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Apr 28, 2015 6:58 AM ET

Selfii.ME Mobile Social Messaging 2.0 – The next Snapchat meets Yelp +GAMES!

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015


Mobile Social Messaging 2.0 – The next Snapchat meets Yelp +GAMES



Calling all Selfii Stars, all Photo Phreaks, Video Vixens, Mobile Messaging Maniacs & Charter Members of “Gen S” — Generation Social: 

  • Are you tired of the same old visual-messaging & sharing apps telling you who you can share your photos and videos with and how?
  • Wanna share with the people, brands, businesses and celebrities you love? 
  • Looking for a bit more Bling, a lot more Fun and getting GAME in your photo & video-messaging experience?

Meet Selfii.ME GAME: The next BIG THING in the Mobile Social Visual Messaging revolution. There’s no two ways around it: Snapchat and Instagram are fast becoming yesterday’s news when it comes to how ‘Gen S’ captures, edits, shares, and plays with photos & videos on their smartphones. And Yelp talks at you with monologues and dubious reviews.

So a big “thanks” to those guys, but we’ve got it from here…

Who are we? We’re anEmotional.ME!


Selfii.ME GAME is the first and most important step in anEmotional.ME’s vision for a better, smarter, more engaging visual-messaging experience for mobile app consumer end-users as well as businesses, brands and ‘Hollywood 2.0’ YouTube~style celebrities.

Think: Snapchat crossed with Instagram, plus a generous helping of Draw Something combined with the ‘surprise reveal’ of a jigsaw puzzle, and you’re starting to get the idea of what Selfii.ME is all about. 

Selfii.ME combines all the best elements of Snapchat and Instagram, plus tons more awesome features the product teams at Facebook’s Instagram and Snapchat never even dreamed about, to make capturing, editing and sharing photos & video messages with friends more dynamic, more engaging and just plain more fun than ever before.

Plus, Selfii.ME also works with Snapchat, Instagram, tumblr, Facebook and Twitter to give users the freedom to continue to use their favorite apps and have the FUN only Selfii.ME can provide.

Just one example, here’s how it works with Snapchat: 

  1. Friends on Snapchat will be able to receive Selfii messages directly inside of the Snapchat app that they already have installed on their phone. These Selfii photo & video messages are sent directly to Snapchat users from the Selfii.ME GAME app.
  2. The recipient Snapchat users get the Selfii message within the Snapchat app, but the Selfii message is very different and far more visually compelling than the plain-Jane Snapchat messages they are used to seeing.
  3. The recipients are then excited to install the Selfii.ME GAME app so they can start playing the games that use the senders’ Selfii photo or video. Only Selfii.ME has these games built-in. Although you can view the original Selfii message in your Snapchat app; in order to play the games that use the senders’ Selfii photos or videos, you need to install the Selfii.ME GAME app.  

This user-engagement technique pulls in the huge and welcoming audience leveraged from Snapchat, thus growing the Selfii.ME user-base very, very quickly. Our private and public beta and A/B testing has shown dramatic user-growth results using this viral growth strategy.

Simply sending your pics & vids to friends is so last century. Selfii.ME GAME magically transforms your smartphone photos and videos into fun games, jigsaws, and other puzzles you can share and play with all of your friends for a fun, fast twist on the photo/video-sharing formula.

Forget those old-school photo & video messaging apps that try to tell you how you can and can’t share your photos — with Selfii.ME, you get to choose how you make fun! Snap a brand-new photo or video directly within the app, or pick a photo from your phone’s camera roll. Send your photo and video message-games privately, either one-on-one or as a group, or share your snapshots with all of your friends through your favorite social sites, whether that means Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or, yes, even Snapchat! With Selfii.ME, it’s totally up to you!

Now the fun really gets started: bling up and pimp out your photos and videos with stunning Stickers, fun Frames and Foto-Filters. Make your next Valentine’s Day, Halloween, birthday or other holiday just a bit more festive with a themed Selfii.ME photo game. Or add a little glamor to your everyday snapshots to brighten the day up for everyone — or just that someone special!

Snapchat rocked the social messaging world when they introduced photo messages that disappear a few seconds after you open them. Sure, Selfii.ME GAME can do that too, but what if you don’t want your photo & video creations to disappear? Selfii.ME makes visual-media messaging even more awesome. You can even reply to a Friend’s Snapchat ‘Snap’ and Bling it up with Selfii.ME’s great Stickers, Frames, Foto-filters, Games and other way cool stuff.

