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Apr 29, 2015 8:19 AM ET

Archived: Group Video Chat for Twitter — The #Nurph Channels

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2015

Group Video Chat for Twitter — The #Nurph Channels

by Nurph

We’re launching Group Video Chat for Twitter.


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About this project

What Is Nurph?

Nurph is The Twitter Chat Platform used by hundreds of communities to publish tens of thousands of tweets per month. #Chat topics range from Branding and Education to Vegan Food and Star Trek, and everything in between.

How Can I Use Nurph?

Nurph provides a #Channel for every Twitter @User. A Nurph Channel gives you everything you need to run your own Twitter Chat:

  • Group Video Chat based around a Twitter #Hashtag
  • Participants and Audience Measurement
  • Moderation
  • Chat Planning Facilities
  • RSVP Management and Guest Lists
  • Replays
  • Statistics

Group Video Chat For Twitter

After 22 months as a text-based chat platform, in which we’ve been used by an X Factor winner, an internationally renowned cartoonist, and featured on TechCrunch — we’re now developingNext-Generation Nurph.

What if you could host a Twitter Chat as if it were a TV Talk Show? A host and several special guests streaming live video, and audience members tweeting around the content being discussed. Sharing knowledge, sparking debate, and Favoriting/Retweeting key comments as and when they’re said.

Many Twitter Communities currently run Google Hangouts alongside their Twitter Chats. Nurph now offers a Group Video Chat experience without having to leave the Twitter world. Nurph makes moderation easy, encourages more interaction between participants, and allows the chat to fully capitalize on its potential Twitter audience by using a hashtag.

Twitter is the last truly social network – the cocktail party of the internet – where anyone can jump into a conversation that interests them. The recent launch of applications such as Periscope and Meerkat has shown the significance of video for Twitter as a platform. 

Live Streaming is a fantastic way for individual users to broadcast to their Followers and let their personality shine through, although the video interaction is largely one-way. Twitter users are ready for Group Video Chat

Nurph’s Group Video Chat features include:

  • 8 Simultaneous Video Chatters 
  • Full Twitter #Hashtag Integration
  • Chat Archives
  • Replays
  • Statistics

But this goes further than Group Video Chat. You’ll also be able to replay the whole chat after it ends. By archiving all of the footage and tweets the information discussed can be shared with thousands of other like-minded people. This has led to Nurph being likened to “A YouTube for Twitter”.

Group Video Chat is currently undergoing beta testing with some of our most active Nurph Channels. With your backing we’ll continue to develop an incredible new Twitter experience that enables seamless interaction between audio, video, and text.

If you back Nurph from the $79 level upwards you will receive access to Group Video Chat for your Nurph Channel as we start to roll it out to more communities throughout the Kickstarter campaign.

In order to moderate a Nurph Channel you must own the @Handle that corresponds to the #Hashtag.

The Future: Speaking and Tweeting

How many times would Neil Armstrong’s “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” have been Retweeted? 
Just imagine watching TV and being able to @Reply directly to a politician’s comments,Favorite a presenter’s remarks, or Retweet a comedian’s jokes as they’re spoken. 
How many opportunities are you as an ordinary Twitter user, chat host, video blogger, podcaster, journalist, celebrity or influencer, missing when you say something meaningful out loud without harnessing the power of the Twitter Network?

The Speak and Tweet Microphone

Once work started on the development of Group Video Chat for Twitter we realized there was still a piece of the puzzle missing. We started thinking about how we could incorporate high quality audio and make tweeting easier during fast-paced Twitter Chats.
During a filming session at @NurphStudios, whilst using a Zoom H1 Digital Recorder, we realized the answer was right there in the palm of our hands and set about working on initial concepts and designs for the Speak and Tweet.
The Speak and Tweet will provide high quality audio via Bluetooth to a Nurph mobile or desktop application. The Nurph app will automatically transcribe your speech, tie it in with Twitter’s #Hashtag and @Command terminology, and publish it out to the World of Twitter.
But the Speak and Tweet isn’t just a tool for scheduled Twitter Chats. Keep your phone or laptop nearby and transcribe your speech into tweets anytime.
Technical specifications
  • Audio quality up to 96khz at 24-bit
  • Auto-level adjustment

Why We’re On Kickstarter

We want to roll out Group Video Chat to as many as Twitter Communities as possible, as quickly as possible, and to make the Speak and Tweet a reality in the hands of theNurphers and Kickstarter Backers across the World.
Kickstarter is a proven platform for rallying support for software projects and bringing hardware products to market. Nurph is a platform for online communities. So it seems fitting that Nurph should utilize the power of crowdfunding and the Kickstarter community to take things to the next level. 
The Kickstarter funds will be used to:
– Make Group Video Chat for Twitter widely available
– Develop new Group Video Chat features
– Build the first working prototype of the Speak and Tweet Microphone
Further to this, Kickstarter allows us to take your feedback onboard as we continue the development process for Group Video Chat and the Speak and Tweet microphone.
To make it happen we need your financial support. In return, we’ll be offering you some awesome rewards.

What You Get When You Back Nurph

T-shirts, Plush Toys, Laptop Decals, Stickers, early access to Group Video Chat for Twitter, and some great experiences with The Nurph Team. See the “Rewards” sidebar for more details.


Check out what has happened and what is coming up…
  • 2012…onwards: Group Video Chat concept development
  • 2014 November: Initial mock-up of Group Video Chat integration 
  • 2015 March: Group Video Chat integration and first private beta test 
  • 2015 April: Group Video Chat beta tested live on Nurph.com 
  • 2015 April: First test of Video Chat Archiving 
  • 2015 April: Kickstarter Campaign Launch
  • 2015 April: Begin roll out of Group Video Chat for Kickstarter Backers
  • 2015 May: Development of advanced Video Chat features 
  • 2015 June: Campaign ends 
  • 2015 June: Finish roll out to Kickstarter Backers
  • 2015 July: Shipping of Kickstarter Rewards 
  • 2015 August: Development of first working Speak & Tweet prototype 
  • 2016: You’re Speaking & Tweeting, in the Nurph!

Spread The Word

Want To Write About Us?

Great! Email kickstarter@nur.ph if you would like media files, further information or an interview with us in the #Nurph Channel! 

The Nurph Team

Find out more about The Nurph Team HERE

Nurph HQ is based in WeWork South Bank in London, England. Nurph LLC is registered to Clearwater, FL. We aim to have a physical presence in the US before the end of 2015 to form strategic partnerships and grow the company further.

Risks and challenges

We have already developed a functioning Group Video Chat experience that has been tested with a number of our core communities.

Any potential variation to the delivery date would most likely be due to the implementation of new features, in order to provide the most user-friendly video experience we can. Many of these features have already been suggested during the beta testing stage and have been factored into development time.

The volume of backers represents a potential challenge, as a larger number of Nurph Channels will require greater resources, both in terms of finance and the time it takes to scale up Nurph.com.

We see few risks associated with fulfillment of the Nurph merchandise as many of the products, including Plush Toys and T-Shirts, already exist. We have also lined up a reputable US-based fulfillment company.

We’ve recently doubled the size of our team in order to manage backer feedback and customer support effectively. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.

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