 11,000 sex workers who live and work there. The harsh truth is that each day, each woman must service a minimum of four men to simply pay rent. This is all done in the confines of a two meter square room surrounded by filth, rubbish, rats and disease.


Please join with us in the fight to directly help stop the trafficking of innocent women and children from the region of Dhulian, India.

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