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Apr 30, 2015 3:41 PM ET

Solar Pool Technologies, Inc.: We manufacture and sell the Solar-Breeze, the world’s only solar-powered robotic pool cleaner

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 30, 2015

Solar Pool Technologies, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ 85027, US
Consumer Products

Investment opportunity in World’s only Solar Powered Swimming Pool Robot Cleaner company

We manufacture and sell the Solar-Breeze, the world’s only solar-powered robotic pool cleaner. This product is patented, field proven and ready to scale, with market validation complete and an experienced management team in place to execute our growth plan. Pricing, cost and margins for the product have been validated and a reliable supply chain is in place that can produce the Solar-Breeze with a high level of quality. The Solar-Breeze offers a great value proposition to pool owners by allowing them to reduce their pool energy consumption be up to 65%, saving hundreds of dollars annually, which pays for the unit in less than a year. It also eliminates the need for hand skimming, leaving them with a sparkling clean, swim-ready pool all the time.

Over the past three years, 5600 units have been sold in 40 states and 17 countries. Our channel partners include such quality retailers as Leslie’s Pool Supplies, Frontgate Catalog, the Sharper Image Online, Amazon, Pool Supply World over 100 other retailers and distributors worldwide. There are over 16 million swimming pool owners worldwide who spend over $10 billion annually on after-market swimming pool products.

We are seeking $2.2 million of additional capital from an equity partner. This will supplement the $2 million already invested by founders and early stage investors. These funds will be used to finance the growth in inventory and receivables necessary to achieve our sales growth objectives, make additional investments Significant investments in sales and marketing, and broaden our network of retailers and distributors. Some funds will also be directed towards product design with a focus on further cost reduction to improve margins.

For a copy of our detailed business plan and to discuss investment structure please contact Paul Sim, CEO directly at 480-285-9455 or email [email protected] .

Products / Services

Solar Breeze – Solar Powered Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Solar-Breeze pool skimmer is an intelligent robot that uses free energy from the sun to keep your swimming pool clean by removing leaves, debris, organic material, pollen, dust and even suntan oils from the surface of your pool before they sink to the bottom.

For most pool owners, the pool pump represents the second largest consumer of electricity in the home. This is particularly true in sunbelt regions where pools are open year round. With the energy-saving Solar-Breeze removing debris from a pool at no cost using energy from the sun, pool owners can significantly reduce the run time of their pool pumps and save hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills. Also, the pool is always sparkling clean and swim ready; eliminating the need for hand skimming.


Vice President Operations
Samy Karuppana

Samy Karuppana, VP Operations, manages SPT engineering, quality, assembly and supply chain activities. He has previously managed engineering, quality, and operations for two successful technology start-ups, with CEO responsibilities for one of those companies.

President Executive Officer
Paul Sim

Solar Pool Technologies is led by Paul Sim, CEO, who was President of Frontier Emergency Products where he grew the business over a period of three years prior to selling his interest. Paul has also led turnarounds at divisions of Federal Signal Corporation and Tenneco, and was involved in a successful computer software start-up in the early stages of the personal computer industry.


Contact Information:

[email protected]

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