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Apr 29, 2015 11:15 AM ET

Archived: KAZbrella – Revolutionary Inside Out Umbrella – Drip free, dry to handle, opens/closes in confined spaces

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2015

KAZbrella – Revolutionary Inside Out Umbrella

by KAZ Designs

Drip free, dry to handle, opens/closes in confined spaces. The much needed redesign of the umbrella!

KAZ Designs

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About this project

The umbrella has been around for over 3000 years yet it has remained flawed in its design…Until now:

The KAZbrella is a revolutionary umbrella. Through many years of research and engineering we have redesigned the mechanics of the umbrella whilst maintaing the familiar look. The KAZbrella is a patented, reverse folding umbrella.

KAZbrella: reverse folding umbrella
KAZbrella: reverse folding umbrella
Opens to look like a conventional umbrella
Opens to look like a conventional umbrella

Drip free. The KAZbrella opens inside out – Think of it like a flower opening. This leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when closed. The KAZbrella is dry to handle. It won’t drip on the floor or soak anything it touches. 

Opens/Closes in confined spaces. Getting into your car, you can close the KAZbrella into the smallest gap of a car door, whilst remaining dry. Now you can even put the KAZbrella on your car seat without soaking it! 

Easy to open and close in a crowd. KAZbrella opens up and over the user avoiding poking in the eye! Perfect in a crowd.

Strong in the wind. As the KAZbrella is double spoked, it is extremely strong. In the unlikely event that the KAZbrella is blown inside out, it’s not a problem. A click of the button and the KAZbrella will restore back to its open shape. 

How the KAZbrella opens.
How the KAZbrella opens.
KAZbrella Closed
KAZbrella Closed
KAZbrella Opening
KAZbrella Opening
KAZbrella Opening
KAZbrella Opening

We understand an umbrella has to do more than function correctly. It needs to look good too. There are many gimmicky umbrellas on the market and that’s not what we’re about. We believe in engineering and intelligent design. We want you to be proud to carry a KAZbrella.

Having a successful career as an aeronautical and offshore engineer, Jenan has applied his knowledge to his invention. Precise engineering and mathematical equations have been used to ensure the KAZbrella outperforms a conventional umbrella whilst keeping its familiar aesthetics and usability. This has not yet been achieved by any other umbrella designer.

Prototype Detail
Prototype Detail

Our technology and designs are protected by a number of patents and trademarks.

We believe in quality and have used high standard materials, from the aircraft-grade aluminium shaft to the lightweight fibreglass spokes. 

The premium double canopy is made from breathable fabric. It has hydrophobic coating,causing water to bead and roll off the canopy rather than being absorbed into the material.

Bespoke Textile Design for our printed lower canopy:

Our in-house design team have created a unique textiles design. With tessellating shapes incorporating the KAZ logo, the geometric print reflects an Escher painting.

All the top canopies are classic black. Part of the beauty of the KAZbrella is when closed, the inside colour or print will be revealed on the outside.

Where applicable we will email you for your colour choice. 

International Shippers: Please note that you may be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region.

“I think this is brilliant because getting into a car with my hair when it’s raining I’ve often wished it would go the other way.” Kelly Hoppen (Interior Designer)

“The ‘inside out umbrella’ was one of my favourite inventions. It came together with a moment of mechanical inspiration and works beautifully well!” Jem Stansfield (Presenter of Bang Goes the Theory)

“You’ve made me feel like a complete idiot for using a normal umbrella.” Ben Redhead (Buyer for Firebox.com)

“It’s a superb example of some reverse engineering” Angus Rankine (Entrepreneur)

“I really really want one.” Duncan Bannatyne (Entrepreneur)

We have manufactures on board which we have been working with for over a year. We have working production samples. Now, all that we need is your help to get the KAZbrella on the production line. Our Kickstarter funding will be used for the manufacturing process. This will include:

  • Tooling – as this is a unique product every component has been specifically designed and will require special tooling to make them. 
  • Manufacturing – setting up production line, quality control and testing of the product. 
  • Logistics – To ensure the delivery is quick and efficient. 

Should we go beyond our target funding for manufacturing, we will use the excess for further prototyping, 3D printing and advancement of the KAZbrella. This will include the development of a range of KAZbrella sizes, handles and canopy designs. 

Kaz Designs is a family owned business which draws on the strengths and expertise of its members. 

Jenan with a background in Aeronautical and Marine Engineering is the brains behind the mechanics of the patented KAZbrella. 

Wendy has sold textile designs to the likes of John Lewis and Liberty of London. She has run her own greeting card company and has an eye for aesthetics and design. 

Riann is a 3D designer and can turn her hand to many jobs. One being translating Jenan’s vision into 3D drawings. Not an easy task when you see the inventors’ sketches and scribbles! Riann is also a great administrator.

Max, our talented videographer is responsible for our videos and promotion. 

Tony, last but not least, is our skilled Graphic Designer.

Risks and challenges

We have a production sample which is working well and looking beautiful but we are not done yet. We are working on further improvements. The samples have been manufactured using 3D printed parts to prove the concept and identify the tooling requirements.

Due to the complexity of making a KAZbrella, there is a small possibility that the final specification may change. We will keep you informed on any modifications.

Over the last 12 months, we have established a close working relationship with our manufacturers who have 20 years experience in producing innovative, quality umbrellas. Together with the expertise of the manufacturers and Jenan’s engineering experience we are confident that we can overcome any technical difficulties that may arise.

We will of course do our upmost to ensure that we hit delivery dates. However, this is a new and revolutionary product and we will want to be true to our ethos of innovation, creativity, quality and integrity. We will not be taking half measures, please be patient with us.

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