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Apr 28, 2015 12:16 PM ET

Archived: INVIXIUM: Biometric Technology that Puts Access and Control at Your Fingertips

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015


Biometric Technology that Puts Access and Control at Your Fingertips


Your days of fumbling for your keys are at an end thanks to INVIXIUM, the biometric company harnessing next-generation fingerprint recognition technology to revolutionize how you access and control your home, office or building.

Biometric access—the ability to open doors and control devices using only your fingerprint—may sound like something out of a science fiction movie set far, far in the future. But this is the 21st century, and biometric access is more than just a possibility: it’s a reality. And INVIXIUM is leading the way.

Whether you’re a pioneer on the home automation frontier looking for ways to make your home smarter and more connected than ever before, or a business owner looking for a more efficient and effective way to control office access or log employee time…


INVIXIUM is the first biometric access solution that is simple enough for home implementation, yet powerful enough to keep even the most classified areas secure.

Our technology does away with antiquated access methods like keys, fobs, key cards and PIN pads and replaces them with cutting-edge biometric algorithms and sensors that deliver fast, accurate fingerprint recognition and response.

Why trust INVIXIUM? Because INVIXIUM means:

Powerful, reliable and unfailingly accurate, INVIXIUM’s fingerprint recognition technology gives you complete control over who can access your home, office or property, and when.

No more fumbling for your key ring or racking your brain to remember this month’s access code. With INVIXIUM, access to your home, office or building is always right at your fingertips.

In today’s world, it’s not enough for technology to work well — it has to look good doing it! From the packaging to the hardware to the interface, each individual detail of INVIXIUM’s products is meticulously designed to be both elegant and easy to use. The result: an effortless, seamless automation experience.


With words like “home automation” and “Internet of Things” on the tips of tongues all over the world, it’s clear that smart home technology is the future when it comes to how we access and control our homes.

INVIXIUM is the first company to bring total home automation and connectivity to the biometric level by integrating our fingerprint recognition capabilities with any smart home installation to make accessing, controlling and customizing your home as simple as the press of a finger.

Make Your Entrance
Tired of fumbling for your keys every time you come home? With an INVIXIUM biometric device installed at your door, you can enter your home in seconds, no keys required. Add profiles for family members, friends and staff, and create schedules to control who has access to your home and when.

Protect What Matters
Every home has certain areas that are out of bounds. INVIXIUM makes it easy to keep certain parts of your home—like the office where you store your important work files, your prize wine collection, or the backyard pool—secure, and accessible only by the individuals that you authorize.

Put the “Smart” in Smart Home
The INVIXIUM system goes far beyond mere access and security: it’s a total home automation solution, putting you in control over any and all smart home-enabled devices in your home, including:

Your Smart Home, Your Way
When it comes to home environment, our preferences are almost as unique as our fingerprints. Use INVIXIUM to create user profiles for each member of your household, and give everyone the ability to customize their environment to their liking and mood with just a touch of a finger!


INVIXIUM’s home automation potential is just one half of the INVIXIUM equation: equally powerful are our platform’s applications in the enterprise space.

From government organizations to industrial plants to small-to-medium businesses, INVIXIUM offers organizations across industries and around the world unparalleled security, visibility and control over the who, what and how of their business.

INVIXIUM gives you the ability to create profiles for individual employees and staff members to grant them access, freeing you from dependence on cumbersome key cards and easily forgotten access codes.

Want to keep certain areas off-limits except to those with a certain level of clearance? INVIXIUM is designed for maximum customizability, so you can control who has access to which areas and when.

For businesses that track employee pay based on time, INVIXIUM has the ability to time stamp entries and create an electronic record that makes it easy to log employee time and prevent payroll error and time theft, both accidental and intentional.


The INVIXIUM line currently consists of 3 product series, all purpose-built and meticulously designed to provide powerful, secure, convenient access to homes, offices and buildings alike:

IXM Mycro: Brilliantly Slim Yet Powerful
IXM Mycro delivers electrifyingly fast biometric matching (10,000 matches in 1 second), and incorporates all the features you’d expect to find in a high-end device including Anti-Shock Vandal Protection, Transaction Logs, Access Schedules and Internal Relay for Single Door Access Control. Its extraordinary performance is fueled by a 512MB DDR3L RAM and a 720MHx Cortex Arm 8 engine, and the made-in-Canada construction ensures unparalleled quality, exquisite design and miraculous cost-effectiveness that speaks for itself. Extremely flexible in its configuration, the IXM Mycro can accommodate the needs of any application.

IXM Touch: Amazingly Stylish and Tough
IXM Touch is the perfect solution for a variety of applications, including both time & attendance tracking and access control. Equipped with incredibly durable Corning Gorilla Glass and Capacitive Touch screen LCD, the IXM Touch series is an ADJECTIVE easy-to-use biometric device that allows for quick changes to device settings and new enrollments via the LCD Menu and up to 3 factors of authentication between Access Cards, Fingerprints and PINs. With optional features such as PoE, Battery Backup and Wi-Fi, it only takes a few seconds to recognize the amount of thought and attention to detail that went into engineering this unique product.

IXM Sense: Totally Extensible and Flexible
IXM Sense is equipped with a ruggedized sensor and is an ideal biometric solution for installations where the user population has problematic fingers due to dirt, chemicals, genetics, age or environmental conditions like construction sites, refineries, factories and hospitals. IXM Sense is able to capture superior fingerprint images thanks to multi-spectral imaging technology, which translates to enhanced biometric performance. In addition to revolutionary features like Presence Detect, Anti-Shock Vandal Protection and PoE, IXM Sense conceals a tremendous amount of processing power and is engineered for maximum customizability and compatibility with multiple biometric sensors to fulfill a broad range of market requirements. 


