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Apr 29, 2015 1:50 PM ET

Archived: Millennium: software and hardware for own production line of touch screen technology for restaurants/bars

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2015


Frankfurt, NA 94-124, DE
Consumer Products

Interactive technology is the
future of the restaurant business.
“Clever Restaurant “

Imagine that you did not need a waiter to place an order.You could read about the history of the dish you like, learn what it is made of and maybe,even find the recipe, just with one touch of the interactive tabletop.

While you are waiting for your delicious dinner you could pass the time in an exciting interactive game or read news paper,sport etc and all this with the help of interactive technology. You would create your own world within your favorite restaurant

I’d like to develop software and hardware for own production line of touch screen technology for restaurants/bars in Germany and branch out to the rest of Europe , America and Australia with a chain of restaurants

Regarding Table’s functionality:
4k resolution LCD display many fully localizable applications ( with many languages )

Restaurant – menu with great photo and video/orders/suggestion/promotion and adv/recommendations/bill/voting and sharing

Video – live stream from kitchen, football, views and other sources.
Libraries – photo, video and interactive items
Whether – brilliant video forecast for many locations
News – great news feed depends from visitor’s language
Services – (taxi, waiters, bills, profile, messages, payments)
All these applications will have many settings from the back office so the restaurant owner can customize and manage them as well

First Interactive ”Clever Restaurant ” with delicious meal will open soon

Partner with us for this great profitable project

Products / Services

InterActive Restaurant

We are going to start an Interactive restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany. This will be the first of its kind. Customers will be able to place orders without the need of a waiter interactively. To place an order they can view the offering on the menu, see its history/origins, place order according to their taste/requirement. Once an order is placed, the customer can then keep themselves occupied with many fun features the interactive table will offer including sending gifts like a coffee, drink meal etc to other tables, even send messages and a whole lot more. They can even order a taxi from the comfort of their table from our interactive table. This will enable us to create a niche for the market and will ensure returning customers as well as a widely publicized concept not just through media but also word of much and social networking. We insist that you have a look at the video that has been put up by us on our business profile.


President Executive Officer

IzabelaOur Founder has vast knowledge and experience in various businesses and has helped many businesses reach their true potential and growth.


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