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Apr 29, 2015 5:07 PM ET

Archived: One Egg Haiti: with financial support from Chancel and the RIC-UCC Haiti Task Force, One Egg Haiti purchases eggs from Haiti Broilers, a local company that operates a state of the art model poultry farm outside Port-au-Prince

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2015

One Egg Haiti


The One Egg Story  Two women, returning from Haiti, found themselves sitting next to each other on the plane. Both had been devastated to see that food insecurity in the communities they had visited had only been increased by Hurricane Sandy. Before the plane landed, they committed to finding a solution to the problem. Research uncovered a successful program in Rwanda – One Egg Rwanda. A plan unfolded – could there be a One Egg chapter in Haiti? Indeed there could.

Now in Haiti, One Egg is working in partnership with Chancel, a U.S. based social enterprise, and the Rhode Island Conference United Church of Christ’s (RIC-UCC) Haiti Task Force to provide one egg a day to children in 7 child centers that serve impoverished children in Haiti. Now, with financial support from Chancel and the RIC-UCC Haiti Task Force, One Egg Haiti purchases eggs from Haiti Broilers, a local company that operates a state of the art model poultry farm outside Port-au-Prince. As of today, approximately 500 children are receiving one egg a day. 

The Ultimate Goal  Feeding the children is necessary and One Egg Haiti plans to add more children to the nutrition program. However, feeding the children is not the ultimate goal. The program will only make a permanent change for Haiti if the Haitian people can find a way to help themselves. There’s a plan for that as well. 

Communities where the One Egg program exists will be encouraged to start their own for-profit poultry farms. With technical support from Haiti Broilers, seed money from the One Egg Haiti partners and hard work on the part of community members, poultry farms will be built. Eggs can then be purchased from local poultry farms. The market for eggs in Haiti is enormous. The farms will not only provide the eggs for their own children, but they will produce eggs to be sold for profit in the marketplace. 

And one more benefit. The farms will provide jobs for Haitians in this economic environment where jobs are scarce and unemployment is high. This describes the One Egg Haiti model, which was successfully implemented in Rwanda. A win, win for everyone.

Why Rockethub & How YOU can Help  Rockethub is the ideal platform to bring awareness to this project and obtain the capital needed to launch the poultry farm.  Supporters of this campaign become investors in the people of Haiti, in job creation and self-sufficiency.  In exchange, supporters will receive goods produced by local artisans in Haiti and Chancel –
the enterprise committed to eliminating hunger and poverty in Haiti.

Project Leaders

  • Marie-Alan Aladin

    Marie-Alan Aladin

    Ghent, NY

    Member since: January 15, 2015


    Marie-Alan Aladin is the CEO and Founder of Chancel Corp, the Country Director for One Egg Haiti, a member of the Board of Directors of COBA (Community of Bezin in Action) a not-for-profit organization registered in Haiti and the CIO of Chancel Blue LLC an alternative asset management firm specializing in ESG/Sustainable investments.  She was born in Haiti and grew up in New York where she received a B.A. from Columbia University and an M.S. from the Courant Institute of New York University.  She has over 20 years of combined professional experience in investment management and international development.

  • Jenny Mitchell

    Jenny Mitchell

    Member since: March 8, 2015


    I met Marie Alan while studying at Columbia University almost 20 years ago.When I found out that she had started this project, I had to get involved. I can’t think of a better way to give back and be of service than with someone I know and trust. I am currently a practicing physician and hope to put my skills to use in Haiti starting with this project.

  • Shirley Hardison

    Shirley Hardison

    Little Compton, RI

    Member since: February 9, 2015


    I am one of those two women who met on the plane ride back from Haiti in our story below. I’ve fallen in love with the spirit of the people in Haiti. I am so excited that we are moving into this phase of our project — building a poultry farm. I have seen how the One Egg Haiti Nutrition Project has improved the lives of the children in our 7 child centers  I’ve been working with our other projects in Haiti for four years now and know how important this project will be to our friends and associates in Haiti. They will be able to feed the children in their community, employ other Haitians and serve as a model for other poultry farms.  

  • Suzanne Swanson

    Suzanne Swanson

    Member since: January 24, 2015


    I have been absolutely hooked on Haiti since my first mission trip back in 1999. The spirit of the people, despite their abject poverty, is truly inspirational. The friendships that have formed with the people in Haiti as well as with those traveling on the numerous mission trips or working behind the scenes have been invaluable.  What we do together does make a difference in the lives of others!

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