At the heart of INVIXIUM is IXM WEB, the centralized hub of the total INVIXIUM experience, allowing you to register, configure and manage your INVIXIUM devices and users in one streamlined location.


Designed with the user in mind, IXM WEB installs quickly (less than 3 minutes!) and delivers a consistent and exceptional experience with a single centralized web server installation and remote accessibility.

IXM WEB supports a multitude of browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla FireFox, and is desktop, notebook, tablet and smartphone-ready.

The graphical user interface is simple, intuitive and comprehensive, with multi-functional tiles, informative breadcrumb bar and waterfall-like dialog boxes.

In addition to standard features like user registration and configuration, IXM WEB delivers a multitude of functionality, including Auto Device Discovery, System Push Notifications, Access Control, Time & Attendance, and a variety of logs and synchronization options.


 Simple and elegant design” by Aloysius L

A real Touchscreen at last.” by Avron J

So EASY to install.  And I like the idea of pre-connecting wires.” by Clement I

Your product packaging is very cool” by Tara P

Your hardware outperforms many of your competitors by far!” by Martin C

Your products are perfect for the Smart Home!” by Mohammed A

Wow, someone is finally making a beautiful access control product.” by Paul B


INVIXIUM has already seen some amazing progress toward our goal of redefining what it means to have total control over your home, office or building:

Our biometric algorithm, hardware and software designs and web applications are all completely our own. All 3 of our product families—Touch, Sense and Mycro—are complete, in mass production and deployed in the market.

We have over 40 customers already, and that number is growing rapidly every month.

In total, we have shipped 2,000 units of INVIXIUM already, with an additional 1,000 units reserved and another 5,000 potential orders in the pipeline.

Several government ministries in Saudi Arabia and a petroleum company in Africa are already trusting INVIXIUM with their access and security control needs.

Additionally, we have secured key partnerships with 2 leading technology and automation companies that will help us to get INVIXIUM technology into more homes, offices and buildings on a global scale:

Ingram Micro is the largest IT distributor in the world, with 80% of companies trusting them for their technology needs. INVIXIUM already has an exclusive deal with them in Canada and India and will be adding Australia and US soon as well

Control4 is one of the leading providers of home automation and smart home control technology, and will make INVIXIUM available through their dealer portal

Additional distribution partners have signed on with INVIXIUM in United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and El Salvador.

With so much success under our belts already, the time is right for INVIXIUM to expand our operations and continue towards our goal of securing INVIXIUM’s place as the go-to solution for biometric access and security on a global scale. For more information about how you can support our mission, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!


Shiraz Kapadia, CEO
Shiraz Kapadia is the CEO & President of Invixium and serves on its Board of Directors. Shiraz is responsible for providing the overall vision, developing Invixium’s strategic business relationships and setting the overall direction for the company. Shiraz has 16 years of experience in the biometric industry, and has held senior positions at L-1 Identity Solutions, Bioscrypt and Celestica. Most recently, he was the Chief Operating Officer at L-1 Identity Solutions, a world leader in biometric solutions, where he was responsible for turning around the access business unit, developing and executing Bioscrypt’s growth strategy, directing product innovations, driving sales and marketing execution, leading an aggressive global market penetration and overseeing various operational functions

Lenore Yearwood, CFO
Lenore is currently the CFO of Invixium and serves as the Secretary of the Board. Lenore was instrumental in the formation and strategic growth of Invixium through her proactive and forward thinking in in supporting the CEO and sales through timely and relevant financial reporting. Lenore brings with her over 15 years of experience within the financial industry, spanning corporate financial reporting, strategic financial planning and analysis, audit, treasury, tax, internal controls and corporate governance. Her key specialties include acquisition integration, strategic planning, resource allocation, cost accounting and financial and tax compliance. Prior to joining Invixium, Lenore was the Vice President of Finance and Administration at Bioscrypt, a division of L-1 Identity Solutions, and played a vital role in managing strategic operational tasks, ERP implementations, and cost management initiatives, while exploiting new growth opportunities. At Bell Canada, Lenore was an Associate Director of the Controllers group responsible for Financial Reporting and SOX compliance for the TV and Wireline divisions. At Deloitte & Touche Lenore specialized in High Tech audits and was involved with multiple advisory service engagements like IPOs, Debt Offerings and legal proceedings support.

Neil Rowlands, Director of Sales
Neil brings to INVIXIUM more than 16 years of experience in the biometric industry. He has held senior positions at Identix Inc. including General Manager of EMEA and Managing Director of newly formed UK subsidiary. In 2004, Neil was appointed Director of Sales for EMEA at A4Vision, a pioneer in the development of 3D face recognition. He continued as Director of Sales through acquisitions by Bioscrypt and then L-1 Identity Solutions, where he was responsible for dramatic growth that included one of the largest biometric access projects in the Middle East.

Sandra Santos, Marketing Manager
Sandra is currently the Marketing Manager at Invixium, responsible for overall corporate brand management, development and execution of company marketing strategies, internal and external communications along with management of tradeshow execution, electronic marketing campaigns and lead generation.  With over 9 years of experience in the biometrics industry, Sandra has held various positions at Bioscrypt, most recently Senior Manager of Product Development. Her technical understanding of biometric products and the security industry allows for transformation of technical concepts into convincing marketing content and communication for a variety of audiences.

Contact Information:

Shiraz Kapadia
Lenore Yearwood
Neil Rowlands
Sandra Santos

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