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Apr 28, 2015 7:56 AM ET

Archived: HydraDock — 11 Port USB-C Dock For Apple MacBook: Now you can plug anything into that USB-C port on the gorgeous new Apple MacBook!

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015

HydraDock — 11 Port USB-C Dock For Apple MacBook

by KickShark

Now you can plug anything into that USB-C port on the gorgeous new Apple MacBook!

About this project

Anybody considering the new Apple MacBook pauses when confronted by that single USB-C port — thinking about just how they would use their favorite accessories with that one port.

HydraDock ends that whole line of thinking by giving you ports for anything you may want or need — from displays and networking, to storage and printers and cameras, to keyboards, mice, and trackpads, and more. 11 normal ports — not just one.


HydraDock is named after the multi-headed mythological serpent, and expands the single USB-C port on the MacBook into an array of eleven useful ports, including:

  • 1 — 3.5mm stereo headphone port
  • 1 — Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 1 — SDXC card slot
  • 1 — Mini DisplayPort (up to 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, w/HDCP)
  • 1 — HDMI (up to 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, w/HDCP)
  • 4 — USB 3.0 ports
  • 2 — USB-C ports (data only, no video)

The HydraDock has a 12.5-inch (320mm) cable with a male USB-C plug extending from one end that connects to the USB-C port on a MacBook. The other end has a female USB-C jack where the MacBook’s power adapter is plugged — powering both the HydraDock and the MacBook. Advanced USB 3.1 Power Delivery Specification circuitry in the HydraDock manages the power in and out of the dock, to each of the ports, and to the MacBook.

To make HydraDock products truly state of the art we partnered with CE-LINK, the leading connectivity device OEM in China, and with Etron Technology, the most advanced USB-C semiconductor foundry in Taiwan. We have worked together to make all HydraDock products exceed USB specifications and Apple connector guidelines in every way.


We partnered with world renowned Apple concept artist Martin Hajek to develop the HydraDock. We think Martin crafted exactly the sort of elegant design that Apple would do if they made a multi-port dock.

HydraDock was created from the start to beautifully complement the new MacBook. Its contours and layout are a perfect fit to the rear section of the MacBook. HydraDock acts as a perfect riser stand, gently lifting the rear edge of the MacBook, with subtle dimples in the top of the HydraDock to hold the rear feet of the MacBook.

HydraDock is high pressure injection moulded from durable ABS-C plastic and is internally structured to handle years of service. The USB-C cable is of soft, premium Apple-complementary materials and bright white color.


When the first rumor emerged a year ago that Apple was developing a new MacBook with only a single USB-C port, we took the idea seriously. And, since that time we have been working with two major connectivity product OEMs, and a major USB-C semiconductor company to master the art of developing new USB-C products — and to begin bringing an amazing lineup of HydraDock brand USB-C products to market this year.

The HydraDock itself is the star of this work, and is the result of many dozens of professionals pushing this project forward over the past year. Yes, we’re pretty proud of the accomplishment, and think every HydraDock owner will appreciate the care we put into this process.


In addition to the HydraDock, which solves all of your desktop connectivity challenges with the new MacBook, we are also solving the two most important mobile challenges created by the MacBook’s new USB-C port.

  • How to sync and charge your iPhone?
  • How to power your MacBook in the car?

HydraDock USB-C to iPhone charge-sync cable. Nobody is making a cable to connect your iPhone to the new Macbook. So, we are. It’s USB 3.1 Power Delivery Specification compliant, made with lush Apple-grade materials, and will provide years of reliable service. Without this cable, how are you going to connect your iPhone to your MacBook?

HydraDock USB-C to 12V lighter plug MacBook car charger. There is also nobody making a car charger for the new MacBook. So again, we are. Understand that unlike regular USB, USB-C requires active components — a PC board for circuitry — to accurately comply with the USB 3.1 Power Delivery Specification and deliver the right DC power to connected devices. Our car charger is fully compliant with this specification and will provide years of reliable charging from your car’s lighter socket to your MacBook. Without this charger, how are you going to power and charge your MacBook in your car?


We are KickShark — a small technology accelerator program in Nashville, Tennessee, with a team of passionate designers, developers, and makers determined to bring the coolest, most helpful and elegant products possible to market. HydraDock is our most adventurous effort to date, and is the start of what we hope will become the world’s leading brand of USB-C products. But, to make this all possible, we really need your help.

Your pledge here tells us we are on the right track, and that there is a future to our plans for even more cool USB-C products. The rewards here — the HydraDock dock, the 12V MacBook car charger, and the iPhone sync cable for MacBook — are our way of getting our first products out the door and into the hands of happy users.

We promise to deliver only the highest quality products in the world, on time, with amazing customer support.

Risks and challenges

All the engineering and compliance testing is done. The production tooling is already being made. Our first production run is on track for early June. All we need to know is the scope of demand for these products, and to then adjust the quantities we make. Standard crazy risks like hurricanes and zombie invasions could effect our schedule. But, otherwise, this is all on track using the most reliable factory resources in China.

We are managing pledges with BackerKit, and rolling the project forward into a Shopify system following the Kickstarter project. The data linkage between these systems and our fulfillment center in Nashville are already built and ready for volume operations.

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