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Apr 28, 2015 10:00 AM ET

VANLife: Don’t Quit Your DayDream – We work hard and we know what we need to do to get to where we need to be

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015


Don’t Quit Your DayDream

Short Summary


Jan. 1st My girlfriend Victoria and I set out from New Hampshire on a Cross- Country Adventure in a Chevy Astro Van I had bought. We equipped it with a bed and many other supplies to be able to camp/ travel for 6 months to a year. A couple months into the Road Trip, posted up in Colorado, Victoria and I began to brainstorm on how we could make some money. We are both very creative individuals and love to share our new art and designs with people, so we played around with some shirt designs and Boom, VANLife Clothing was Born.

What We Need

So Im gonna get real with you. So far we have spent $2,500 on our VANLife products. This $2,500 came from our “Road Trip Budget” and was a big risk for us to take. We have gotten some great feedback and support and continue to make sales, but if we want to keep this company going, WE NEED INVESTORS!!

If we could raise enough money to cover our cost so far, We will be able to continue our travels around the country and design some more cloths!

The Impact

VANLife’s MAIN mission is to inspire and connect with the People of the United States and the World. The Declaration of Independence states it is our God given right to live a life in the pursuit of happiness, and that’s exactly what VANLife represents. That is why VANLife is more than just a clothing line, it’s a Movement. We hope to inspire others and help awaken a movement. A Movement to create a world we ALL want to live in. 

VANLife also believes in the preservation of Wilderness and Wildlife. We are currently proud members of The Sierra Club, which is a large organization that helps to preserve the wilderness and wildlife. We continuously make donations to them as well as do what we can as foot soldiers frequently visiting National Parks, State Parks, and other areas of wilderness. (cleaning up trash, etc.)

As our company grows, we will continue to do what we can for the preservation of wilderness and wildlife, and also continue to connect with and inspire people to live a life in the pursuit of happiness. 


Our BIGGEST challenge is being able to fund VANLife Clothing, while at the same time, trying to manage money to travel around the country. Victoria and I are go getters. We work hard and we know what we need to do to get to where we need to be. We are also believers in Faith, and we have Faith that with your help we can make the unthinkable happen. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute at the moment, no worries, you could still help!! Tell people about VANLife! Follow and tell others of our 
Intstagram- @_VANLife 
and Facebook-
and most DEFINITELY use the “share” tools here on this website to show others about this FUNDING Opportunity. 
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Brian Cunningham

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