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Apr 28, 2015 3:28 PM ET

Archived: Help our Students, Scouts & Community With New Telescopes: In order to better help our students, Scouts and the community as a whole, we are in need of more telescopes for astronomy!

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015

Help our Students, Scouts & Community With New Telescopes!

by Eddie Horvath

In order to better help our students, Scouts and the community as a whole, we are in need of more telescopes for astronomy!

Eddie Horvath

About this project

Showing off outer space is significantly beautiful and deserves everyone’s attention, especially for students and to help Scouts get their Astronomy Merit Badge!  These are our future astronomers, astrophysicists, cosmologists, astronauts and scientists! Portable Astronomy is a mobile astronomy course that is dedicated to students, Scouts and the general public alike, to help celebrate and teach them in a fun way, about our solar system, what is out there and what the future may hold for mankind!

Telescope observatories are a permanent fixture, used for research, measurements and spectography, which are generally not open to the public, or are very expensive to rent for public use, but we have chosen to have a free mobile telescope astronomy course that can be taken to the local schools and public venues to help teach everyone about celestial objects in space, current NASA and EAS spacecraft missions and a general celebration of science.Today’s astronomy is moving forward at a strong and steady pace. Telescopes and keeping students enthusiasm needs to be at the forefront for future space exploration and knowledge of our galaxy, which can be seen with our own eyes with the use of today’s large, powerful telescopes.   We also help Scouts obtain their Astronomy Merit Badge – one of the most difficult Merit Badges to obtain!  Unfortunately, telescopes are something our students and Scouts do not have access to! We will show students, Scouts and the public, the phenomenal beauty of our galaxy with these telescopes, from the sun to the moon and deep space objects like the Andromeda Galaxy and M42, known as the Orion Nebula, during Star, Solar and Eclipse parties.

Our future plans for Portable Astronomy will consist of a minimum of four, 8 inch SGT telescopes, coupled with GoTo mounts and solar filters for viewing and sensing the universe we live in. Earth below, sky above!  Portable Astronomy will be able to provide these telescopes at school parking lots or away from city light pollution in the desert or atop a mesa or plateau for the best possible views of the dark night sky.

At the Portable Astronomy telescopes, students, Scouts and adults will approach solar and night time telescopes with enthusiasm, which will beckon them to want to learn as much as possible and be able to view the sun, planets, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and more! Having students, Scouts, adults and teachers present, they will be able to work as a team!

At night, many people have difficulties seeing the Constellations or identifying celestial objects and placement. This will be overcome by laser pointers, used by responsible adults, to show exactly what we are looking at and exactly where it is in space when no airplanes or helicopters are flying in the sky!

We have been providing this service for over 9 months already with our small telescopes, but this year we will be teaming up with current and past astronomy teachers and instructors from grade schools, Junior and Senior High Schools, Universities and our local Scout Troops.

The telescopes we currently use have all been donated but are only 90mm scopes. All astronomers, whether amateur, intermediate or advanced, know that to really get the fantastic views of objects in our galaxy require larger diameter telescopes to bring in as much light as possible, coupled with great eyepieces! Please help us obtain this important equipment to strengthen the knowledge base of our students, Scouts and the general public as a whole!

Risks and challenges

There are no risks or challenges. We simply need this equipment to help our students, Scouts and the general public so we can continue to do Star, Solar and Eclipse Parties free of charge, so everyone can see what’s in our own galaxy and to supplement their studies!

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