One of the hottest and in-demand kinds of social-messaging is the area of “anonymous social-messaging”. Selfii.ME ANON is a social-messaging app that allows users to remain completely anonymous until such time as they are comfortable reveling who they are to others on the Selfii.ME ANON app user-community. The app is location-aware by using GPS technology and the users can select with whom they wish to communicate with, around the block, across town or around the world. The app also uses use a technology called geofencing to help avoid participation by those under 18 years-of-age; which allow allows certain areas, such as middle schools and high schools to be ‘fenced’ off. Other backend controls help keep users secure while allowing the conversations to remain free-flowing. Selfii.ME ANON is a great way for folks to get to know each other before they ever meet. Plus, just like all other Selfii.ME apps, it works with Instagram, Twitter, tumblr, Facebook and, yes, even Snapchat! Selfii.ME ANON is currently in Alpha and will first premier ‘stealth-branded’ on the Apple App Store 8 weeks post-fundraise.


With Devotee.ME, anEmotional.ME is taking the mobile social messaging experience a giant leap forward by letting businesses, brands and celebrities in on the visual-media messaging and sharing fun.

Devotee.ME is the totally new, totally social way for fans to connect with the brands and personalities they love, and for those brands and personalities to reach out and connect right back with them — directly through the Selfii.ME platform!

The limitations of today’s social media platforms are every bit as real—and every bit as annoying—for brands and celebs as they are for their fans and audiences. Established social media sites have tried again and again to provide simple, natural ways for brands and businesses to connect with their audiences. But as with so many things the big guys have tried, these efforts have FAILED. Just as Facebook has failed with the ill-concieved mobile social messaging app, Slingshot.

Today’s social-celebrities are gaining their fans and audience from YouTube. But YouTube is a one-way street. These new “Hollywood 2.0” celebs are very socially engaged and driven to interact with their audience in real-time, but you can’t do that on YouTube. Devotee.ME makes this happen without unnatural user-engagement tricks.

Business and brands are also getting social in a big way. But currently the best way to directly engage their customers is Yelp. But, Yelp is a collection of dubious reviews and does not provide the ability for customers and businesses to dialog – it’s a series of disconnected monologues. Devotee.ME puts people and the places and products they love in the same conversation.

With Devotee.ME, we’re breaking down barriers, making it easier and more compelling than ever before for business, brands, fans and followers to connect, share and talk about what matters most to them. Devotee.ME, with its full B2C feature set, is currently in Alpha and the app will first premier on the Apple App Store 12 weeks post-fundraise close.


What’s Already Built:  The Selfii.ME GAME app, iOS-version, is code-complete and App Store-ready. In fact, a “stealth branded” version of the app is already in Public Beta and available for download from the Apple App store. The Selfii.ME GAME app is feature-rich yet easy to use. It is a full mobile social messaging platform for consumer users and it works seamlessly with all of your favorite social messaging apps and sites; including Instagram and Snapchat. Put simply, it ROCKS!

Please download our ‘stealth-branded’ app from the Apple App Store and see part of what we’ve already built so far (this late beta is available right now on the App Store and is codenamed ‘Snap-n-Share GAME’): 


User Growth as Proof-of-Concept (and still pre-launch!):  Selfii.ME already has more users than the 10,000 users Instagram was able to acquire in the weeks following its initial launch and Instagram went on to gain 32 million users over the next 18 months. This growth positioned Instagram to be bought by Facebook for $1 Billion.  Even in stealth mode, without our final branding or any of our planned marketing efforts, the app is already raking in the users, reaching:

Partnerships and Accolades: 

  • Selfii.ME is already getting noticed by technology leaders and innovators: just recently, we received word that we’ve made the first cut in the Extreme Tech Challenge founded by Virgin brand’s Sir Richard Branson.
  • Meanwhile, industry leader Adobe has plans to make the Selfii.ME GAME app part of a social media campaign to promote their recent acquisition, Aviary, Inc. which provides the photo editing technology that Selfii.ME uses inside our app.


Times Square JUMBOTRON & Press:

  • Our 1st press release on 09/16/14 was picked up by over 100 U.S. news outlets:
  • Our Times Square Jumbotron exposure got us a LOT of social media attention; we’re likely to do something similar to this for the official launch of the Selfii.ME GAME app.


