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Apr 28, 2015 2:34 PM ET

Archived: Spreeade Hipp: contains at the correct ratio, sugar for good proper brain function and salt to replenish sodium from perspiration the body during sports

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015


Serres, NA 62123, GR
Consumer Products

SpreeCo, is a company that invests in the area of food innovation, producing functional Foods for people of all ages and holds a series of Patents for the
production of Food, Beverages and Drinks of all kinds and types of Spirulina, Chlorella or Hippophaes (Sea-Buckthorn).
SpreeCo’s slogan is “Smart Food For Everyday People” and declares in the most concise and comprehensive manner, category (Smart Foods) that owns the enterprise according to the Committee on Food of the European Union as well as all the people to whom looks to make sales.
The functional food is the new trend in the food industry, where a growing number of people have adopted a “healthy” lifestyle as a means of disease prevention. As part of this trend has increased the demand for food products, except nutritive properties have a beneficial effect on health.
The English term «functional foods» refers to products that combine nutrition with disease prevention.
Functional foods are similar in appearance to common foods or may be typical foods that are consumed as part of normal maintenance, but beyond basic nutrition their utility helps the normal functioning of the human organism or reduce the likelihood of chronic diseases.
The action of functional food has been attributed to the abundance of bioactive substances present in products and that bear significant antioxidant capacity after fight free radicals.
Free radicals as very active molecules have the ability to attack biological molecules and especially DNA, causing mutations, which is a prerequisite for the initiation of the mutation of a normal cell to cancer, making it important mutagens, carcinogens.
Thus, substances which are included in the diet and act as antioxidants, i.e. compounds which when in a lower concentration of the substrate to oxidation, they have the ability to retard or prevent the oxidation of the substrate, (B. Halliwell 2001) considered important protective agents against cancer.

Products / Services

Spreeade Hipp

Spreeade Hipp gives Strength & Rejuvenate the body
This a Biofunctional Carbonated Isotonic Sports drink with Orange and Hippophaes
(also know as Sea Buckthorn).
It contains at the correct ratio, sugar for good proper brain function and salt to replenish sodium from perspiration the body during sports.
Furthermore, due to Hippophaes, the athlete receives 190 valuable vitamins, minerals, to strengthen the body, during sports, and the period right after the exercise.

It has (perhaps) more vitamins than any other isotonic drink in the World.

Spreeade Hipp, is Excellent at Sports and Novelty in Science.

It has a lovely fruity sparkling flavor that refresh your mind and improves energy during exercise .

Spreeade Hipp (Powder)

The same isotonic sports product with Spreeade Hipp drink but in powder, for those who wishes to prepare their own dose of isotonic drink.
Pomegranate extract.


President Executive Officer
Antonis Konstantinou

Antonis KonstantinouAntonis born in Serres (Greece) on April 27, 1970. He graduated from the Greek Infantry Military Academy on 1990 as Second-Lieutenant. Studied Economics at the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece) and Management at the University of Leicester (Leicester, UK). He was Director of Communication and Advertising at “DROMEAS” Furniture Industry SA and at the Multinational Telecommunication Company “Bell Atlantic Hellas SA” Nowadays he is the Chairman and Managing Director of “Giga Hellas Ltd-Marketing Consultants” (Serres, Greece) and Giga (Cyprus) Marketing Consultants Ltd. (Nicosia, Cyprus). He is also President to the Steering Board of “Institute for International Developmental and Strategical Studies NGO” (IDASME) a Non Governmental Organisation which supports and develops Innovation Projects to the Real Economy. He holds a series of Patents and Intellectual Rights for the enrichment of Foods and Beverages with multi-vitamins ingredients (Spirulina, Chlorella or Hippophae).


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