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Apr 30, 2015 9:06 AM ET

Archived: Constellation Dice – D6 Dice Starring Ptolemaic Constellations, 16mm, Laser Engraved, Hand Painted to Glow in the Dark!

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 30, 2015

Constellation Dice

D6 Dice Starring Ptolemaic Constellations, 16mm, Laser Engraved, Hand Painted to Glow in the Dark!
Hello, I am an italian designer with a bubbly mind : ) This is my first project here.

If you are a gamer, or you are looking for a gift for those you know, don’t miss this.


Let the Stars Guide Your Quests.

Since ancient times, the Constellations above us have been deemed responsible of a great part of men’s destiny, and have been asked for guidance or blessings.

This Dice is embellished with some of the most ancient Constellations known to men, from a list compiled by the greek astronomer Ptolemy about 2000 years ago.

You may use this D6 Dice in any RPG game, from fantasy to science fiction.

Constellation Dice will shine a light on you.

Well, at least it will shine inside your hands, or on the table during an evening game.

Constellation Dice will be manufactured to the highest quality standards by a specialized company in Europe, in three distinct steps:

  • High Precision Laser Engraving, 1 mm deep (they will never wear out).
  • Hand Painting with luminescent pigments on a white background.
  • Quality control, to reject what is not up to standard, and keep the best.

This is an accurate and quite costly process, with a mandatory base lot of 50 dice.
My first goal is to cover production and shipping of those 50, or else… no dice.

If enough interest is shown, and more of 200 people claim the dice, I will be able to obtain a volume discount and provide extra dice at a symbolic cost.
If the Stretch Goal of € 2000 is reached, you will get an Extra Dice for € 1.

Together we can bring this little jewel on earth. Let your friends know!

The Stars of Your Party. What’s on the faces?

Each face has been accurately designed to be recognizable, inspiring, and unique.

  1. Polaris is the North Star, around which all the Constellations revolve.
  2. Canis Minor is the only ancient Constellation comprised of just two stars.
  3. Triangulum Constellation was first described by Babylonians around 1000 B.C.
  4. Corvus’ brightest stars form a distinctive quadrilateral in the night sky.
  5. Cassiopeia is the iconic pattern named after a greek Queen of great beauty.
  6. Corona Borealis, whose six brightest stars form a shiny crown.

Timing and Expectations

I have experience in designing and distributing promotional items in the hundreds.
This is a quite simple project that I have deeply researched, to find the best path from ideation to completion. It should take a couple months for the dice to be manufactured, and another month to be shipped. 

If the stars are benevolent, you will receive your Constellation Dice in September!

I am at your disposal for any further information you may need … Thank you!

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Contact Information:

Gio Lasar

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