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Apr 28, 2015 4:11 PM ET

Archived: The Rockwall Revealed-Dig Project and Documentary: the independent excavation analysis and film documentation of the ancient Rockwall

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015

The Rockwall Revealed-Dig Project and Documentary

[Image: The Rockwall Revealed-Dig Project and Documentary]

About This Campaign

Fundraiser for the independent excavation analysis and film documentation of the ancient RockwallAfter years of attempting to conduct his own independent archeological dig of the ancient wall in Rockwall,Texas. Josh Reeves is now on the cusp of doing just that. The goal is simple,dig out one or more sections of the wall and conduct a complete investigation documenting on film, every step of the process,in what may be the oldest civilization ever found. We have already secured excavation services and two possible dig sites,which has reduced the cost of doing a dig by 90 percent. This fundraiser will cover the miscellaneous expenses that will be necessary to conduct a full investigation including,full lab analysis of the material to be shown to the public,and any other services which may be needed to properly document ALL available information pertaining to the makeup of the wall’s stone bricks and it’s geo-polymer mortar. It will also cover the production costs of the filming of the entire process which will be released as a full length documentary that we will be be entering into film festivals highlighting tales from Texas. Other expenses will include day to day operating costs of the investigation,including power generator rentals,water pumps,hand tools for digging etc. We will also be the first excavation to go below 25 feet,almost 100 feet down to the bedrock in order to properly show what no one has ever seen,that the blocks get bigger the farther down you go! This will not be a made for tv whitewash,this investigation will show for the first time everything people have heard about the rockwall,(crystalline makeup,piezo electric ability etc) in order to allow this relic of the ancient past to have a proper day in court. This is your chance to make history and keep history from being written by the bad guys. We have already covered most of the cost but unforeseen events and circumstances have increased slightly due to the difficulty to obtain the dig sites. We are full steam ahead,help us go all the way!

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