Intellectual Property Protection:  The anEmotional.ME team is proud of the inventions we’ve developed along the way to building Selfii.ME and Devotee.ME. We have 2 patents pending with the USPTO to protect those innovations: the first protects the way our apps handle visual media messaging, and the second protects the way our games are specially integrated into our apps to work as an integral part of the mobile social messaging service.


Kickstarter Campaign & User Affirmation:  We successfully surpassed our stated Goal and raised just over $5,000 from our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The purpose of this campaign was more about gaining PR value and awareness than raising a lot of cash. The campaign ended on 11/06/14 and it tells the company’s unique “Team*SiliconValleyGirls” story, so it’s definitely worth a look. See:


Social-Media Outreach & Touchpoints:  Our social-media outreach has been running only since September 7th, 2014. In this short time we’ve garnered much success and attention. Here are some of those results.


  • Snapchat: over 100,000 Friends added (on track to add millions of Snapchat users thru our ‘Guerilla User Acquisition Campaign’ described under ‘Business Plan’ tab > “Our Unfair Advantages” section).
  • Instagram: over 5,100 Followers,

  • Twitter: over 5,500 Followers,

  • Facebook: over 50,000 Reached thru Contest and Posts, about 500 Friends, 512 Likes,

  • Google Ads (limited test of very select sites): about 25k impressions


Guerilla Wanderers Films: 

Once both Selfii.ME and Devotee.ME are fully live for iOS, we’ll turn our attention to finalizing development of our Android apps, which are currently just about 2-3 months behind the Selfii.ME GAME iOS app in terms of development; then it’s onward and upward from there!

For more information about the future of anEmotional.ME and how you can be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.


The idea for Selfii.ME was born out of the many conversations that founder Nick Labosky had with his then 16-year-old daughter Katherine (“Kat”) about her and her friends’ experiences using Snapchat, Instagram, ColorSplash, Tumblr and other mobile social and photo editing apps. With over 3+ years of using of these platforms, Kat and her friends had become power-user authorities on all things photo-sharing — but they were increasingly finding that as their familiarity with mobile-messaging and photo sharing grew, so did their creativity and the ambition of what they wanted to accomplish. However the apps that were out there — well, they just weren’t getting the job done.

Kat worked closely with Nick to articulate the various ways she and her friends were hacking the user experience of various photo sharing apps to create a totally new hybrid experience they called the Snap-Gram Games (a portmanteau of the 2 photo sharing staples, Snapchat and Instagram, plus a nod to their favorite YA book series, The Hunger Games.) Those conversations formed the foundation of a vision for a new generation of anEmotional.ME’s messaging apps — one that would give Kat, her friends, and millions of social-mobile users just like them all the freedom and choice they were looking for to bring their photo sharing ideas to life.

Nick is a seasoned entrepreneur and business builder who took HP Games from zero to the 2nd largest revenue generator for all monetization drivers pre-loaded on HP’s personal computers. For 5 years, Nick was the exec in charge of the worldwide Beyond-the-Box Group under Hewlett-Packard’s PC division. He gained critical startup experience as CEO of Digital Delivery Networks (DDNi). Nick earned his dotcom stripes as an exec at, and was instrumental in raising nearly $1 billion in capital during the IPO and secondary public offerings. He’s served on the Board of Advisors for Wild Tangent, Inc., the largest mobile game network in the world.

Chris is a world-class mobile app developer with 5+ years of experience with XCode, 2+ years of Android experience, LAMP stack, and more than 15 years of professional graphic design work. Chris has built close to 40 apps for iOS and Android, in categories including games, social messaging, photo editing, public safety, weather, history, and news & sports. As an example of his professional success in app development and demonstrating his ability to please end-users with his superior app designs, one of Chris’ apps held the #2 rank on the Apple App Store, for all apps as measured by total number of downloads. To view Chris’s portfolio, click here. For an overview of Chris’s apps on the Apple App store, click here.

“Kat” is the embodiment of the Selfii.ME user. She’s a social media maven, avid photo sharer and bona-fide Millennial. For that reason, she acts as a liaison between our team and our target audience, heading up our ‘Team*SiliconValleyGirls’ focus group and working closely with the marketing agency we’ve engaged to drive our social media outreach. Kat has been deeply involved in all aspects of the incarnation of Selfii.ME, from inception to user experience to marketing. She is also a classically trained ballet dancer and professional Dance Instructor at Capitol Dance Company in San Jose, CA.

Contact Information:

Nick Labosky
Cristopher Coudriet
Katherine Labosky

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