Why are we here?

Improving the in-store consumer experience. Connecting the smartphone shopper to the products and experiences they want.

We’ll do this by leveraging of the first viable open location standard/solution that can drive sales, which is a good enough, and cheap enough, set of location services to both connect to the product sold and improve in-store consumer experience.

Partners Partners Partners

We are partnering with iBeacon deployers (both retailers and brands), their suppliers and partners, and the apps who want to improve their interaction with the real world.

Working with Technicolor, the leading logistics solutions provider to digital content owners, we have a jump start in both building the solution, and finding the partners to work with, on both sides of the real-world/digital divide.

Are we working with you?

What does it look like?

We are aggregating all the relevant resources, starting with a iBeacon registry SDK, to get beacon info (all the iBeacon deployers) from all merchandisers into the hands of app developers.

This means consumers can get the right experience, even if they do not have the “right” app.