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Apr 28, 2015 12:25 EST

SixthContinent Inc.: Connects People, Professionals, Shops, Businesses and produces income for Citizens and Profits for Shops

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015

SixthContinent Inc.

SixthContinent Inc.

Connects People, Professionals, Shops, Businesses and produces income for Citizens and Profits for Shops

SixthContinent Inc. is raising $1,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000.


  • SixthContinent integrates all the tools you use everyday
  • All users receives daily income
  • The customer pays 50% and the shop cashes 100%

Elevator Pitch

SixthContinent connects People, Professionals, Shops, Businesses and produces income for Citizens and Profits for Shops.

Raise Details

  • Funding Goal $1,000,000
  • Minimum Reservation $10,000
  • Pre-money Valuation $32,000,000
  • Open Date 04/20/2015
  • Closing Date N/A

Company Overview

SixthContinent connects People, Professionals, Shops, Businesses and produces Income for Citizens and Profits for Shops.

Sc combines the features of Linkedin (Professional Profile), Tripadvisor (we add an asseverated rating assigned by Consumers after real transactions) Groupon (the shop sells their offers but without discounts and the citizen pays up to half the price).
While you’re connected to the World as Social Network you get money every day.

Since the launch of our Beta version in 2013, over 50,000 users and shops.

SixthContinent, thanks to MoMoSy Algorithm, increases the profits of companies that are economically useful and virtuous for the market. The Algorithm MoMoSy has been featured in Bloomberg.

To quote a shop, -“ Thanks to Sc we increased our customer base and we give our customers the opportunity to return more often!”-

SixthContinent previously raised over $900k from prominent investors. SixthContinent has offices in California, Italy and United Kingdom.


SixthContinent changes the global economy, orienting consumption, enriching the users.
Thanks to SixthContinent, you save 50% and sustain the economy to 100%: the Consumer purchases with discounts up to 50%, the shop sells at full price.


Choose to share your experiences with Personal friends, Professional friends or share with all your friends.


Increase your Professional Network and share your Professional Experiences.


App Mobile – After transaction give a rate to your experience in the Shop




Start the study of the MoMoSy Algorithm, analyzing 600.000 companies and discover the “Curve of MoMoSy”.

June, 2009

SixthContinent Limited was formed.

December, 2011

Create MoMoSy App that uses MoMoSy Algorithm. In a few months many Consumers adopted MoMoSy App to define their new buying habits.

May, 2012

Bloomberg order OverProfit: app that uses the economic algorithm MoMoSy to classify Companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

November, 2012

SixthContinent Italia S.r.l was formed to manage the Italian Market. This company is owned 100% by SixthContinent Limited.

September, 2013

We launched SixthContinent Beta version on the Italian market.

October, 2013

More than 20,000 people and shops in Italy are affiliated to SixthContinent, without any advertising investment.

December, 2013

Open Headquarter in SIlicon Valley at Plug and Play Tech Center.

January, 2014

Attend the Collision conference, Las Vegas.

May, 2014

SixthContinent INC. was formed.

July, 2014

We completed the Shares Exchange process from UK company to the US one. SixthContinent INC. has become the Holding of the group.

December, 2014

More than 50,000 people and 4,000 shops in Italy are affiliated with SixthContinent, without any advertising investment.

December, 2014


Matteo Ligari

Matteo Ligari


President SixthContinent INC
Francesca Roveda

Francesca Roveda

Sales Executive

Sales executive in SixthContinent INC. I working in Over Profit Ltd as Director (September-2014 – Present).


Team Member Name

Ruben Derrico

New Markets Development Manager

Working in SixthContinent from 2013, I invested in the company, and thanks to my international work experience have joined the team for the development of ne…
Team Member Name

Sabrina Torti

SixthContinent Team at SixthContinent Inc

I’m carrying out the role of CEO at the Headquarters of the Italian Company and I’m in the SixthContinent Team at SixthContinent Inc, in which I’m sharehol…
Contact Information:

Matteo Ligari
Francesca Roveda
Ruben Derrico
Sabrina Torti

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